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    Meet Bob Staake, illustrator, designer, creator and idea guy

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    [PROGRAM NOTE: We were just informed that Mr. Staake can't make program today!]

    On the Thursday July 24th 2014 broadcast at 4PM Pacific/7PM Eastern our special guest is illustrator, designer, creator and idea guy Bob Staake.

    More about Bob:

    'In a recent online interview, Drawn.ca suggested that "to say Bob Staake is just an illustrator is like saying 'The Beatles' were just a bunch of musicians; the title doesn't do the artist justice" and Publisher's Weekly commented that "Bob Staake's modern, crisp illustrations ... practically jump off the page."

    'One of the nation's most successful illustrators, his clients have included The New Yorker, TIME, McDonald's, Vanity Fair, Amtrak, Young & Rubicam, American Express, Sony, United Airlines, Nickelodeon, Sports Illustrated For Kids, Ralston Purina, Hallmark Cards, Kenner Toys, US News and World Report, Fortune, The Washington Post, AT&T, Sega, TWA, Dr.Pepper, The Chicago Tribune, Good Humor, Warner Books, Kellogg's, Cartoon Network, Turner Broadcasting, The Wall Street Journal, AOL/Time Warner, Forbes, Simon and Schuster, The Ren and Stimpy Show, MAD, USA Today, Children's Television Workshop, Blockbuster Video, The Walt Disney Company, Anheuser-Busch, Doubleday, Klutz Press, Hershey's, Target Stores, Miami Herald, Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Fleishman-Hillard, DMBB, and countless others.

    Join us for a fun and informative chat!


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    Children's Illustrator Teaches Children the Fundamentals of Drawing

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    A NAPPA, Parents’ Choice and Creative Child Magazine award winner, Drawing with Mark is hosted by Mark Marderosian, a respected professional cartoonist and former Disney illustrator with over 25 years of experience Drawing with Mark teaches children of all ages the fundamentals of drawing.  

    The series discusses shapes, parallel lines, shading, dimension, stick figures and action lines so a budding artist can feel comfortable moving forward and expanding his/her creativity. Each DVD consists of two 30-minute episodes that combine a field trip to a cool destination with two drawing lessons relating to the field trip, colorful animation, fun facts, trivia, and suggested reading books. The Drawing with Mark series is targeted to children ages 5 to 9 years old. 

    Join us on The Shift this week as we talk illustrating and making art fun for everyone with Mark Marderosian. Check out a quick video on drawing Saturn here.


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    A Moment with Award Winning Writer & Illustrator Ann Grifalconi

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    Winner of both Jane Addams Awards & the Caldecott Honor Award, Author-Illustrator Ann Grifalconi has illustrated over 75 books for other authors and has also illustrated a dozen or more picture books of her own. She works in many media for publication and has exhibited her drawing, prints and paintings regularly in galleries and traveling shows. After working for a few years in advertising and display, Ms. Grifalconi taught art and design in the NY Public High Schools for several years.  She would leave to produce films and write & illustrate books--all of which meant much research & travel (Africa, The Americas, Pacific), Over the years she has collected thousands of photographs of her extensive trips around the world.


    Jane Addams Awards for “Patrol & Village That Vanished”
    Caldecott Honor Award, for "Village of Round and Square Houses"
    Corretta King Award, for "Everett Anderson’s Goodbye,” by Lucille Clifton
    New York Times Best Illustrated Books, "The Jazz Man", by Mary H. Weik
    American Library Association for "The Jazz Man” & "Village of Round & Square Houses"

    In the 1960s and 70s Ms. Grifalconi was very involved in the womens rights in New York City.  She illustrated works of art which continue to be recognized and identified with the woman's movements.  In addition she was a founding member of the Feminist Credit Union in NYC.

    For more about Ms. Grifalconi visit www.AnnGrifalconi.com. 


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    Children Author and Illustrator, Elisa Kleven, Gets Cozy

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    Elisa Kleven, author and illustrator produced over thirty picture books.  She shares her inspiring stories and experiences by visiting schools, libraries and bookstores.

    Her books have received awards and honors from the American Library Association, The New York Times, The Junior Library Guild, School Library Journal, The American Booksellers Association and the American Institute of Graphic Arts. Her pictures from Abuela are part of "Storyland," a traveling, interactive exhibit of seven classic children's books featured at Children's Museums nationwide and her story, The Paper Princess, has been adapted for two theater productions, one at the world's largest arts festival in Edinburgh, Scotland and the other in Northern California. 

    Join Elisa Kleven and me on Tuesday, December 17, 10-11 A.M. CT US for a conversation about her latest American Booksellers’ Association Best Book for Children titled, Cozy Light, Cozy Night. 

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    Illustrator Mark Wayne Adams joins Behind the Scenes on Behind the Words

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    Week three of Behind the Scenes on Behind the Words brings you an exciting and talented illustrator of children’s books. Join us for this exciting conversation on Saturday, January 18th at 2:00 EST.

    Born in Dawson Springs, Kentucky, Mark Wayne Adams graduated college with a BFA in Drawing from Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. He then moved to Central Florida, and has called Florida home for over twenty years. His work experience includes Walt Disney World Company, SeaWorld Orlando, Art Director for GSI Architectural Sign Company, and store manager for Sprint Print, Inc. Mark is now CEO of Mark Wayne Adams, Inc. and serves as President Elect for the Florida Authors and Publishers Association. 

    Mark has illustrated over thirty children's books in six years winning numerous children's book awards. An unexpected reward in his publishing journey has been public speaking. Whether at professional organizations or elementary schools, Mark offers valuable insight, inspiring presentations, and a voice that reaches audiences across the United States.

    Mark Wayne Adams can be reached at www.markwayneadams.com or via email at mwa_Inc@icloud.com. Follow him on Twitter: @markwayneadams 

    For more information on the network, please visit www.authorsontheair.com

    This is a copyrighted broadcast of the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network, LLC owned and produced by Pam Stack.

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    Celebrating Black History - In Literary Color

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    Step into the words and paintings of award-winning writers and artists as we celebrate black history in literary color. Award-winning artist Michele Wood’s work reflects a deep sense of history and place. As a painter, illustrator, designer and writer, she has gained wide recognition and has earned multiple awards including the prestigious American Book Award for her first book, Going Back Home.  Michelle is also a Coretta Scott King Illustrator Award recipient from the American Library Association.  Michele’s artistry continues to explode in her other works, I See the Rhythm and I See the Rhythm of Gospel.

    Fond memories of swimming with “Uncle Martin” is how a small Paula Young-Shelton recalls many days with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  As the daughter of former United Nations Ambassador and former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young, Paula offers a human side to the icons of the civil rights movement through her young eyes.  Paula’s accounts are colorfully shared in her children’s book “Child of the Civil Rights Movement.”

    Pulitzer-Prize winning author Isabel Wilkerson chronicles America’s Great Migration of African-Americans in her epic novel, The Warmth of Other Suns.  Isabel shares many accounts of African-Americans who left the south between 1915 to 1970 in search of freedom and opportunity and, in doing so, changed a nation and the world.  The Migration of over 6 million black folks from the south not only transformed society, politics, economics and culture, these events also changed the course of history

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    The Author/illustrator team, the Hobsons, joins the Back Porch

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    About the Author:

    Mr. Hobbs (Mark Hobson) is from Lincoln, NE, where he competed on the University of Nebraska men's gymnastics team. Following graduation, he coached club level children's gymnastics, where he discovered their love for stories. The name "Mr. Hobbs" comes from a stuffed frog that Mr. Hobson played with as a child at his grandmother's hosue. Mr. Hobbs now resides in a place of honor in the author's home. Mr. Hobson currently lives in Omaha, NE. with his wife Ann and their youngest daughter, Sarah, who paints beautiful pictures with her music. He enjoys continuing to share his love of stories with all ages.

    About the Illustrator:

    Molly Hobson studied art education at the University of Nebraska where she developed her talent for interpreting children's stories through her illustrations. This is her second book collaboration with her dad, Mark Hobson, and she is currently working on her own writing projects. Ms. Hobson enjoys creating beautiful images that encourage children to both follow and never give up on their dreams.

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    To know where you are going you must first know where you came from. If this adage is true, how far do we go back to gauge our full future potential? Do we count backwards from chattel slavery? Do we start with empires of Kush or the Moors of Spain? Or is there a key we are missing in our ancient future? Something so great that to go back to that would change how we view ourselves as "human beings" forever? This Thursday 2RAW4TV explores the endless possibilities of the mind, body, and soul. This Thursday we see what has been purposedly hidden from us- a reality so bright that by just imagining it you become it.  THE GOD I USED TO BE. 

    World reknowned author, illustrator, and poet Marc Marcel comes back to 2RAW4TV to talk about his publications,the latest album he thought he would never make, and his cutting edge cartoon series GURUS. 


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    Heroes of Katrina: Ten Years After--French Quarter Tori and the Red Owl

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    Listen in to the audio of our children's book which is a metaphor of a real life story of love, friendship, perseverance and everlasting bonds. Juba Kali narrates and Denise Thompson stars as Tori the caterpillar/butterfly.

    The video entitled, “French Quarter Tori and the Red Owl” is an animation for the first book collaboration between Cary and Gretchen.  The (as-of-yet) unreleased DVD also features Allie Moffet as Lebeau, the Corgi, from the Lower 9th Ward, Steven Wilson who holds the role of Kendall, the mighty owl from the Pacific North West, who guides these friends, and Juba Kali who performed magnificently as the narrator.  A heartwarming story loved by children and adults…

    Our guest, following the audio, will be Ms. Denise Thompson and she will share the tale of her thoughts and feelings on bringing the character of Tori to life.  Denise is an accomplished actress, salon owner and hair artist, wonderful mother and all around talented woman with a glowing heart and inspirational philosopher on the beauty of daily life.  We have extended invites to Allie, Steven, Juba, and Caroline (The book’s illustrator) to call in and join the conversation.  You won't want to miss this show.

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    PMP: ABC Book of Goddesses with Selina Wolfcat

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    You've heard KaliSara and RevKess talk about it for weeks, even months. The ABC Book of Goddesses is now available. Selina Wolfcat will be joining RevKess and special guest host Kyrja to talk about the book and the process of creating this wonderful children's book. From concept to press, the journey has been a long one - but well worth it. Selina created the book with the help of illustrator Ann Tendler. See the Amazon listing or visit the Facebook page for Pagan Children's Books for more details and get a look at some of the art work.

    Kyrja is the author of Rupert's Tales and organizes children's and environmental events in Florida. Kyrja, RevKess and Selina also expect to be joined by Rayne Storm, author of Elmental Tarot for Kids, and Ancient Amber, author of the Sunchildren series.


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    Children's Book Author, John Himmelman joins Kori on the Back Porch

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    John Himmelman is an author/illustrator of nearly 80 books for children and books (for grown up kids) on various nature topics. He graduated School of Visual Arts in 1981, with his first book "Talester the Lizard" published later that year. Talester came about as a final assignment to create a story in his children's book illustration class. His teacher, Dale Payson, liked it enough to show to her editor at Dial - and thus began a career that continues today.

    Himmelman's children's book genres range from whimsical to natural history. He is a naturalist, involved in many organizations where he gives lectures and leads trips in search of exciting flora and fauna (it all excites him). He strives to incorporate his interests with his career as an writer and illustrator because... it just makes both more fun. Sometimes, though, he just wants to make the reader laugh.


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