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    How can you be proud of yourself when you have a mental illness?

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    An unexpected turn in our conversation has co-host, Tim Blue and myself talking about the challenges of personal stigma that we face when we are diagnosed with a mental illness. How is it that all is lost about what we believe we are and what we could be just by a simple diagnosis? Check out our show and hear our thoughts on the topic!

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    Colorado Mental Wellness Network & Relationships & Mental Illness with Tim Blue

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    It's hard enough having romantic relationships WITHOUT a mental illness!? Ever wonder what it is like to try to have a 'normal' relationship while living with a monstrous disorder in your brain? Tim Blue and I will talk about some of the difficulties as well as some good advice on how to navigate relationships with mental illness (hopefully successfully!!)

    Jennifer Hill from the Colorado Mental Wellness Network will also be joining to talk about their services here in Colorado as well as their upcoming fundraiser!

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    The Fascinating Journey of Regal Fro: Laqwanda's Story

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    Talking with Regal Fro, editor of The Emotional Detox Life about her incredible journey through psychosis and her resulting path to advocacy.

    I was mesmerized by Laqwanda's story-telling, how open she is about her experience, and her passion and drive to help others feel not so alone. It is so incredible to listen to someone fully disclose experiences with mental illness with compassion for themselves at the time with a touch of humor. There is no better way to race toward recovery than to be able to see yourself in your mental illness and find the ability to laugh! This was my kind of interview!

    Tune in to hear her fascinating story, and I hope she will come back on sometime and share more!

    You can find more about her and her advocacy on youtube.com at onementalvlogger



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    Mental Illness in Relationships

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    Not one couple is problem-free, no matter how much love the relationship has. If you are problem-free, consider yourself extremely blessed! One problem that gets very little acknowledgement in marriages is when a partner/spouse has a Mental illness. Mental illness is often shoved to the side for external family members such as: parents, siblings, etc…It’s almost taboo to speak of it in relationships. Tonight, we’re going to tackle that very thing….The impact mental illness has on marriages. There are a plethora of mental Illnesses that readily afflict people. We will only scratch the surface. 

    Do you sometimes wonder if you have a mental illness? Do you have suspicions that your spouse has a mental illness? Are you at your wits-end?  What are some tips you can apply to your marriage to help sustain it while being plagued by mental illness? 

    Tune in, call in, let’s chop it up! From Midnight -2 AM EST…347-637-3528. Share your stories and examples with us and the world Friday night at Midnight till 2AM!

    Tune in...Call in...(347)637-3528...

    Share your opinions with the world!!




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    E-Block Radio is LIVE this Friday at 6pm! Call in to comment on the HOT TOPIC "IS MENTAL ILLNESS ON THE DECLINE OR JUST BECOMING UNNOTICED?" Call 760.283.4647 to listen in and hit the #1 key to comment. Don't forget you can click www.eblockradio.com to watch the show LIVE on YouTube! We'll be banging the PRE-GAME MIX™ at the beginning of the show and then closing the show out with *****SPECIAL MUSICAL GUEST...DEX OSAMA FROM THE D!!!***** YOU DON'T WANNA MISS THIS SHOW!!!!

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    Mental illness in the Black communities!

    in Entertainment

    Thursday night June 4th at 10:30pm est/ 7:30pm pst Nite Talks with Sasha will have a show dealing with mental illness in our neighborhoods. Why is there such a stigma with blacks when it comes to mental illness? Why does mental illness go unchecked with our people? We will also ask are people of color more susceptible too mental illness than our white counterparts? Does the stresses of being people of color in America play a role in the stressors that cause depression? Join us Thursday evening as we have a very frank and open discussion about mental illness in black communities. Call in at (215)383-3929 too hear the show LIVE or too share your thoughts and opinions!! Log on at www.blogtalkradio.com/nitetalkswithsasha to hear the show on your PC,Tablet, or phone.

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    Surviving Mental Illness

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    What is a perfectly balanced mind?  On the other side of that, how would you know if something was amiss with your thinking?  What’s normal and how does a person recover from being challenged by mental illness?  Do you suffer from any of the challenges of being unbalanced in an equally unbalanced world?

    Join us as with speak with author, Linda Katz, author of Surviving Mental Illness, about her experiences of growing up with biopolar disorder, how she dealt with the stigma; and how she maintained her own stability.

    Sound Health Options

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    Mental Illness-Start the conversation

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    1 out of 3 will come down with mental illness in their  lifetime. End the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness through widely distributed public education materials and programs based on the latest scientific insights and measured for effectiveness.Tony K-

    Coming Out of the Closet, Finally Accepting Myself Completely

    It hasn’t been easy living with Bipolar Disorder. Not only do I have to treat my intense moods that are the hallmark of the condition, but ever since I was diagnosed at 16, I was always taught directly, or indirectly, to be ashamed of who I am because of it. From the very beginning, close acquaintances, and society at large, have told me to hide that part of myself…to reject that piece of myself that’s “unacceptable” and “intolerable”. More stories about Mental Illness..You may not know you have it.

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    Spiritist View on Mental Illness

    in Spirituality

    What is the Spiritist take on mental illness? How can we heal it from a spiritual perspective? These and other questions are addressed in this interview. New perspectives on mental health treatment.

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    Jon Hershfield: Expert in Pure O

    in Health

    Jon Hershfield is an OCD Specialist as well as an individual who knows exactly what it feels like to experience OCD. His expertise expands beyond what most clinicians can comprehend based on his personal experience. Not only is he trained in how to help individuals who suffer with OCD, he is also an advocate for education and awareness for what OCD is and how to combat it.

    Great interview and discussion with Jon about Pure O, He is relatable, knowledgable, and enthusiastic about furthering the treatment of OCD. Please visit his website at www.jonhershfield.com to learn more about him and to read his fantastic blogs!