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    It's FRIDAYYYYYY!!! Time to sit back relax while you are at work or at home & remember the Golden Era of Hip Hop. I'm talking about the 80's & 90's y'all!!!

    Join me & my co-host Jasmine P. Rain for the Illest Old School Hip Hop show on the planet. We will have you bobbin' your head to all the CLASSICS.

    In celebration of the 20th year since the CERTIFIED CLASSIC 'ILLMATIC' dropped & the release of 'ILLMATIC XX', the entire show will be about 1 of the GREATEST MC's EVER... NASTY NAS.

    Come Rock with us as we take you on a journey & have you sweatin' them perms & jerhi curls out.

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    Scottscope Talk Radio 4/19/2014: Time is Illmatic!

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    This week on Scottscope Talk Radio, the roundtable reviews The Raid 2: Berandal!  Is it a worthy follow-up to the original?  Is it actually better than the original?  Is it too ambitious for its own good?  Can it be considered bloated and pretentious?  Could it possibly be the most violent action film ever made?  Does it deserve comparison to classic “Heroic Bloodshed’ films like Hard Boiled and City on Fire?  Might it even deserve comparison to the likes of The Godfather Part 2?  Does it raise the bar for action cinema?  Are fans overhyping it?  Is it merely an ultraviolent yet disposable cult film from a familiar genre? 

    We’ll also be celebrating the 20th anniversary of that most classic of rap albums, Illmatic!  Does it still hold up?  Is it still Nas’ best album to date?  Is its classic status overstated?  Was Nas the beneficiary of east coast (IE New York) Bias?  Was the album’s warm reception from the Hip-Hop press part of a calculated plot to bring New York back to prominence in the early 1990’s?  Has Nas lived up to the promise of the album?  Is he truly one of the all-time greats?  Why did it take so long to be certified platinum by the RIAA?  Join us as we examine the most acclaimed rap album of its time!

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    #The Originals #Nas

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    Tonight on #The Originals we will be disscussing Nas first Illmatic so Tune In or Drop Out tonight on Re-Evolution Radio!

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    Nas' “Illmatic” Turns 20, with Hot 97’s Miss Info

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    Eddie Huang, co-host Elena Bergeron, and special guest Miss Info discuss one of NYC’s landmark hip-hop albums, Nas’ debut “Illmatic,” on the twentieth anniversary of its release.
    Miss Info—real name Minya Oh--is currently best known for her gossip spots on hip-hop radio powerhouse Hot 97, but she claims a special place in Nas’ career: Oh wrote the original “five-mic” review of “Illmatic" in “The Source.”
    This episode is sponsored by Squarespace.com - get a 10% discount when you create your own professional website or online store by using the offer code MSG.

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    Live At The Oasis 1200 Lunch Mix Beats and Bars FridayThe Illmatic Mix

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    1994 Nas dropped his debut album Illmatic and the game changed, from how albums went with producers to just the rhymes coming back to being mindblowing, Nas changed the game. Today I'm going  through the whole album front to back showing love to this classic Hip Hop album, ENJOY

    1. Intro - Intro
    2. Wild Style
    3. Nas - NY State Of Mind
    4. T La Rock - It’s Yours
    5. Nas - The World Is Yours
    7. Ahmad Jamal - I Love Music
    8. Nas - One Time For Your Mind
    9. Nas - Represent
    10. Nas - One Love
    11. The Heath Brothers - Smilin Billy Suite Part 2
    12. Nas- It Ain’t Hard To Tell
    13. Nas - Halftime
    14. Nas - Memory Lane
    15. The Gap Band - Yearning For Your Love 
    16. Nas feat. AZ - Life’s A Bitch


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    New Nicki Minaj, Mister Cee Out, NY Hip Hop Event Reviews, Your Calls & more

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    We're back with another NY Hip Hop Report. This week, we'll talk a mix of mainstream and underground, music and events, recapping an interesting week in both lanes in and around New York City.

    Expected topics:

    Consistently polarizing Nicki Minaj finally drops a song that even haters would find a hard time criticizing. Hot

    97's long-time, and often-embattled, DJ Mister Cee has re-resigned from his post at the iconic rap radio station, abruptly, but without the swirl of controversey of his previous announcements.

    And we'll have call in guest correspondents reporting about two fascinating, NY-area hip-hop related events that happened last week, including the Tech808 conference organized by hip hop/tech/entrespreneurial event firm The Phat Startup, as well as a review of Homage 3: Illmatic, an original, Nas-inspired play that was shown at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem.

    Those items, our discussions, upcoming event previews, and your calls LIVE on New York hip hop's #1 talk radio show, The NY Hip Hop Report.

    The NY Hip Hop Report is brought to you by BirthplaceMag.com, the #1 website for New York Hip Hop.

    This episode of The NY Hip Hop Report is brought tp you by Superfly: My Untold Story of Hip-Hop, the new book from Superfly Magazine pubisher Gloria Goldwater, detailing her improbable, but inportant role as early hip hop advocate and magazine publisher. Available now!

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    Movie Reviews: Gone Girl, Annabelle, The Good Lie

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    On this week's ScreenPicks Movie Show, we review four new films. First, we look at the new David Fincher movie starring Ben Affleck called Gone Girl. Then we'll review the new horror film Annabelle. After that, we look at Reece Witherspoon's new film The Good Lie. And we'll finish up with the documentary Nas: Time is Illmatic. 

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    Gone Girl, and...were there other movies this week?

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    On this week's show we'll be talking about Gone Girl, starring Batman as a guy who might have murdered his wife and seeks Madea as his attorney. Plus, Nicolas Cage's religious action flick Left Behind is probably going to get ripped; we'll talk about the hot documentary Nas: Time is Illmatic, and Reese Witherspoon rescues refugees in The Good Lie. Plus whatever else comes up, like TV or something.

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    The Miss Celebrity In Miami Show with host Stephanie Banks and Jennifer Leah

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    Time for your favorite girls bringing you the freshest news, events & fashion locally & internationally!! Reppin' the dirty south....that 305 baby! TONIGHT!!! THE MAN-Brian Breach Friedenthal AKA "BRIAN BREACH", will be joining us to discuss his newest projects, music & clothing line!!! He is totally making a name for himself in the hip hop game that he's been reppin' for yrs!

    Tonight's show will feature stories on: Suge knight, a continuation of the 50 cent / Mayweather saga, NAS' "This is Illmatic" info, Whats in store for Jeezy after his arrest?!, Beyonce/Jigga hoax?, Is Chris Brown in trouble again?!, as well as an Air Jordans discontinuation & a Pharell Williams update!

    And yes..... it's official The UKs # 1 viewed battle rapper & my ultimate luv Shotty Horroh is officially making his return to battle rap..... stay tuned for details!


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    "Rappers I monkey flip em with the funky rhythm I be kickin
    Musician, inflictin composition..." Nas

    Slick Radio presents a special Tuesday episode as we pay tribute to one of the greatest Hip-Hop albums of all time: Illmatic.

    Released on April 19, 1994, Illmatic was street poetry in music told by Nasir Jones and changed the way we looked and felt about Hip-Hop and twenty years later, it's influenced can still be heard through artists and fans alike. On this episode, we talk about how Illmatic influenced our own lives and what impact did it have on the music industry. Plus, we will play the entire album for your listening pleasure.

    We look forward to sharing this episode live with the world.

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