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    America is on fire

    in Current Events

    Today we witnessed citizens in the United States protesting for a $15 minimum wage, while doing so, they allowed speakers calling for the murder of police officers with firearms and even machetes. Something is seriously wrong with the direction people are moving it. First of all, a wage is $15 is what most local truck drivers make, including those who haul dangerous cargo such as Rock, sand, etc in dump trucks. you don't see these drivers demanding a higher wage, they do it because it's honest, and worth the value of the job. however we had a protest where people who flip burgers at fast food joints like Burger King and Mcd's who feel they deserve that same wage for working in the fast food industry. is something wrong with this picture? I don't see you people risking your life and job by driving the public roadways and could risk everything from a single accident that would cost everything. because as we all know, any truck accident is the drivers fault. that's the public view at least.

    I was floored watching the stream from this protest where they allowed members of their party to actually suggest killing cops with machetes and guns, i didn't see anyone else mention this madness. we're all doomed. simple as that. where are the fema camps when we need them the most?

    Host: iHazcandy

    Co-Host: Chris

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    Weekend Madness

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    It's the weekend. pull our your case of beer and kick your feet up.

    Open lines tonight, although we have had some interesting topics to discuss like the whitehouse protester that killed himself, and the Cottonwood Walmart Shooting that took place on March 21st leaving one officer shot in the stomach. even with that, it didn't seem to get much media attention so no one even knew it happened. just goes to show cops don't get credit for showing restraint to the point it gets them shot.

    Also we would like to give a shout out to AnonGhost, come say hi, we need to have a chat.

    Host: iHazcandy

    Co-Host: Chris

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    The world is burning, Lets talk about that.

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    The world is unraveling at the seams, tensions across every country, violence and anarchy are taking over america, the middle east is waiting for that big event that starts the missiles flying. what solutions can we bring to the table to unite the world under a single banner? a banner of freedom for all of humanity so we may as a species venture out among the stars.

    Who will save us from ourselves? will the Aliens stand in the way of our own destruction so that we may join them in the centuries to come? or will they simply stand back and wait for us to kill ourselves off so they can take over the planet for their own goals.

    Host: iHazcandy

    Candy will have to leave at the 1 hour mark, Chris will take over from there.

    Co-Host: Crg1182

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    Learn how to become a ghost tonight on Patriot Radio

    in Technology

    We're going to discuss several topics tonight, iHazcandy will give a lecture on how to become a ghost, step by step what to do, and where to do it, combine a little social engineering and you will become untracable. if you use your head and play it smart.

    While this won't protect you from the NSA, or any government agency willing to get a judge to sign off on a warrant, this will make it impossible for anyone else to find you. from the companies you do business with, to the worthless trolls on twitter. iHazcandy personally used this method to evade detection for years.

    The show will be joined by:

    Host: iHazcandy
    Co-Host: Chris
    Special Guest: MeKissableMe

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    Open Lines

    in Technology

    Tonight on Patriot Radio we will have open lines, anything you want to discuss, feel free to, although I'm sure the butthurt of Ferguson activists will be discussed.

    Host: iHazcandy
    Co-Host: crg1182
    Joined by a Mystery Surprise Guest

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    Sunday Conspiracies with Ihazcandy & KYAnonymous

    in Radio

    Special broadcast with limited notice. who know's what will be discussed.

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    Open Lines

    in Radio

    Host: http://www.twitter.com/ihazcandy
    Co-Host: http://www.twitter.com/sickgirl12345


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    Open Lines

    in Radio

    Open Lines

    Guests included:



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    Aliens, Fema Camps, Ferguson, Open Lines

    in Radio

    Discussing Aliens, Fema Camps,  Ferguson. and yes, Honeypots

    Enjoy the show? Help keep it going.


    Host: @ihazcandy

    Co-Host @sickgirl

    Guest: Chris

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    Civilian threats to USA & Israel Military targets

    in Military

    Threats against Military targets in the United States and Israel.
    Data collected by Consternation Security.
    To support future projects like this, please donate so we can collect more useful data on things that really matter.
    Twitter: @ihazcandy
    Email: bpgroup001 (at) gmail.com
    The following IP's showed actual intent to attack the military target which their IP is listed under, along with the time and date the event took place. the user was given the chance to reconsider his/her actions, but chose to conduct this type of activity anyways.
    Honeypot used was http://www.hamascyberarmy.com
    Raw logs can be accessed at http://www.hamascyberarmy.com/sys/view.php
    username: cns
    password: logs
    any visits to the main website outside of the sys directory are logged. so please be advised against clicking the attack button or you too will end up in the logs. I will leave the website running so that everyone can see just how overwhelming the results really are.
    Another interesting note is around 90% of the traffic came from paid advertising in the Microsoft/Bing Ad network. Somehow a Microsoft employee allowed a terrorist website requesting people to attack Military targets passed editorial review.
    the ads received 106,417 Impressions, and 1,215 clicks.

    View full post at pastebin

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    Discussing new evidence of MH370 and MH17 caught in a time vortex

    in Radio

    We will talk about the time vortex that MH370 and MH17 entered, and why the bodies found in the wreckage were far more decomposed and lacked blood. effects of the time vortex includes massive holes opening up in Russia, and why they are so interested in covering up the crash victims. This may be the first evidence that Russia was responsible for the disappearance of MH30 as well.

    We will also touch on Alien Technology provided by Norse Corp that helps researchers track realtime digital cyber attacks.


    Host: @ihazcandy
    Co-Host: @Sickgirl12345
    Special Guest: @t3h_arch3r

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