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    Enki Speaks: Episode 7: Marduk's Wedding Invaded by Igigi

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    13,000 years ago, an new Ice Age hit Earth. The Hybrid Nibiran/Erectus Earthlings begged for more food [ZS, Wars: 111 -112; 20, Enki:, 188-193].  Enlil, Chief of the Nibiran Goldmining Expedition to Earth, sent his son Ninurta “Beyond the Seas in the mountainland [Andes] a Bond Heaven-Earth [transmission tower] to establish.” Climate, magnetic storm and “sky-borne terrors” had hit Marsbase gold refinery, so they ordered Marduk to check damage on Mars.
    After Marduk checked the destruction on Mars, he returned to Earth. He announced he'd marry an Earthling superslave, Sarpanit, daughter of Marduk's Earthling protégé, Erkime  (a descendant of Enki's part-Earthling son, Adapa).

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    600 or so astronauts who hailed from the planet Nibiru some 400,000 years ago, powerfully affected the politics of the Nibiran Goldmining Expedition to Earth. The Sumerians, the ancient people of Iraq, called the Nibirans Anunnaki. Anunnaki means “those who came down from the sky”. The Anunnaki Astronaut Corps were called the Igigi . Astronauts were based on Mars and on an orbiting space platform. They shuttled gold and personnel between Mars, the orbiting station and the Nibiran spaceport at Sippar (in Iraq). They later shuttled material and Nibirans from the a post-Deluge spaceport on the Sinai Peninsula until it was destroyed. Then the astronauts shipped Nibirans back to the homeplanet from the Nazca Plateau in the Andes. The descendants of the Nibirans are still with us, as key hidden figures in the power elite that rule Earth to this day.
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    Qristyl Frazier, Yuliya Raquel, and Venessa DeLaRosa Ep #114

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    On the next PLUS Model Radio Chenese interviews the 2012 Face of Full Figured Fashion Week, Venessa DeLaRosa. Yuliya Raquel of Igigi tells us the latest about her plus clothing line. And we get the inside scoop from plus designer Qristyl Frazier about her upcoming model search and fashion show!

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    Rosie Mercado Is Curvalicious!

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    Rosie Mercado Is Curvalicious!   In an aggressive scrutinizing world still dominated by the paper-thin models, Rosie Mercado walks in, unabashedly, proud and confident. And for these two attributes—and more—she’s going to change the modeling landscape, giving other plus-size models like her their own time to shine and their own place to strut their stuff.   Not the Easy Road to Take   Latina Rosie Mercado was born in South California, but she spent most of her life in Las Vegas. Ever since she was young, she always had the desire to make it big someday in the fashion industry. But something was keeping her from doing that: her insecurities that were primarily fueled by her weight issues.   She struggled but pushed herself to deal with it. She eventually sought herself out, and when she discovered who she really is and embraced it, with the support of her family and friends, a lot of doors opened for her.   The Breakthroughs   By 2009, she joined and bagged Miss Nevada Plus American and Miss Plus America. She also took home awards such as People Choice, CoverGirl, and Runway Model. Rosie also booked herself to her first spread: The Knot Weddings and Goddess Magazine.   It also didn’t take long before the designers took notice. Barely a year after, she already conquered the Full-Figured Fashion Week and Mitzy Fashion Show. She modeled for Eccoco Clothing and Igigi by Yuliya Raquel, one of the biggest plus-size brands in the world. Rose is also a regular of Cosmoplatina, from 2011 to the present.

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    Feeling beautiful w/ Yuliya Raquel

    in Women

    Join the real women of LSR as we welcome as our featured guest the founder and lead designer of IGIGI, Yuliya Raquel.

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    Who were the Annunaki? Tonight we play the final interview ever with Zacharia Sitchin

    in Paranormal

    The Anunnaki are a group of Sumerian, Akkadian and Babylonian deities. The name is variously written "da-nuna", "da-nuna-ke4-ne", or "da-nun-na", meaning something to the effect of 'those of royal blood' or 'princely offspring'. Their relation to the group of gods known as the Igigi is unclear at times the names are used synonymously but in the Atra-hasis flood myth they have to work for the Anunnaki, rebelling after 40 days and replaced by the creation of humans.

    Part 2: