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    Sean's Iconic Show is back once again for another crazy ass year! Get ready for some Celeb Gossip, Fashion Talk, Sex, Album Reviews, Movie Reviews, Reality Show Reviews, Award Show Reviews, and Personal/Internet Drama, Sex Talk amongst other crazy things. The show's original cast members are back along with some new people. 







    We are a little bit older than the last time the show was on the air! So this go round will have a mature affect! But do not get it twisted! There will be shed tears, angry outburst, calling people out on personal shit etc. But we also play the latest and scrumptious throwbacks on the music tip and we have lots of laughs on this show. HERE WE GO BITCHES! 

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    All Hail Iconic

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    #$hop $ullivan #$hop Magnify Pus @ imvu 

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    All Hail Iconic v2

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    bout this case

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    Iconic Radio Show

    in Lifestyle

    Iconic Radio Lifestyle hosts, Liz Mitchell and Lana Moore, interview Iconic figures in urban lifestyle.  Guests include: comedian, Mary Dimino, author, Tara Green, and artist, Jenna Fredde.

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    Iconic Radio Show-Business

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    Iconic Radio Business host, Lana, and co-host, Kelly, interview major label recording artist and online marketing expert, John Oszajcan. With guest, Winter Moore.

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    Iconic Radio Show

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    Iconic Radio’s Music and Entertainment hosts, Kelly and Christou, will be interviewing teen recording artists Gabbie Rae and Josey Milner who are anti-bullying advocates.

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    Iconic Radio Music & Entertainment

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    Iconic's music and entertainment hosts, Kelly Kells, Christou DaKeeng, and cohost, Lanna Moore, interview solo artists Kathryn F Hoxie (AKA KFHox) and Collard Green.
    Vist KFHox's Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/kfhoxKFHox
    Vist Collard Green's Facebook at:https://www.facebook.com/collardgreensc

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    Lee Adrian with Oliver Twist on Iconic ATL Radio

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    Antonio "Lee Adrian" Marthini, Houston, Texas Native  is one of the many hot young talents today. Leading the Youth and his peers in a the direction of success and greatness, many leech on to him as the voice of many generations. Many assume that hip hop is dead. With repetitive lyrics, cliche imagery, and just a hot beat, the music industry now seems to lack quality artists. Turns out, many have yet to experience the essence of Houston bred artist, Lee Adrian. 

    With the revamped flow of KRS One, authenticity of Tupac Shakur, and innovative punch lines like hip hop mogul Jay Z, Adrian has established his own sound within the industry. Since 10 years old, Adrian found his calling in the world and began taking immediate action. It's with such records as "Present Past Future" that depicts the serious undertone of Lee, and his viral sensation, "Yeen Know", that provides listeners with a classic qualified "club banger".

    Through it all, Lee Adrian continues to defy the odds and rise the the occasion. In 2014, MTV featured Lee on its website for millions to experience his raw talent. With a versatile sound, style, and not to mention, dance moves, it will be sooner than later that the world will understand that, in fact, hip hop is not dead. It is only being revitalized... "Live. Learn. Lee Adrian."

    Many talents come with the package, Artist/Actor/Model/Dancer his taps into all of his talents as a craft of building his brand. Appearing on HBCU BIGGEST WEBSERIES "College Boyfriends" Modeling for Instagram and Dancing throughout Atlanta, they say Lee Adrian is an amazing being. Alumni of Clark Atlanta University Lee Adrian is Now the Radio Host Every Wednesday 4-7, with his own spot, Coffee Shop Radio under the Highly Unique Radio Brand! Entertaining People is his Talent and Passion more than just a Career. 

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    Iconic Radio Fashion with Pachell Fashion!

    in Fashion

    Iconic Radio's interview with Charleston, SC's own, Pachell McNeil of Pachell Fashion! We talked about the upcoming Summer trends, how to put designs together, what to wear, and the fashion industry. 
    Log on to http://www.pachellfashion.com/ for more information on Pachell McNeil and Pachell Fashion!

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    Prodigal Son & JeRonelle on Iconic ATL Radio with Oliver Twist

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    Prodigal Son

    He adopted the stage name Prodigal Son and dropped his underground debut CD Crossing the Red Sea in 2003. Shortly after, he released his follow-up album My Block. By the time his third album Kingdom Swagga-nomics hit, he had secured a distribution deal with a regional company and charted at the Number 21 spot on Billboard. The following year, he came back with compilation CD Welcome to HOLY-wood, debuting at Number 25.

    Even with Billboard charts and Grammy nominations, Prodigal Son has been constantly criticized by the Christian community for his realistic lyrical content. His album Deeper Than Church was nominated for two Grammys for Best Rap Album and Best Rap Song for the albums self-titled lead single.

    The Prodigal Son returned back to the gospel hip hop music and the culture while securing a new recording deal under TYSCOT RECORDS/WARNER MUSIC GROUP.

    Prodigal Son released of his new E.P. #Grace from his own label, with a follow up album due late 2014 entitled #HOMECOMING.


    Independent artist, JeRonelle McGhee, is a true star with excellent stage presence and vocal ability that's reminiscent of classic Soul singers such as Donny Hathaway, John Legend, and Anthony Hamilton. 

    Today, JeRonelle continues to build the foundation for a successful lifelong career as a national recording artist, songwriter, producer, actor, and all-around entertainer. Currently studying Music at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, GA, JeRonelle also performs often on the various college campuses within the AUC. JeRonelle even recently shared the stage with renowned artists Lalah Hathaway & Common.

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    Iconic Sounds with Kelly Kel and Christou

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    The Iconic Radio Premier is here! Music and Entertainment hosts, Kelly Kells and Christou DaKeeng, will be interviewing the man behind the Carolina Music Awards, Omar McCallop and R&B artist/producer/songwriter Javon Cohen.   Featured artists includes: PurpGang, A Fragile Tomorrow, Mr. 704, and Ricco Barrino.