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    GET A JOB! with Kathleen Brady

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    On-Line application systems are the greatest source of frustration for many job seekers.  It feels like resumes land in a black hole.  Because employers are increasing their use of technology to source and recruit candidates, it is imperative that job seekers learn HOW to use these systems effectively.
    Our guest is Susan Vitale, CMO of iCIMS, a leading provider of innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) talent acquisition solutions. They design the software that employers use to source and recruit candidates. Susan's responsibilities include developing new business opportunities for iCIMS via new product lines, exploring expansion into new international markets and developing additional revenue streams through channels.
    Susan has a keen and broad understanding of how employers use these systems.  Join us on Wednedsday, July 10 at 7:30 pm EST as she shares her insights to help our job seeking listeners learn how to use technology effectively.

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    HRchitect's HR Technology Happy Hour WebMingle - featuring iCIMS's Adam Feigenbaum and Susan Vitale

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    Matt Lafata will be interviewing Adam Feigenbaum from iCIMS. iCIMS is the winner of HRchitect's Talent Acquisition Systems Beauty Pageant Webinar.

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    SaaS: Who's Driving Your Community?

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    People say that marketing for "cloud services" are really over the top right now - selling a lot more promise than can be delivered. If that's true, social media is somewhere out in the stratosphere of hype - pushed into orbit by leaders like Twitter and Facebook - I've heard many people say if they were trying to avoid reading yet another article on the wonders of connecting to "communities" on the web.

    I'm looking forward to this conversation because social media is still a widely misunderstood subject among SaaS and Cloud Service providers. Many see everything social as an unnecessary and noisy "distraction" that is a waste of resources and time. I understand their point of view because if they come from traditional software marketing, support, and sales environment, they are part of a legacy that rarely focused on end-users or tried to foster communications among them. And if you've ever tried to sip from the Twitter fire hose, you can probably understand their discomfort with jumping on the band wagon.

    If that's the case for you - I hope you'll set your prejudice aside and listen to our podcast this month on Haut Tech Conversations on December 30th at 10am Central. We're going to be talking with Jonathan Hyland, the Client Relationship Director for iCIMS, a leading SaaS provider of "Talent Management Systems." Jonathan is deep in the trenches of the user community at iCIMS because he is responsible for managing the client renewal pipeline, user satisfaction, user advocacy, and maintaining visibility of the value proposition their services deliver.

    Joining Jonathan on our panel will be Jessie Kliza, the Business Development Director for Apprenda and Peter Cohen of SaaS Marketing Strategy Advisors, who also happens to be one of our fraternity of Haut Tech Irregulars.

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