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    iChoRa Veins of Light

    in Entertainment

    iChoRa Website:http://www.ichora.com/ Press:“It’s dark, gothic, and atmospheric…Chri’s vocals are unlike any other. At times they are gritty and perfect for the hard rock scene, other times they are smoother – reminiscent of the trance-like vocals of Radiohead’s In Rainbows…” Zack Daggy (The Mothpod, USA)iChoRa (pronounced eye-kora) is a diverse musical tapestry,
    ranging from heavy guitar driven rock to piano and acoustic based ballads.
    chri is a self-taught musician from Western Australia and plays all of the instruments on iChoRa recordings
    (vocals / guitars / piano / keyboards / bass / drums / percussion / cello / violin and anything else within reach).
    iChoRa means "veins of light" or "body of light"; referring to the vast, limitless potential that exists in all of us.
    Honest and heartfelt, iChoRa's music is an emotional journey drawn from soul searching, inner reflections and compassionate observations of life.

    "Veins Of Light" is the debut release from iChoRa; a 5 track EP recorded and produced by chri. Taken from the meaning of iChoRa, "Veins Of Light" showcases the diversity of chri's songwriting and the emotional intensity that is infused throughout the songs.