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    Discover a New Way to Work at IBM InterConnect

    in Technology

    IBM is a world-class technology company, and we'll be sitting down with some of their movers and shakers at IBM InterConnect to find out how new developments and ways of thinking will affect how we work in the future.

    Join us as we talk with: 

    Saurabh Calla, IBM product developer, on how Verse will create a new way to work
    Brian Fanzo and Bryan Kramer, digital strategists, on how different generations envision the future of work
    Amber Armstrong, IBM Director of Social Business Market Evangelism, on what role social plays in business
    Alisa Maclin, IBM VP of Marketing for IBM Mobile Enterpriseon how mobile will impact new ways of working

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    Apple And IBM Team Up

    in News

    Apple and IBM will make their first wave of business apps available this week and a look at tablet keyboards.

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    Computer America - Sentinel Background Checks ; Identity Mixer - IBM Research!

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Hour one: Sentinel Background Checks, Rachid Zahidi, CEO.

    The success of a company relies on its people. Protect your assets by conducting background checks. Taking steps to properly screen your applicants can help you increase productivity and profitability by connecting the right person with the right position. Although, there are different types of background checks, establishing a clear and concise background screening policy can ensure consistency in the screening process; avoid exceptions and favoritism and conduct checks on all applicants. Sentinel's mission is to provide the highest degree of competent, accurate and professional background screening solutions. Their best practices approach, risk management perspective and focus on informing and serving their clients, creates a culture that strives to provide excellence at every step of the screening process.


    Hour Two: Dr. Jan Camenisch, Cryptographer at IBM Research.

    We all use electronic services increasingly often in our daily lives. To do so, we have no choice but to provide plenty of personal information for authorization, billing purposes, or as part of the terms and conditions of service providers.

    Identity Mixer allows users to minimize the personal data they have to reveal in such transactions. For instance, if electronic identity (eID) cards were realized with Identity Mixer, then teenagers possessing such eID cards could log onto a teenage chat room just proving that they are indeed 12–15 years of age without revealing any other information stored on the card such as their name or address.

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    Cloudy days ahead for IBM . . . but that's a good thing!

    in Business

    Organizations are re-inventing themselves to deliver deeper and more valuable experiences across all aspects of the customer’s journey. No matter the size or industry, each supplier and partner plays a critical role in an organization’s ability to provide an exceptional customer experience.

    In May, at the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit in Tampa, FL, IBM introduced new cloud-based and on premise software and services to help clients deepen engagement with partners and suppliers to help ensure goods and services are delivered precisely when and where they are needed. The new B2B integration software will provide better insight and control over today’s extended value chain as well as lower risk and enhance compliance.

    Joining me today to tell us what this all means for not only IBM's clients but the venerable giant's internal structure is Terrence Curley, Director of Products for B2B & Commerce at IBM.

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    IBM Creating A Smarter Workforce

    in Business

    Jonathan Ferrar, VP IBM's Smarter Workforce, will discuss the new initiative which is all about empowering HR, empowering the workforce and empowering your business.
    He'll discuss the benefits of the Smarter Workforce -  gaining the insight and ability to hire the right talent, engage your people and collaborate together. 

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    IBM Exceptional Digital Experience

    in Marketing

    Designing Exceptional Digital Experiences with IBM Social Business, Base22, and City Forward. Hosted by Pam Moore, CEO & Founder, Marketing Nutz. 
    Did you know...
    You have 5 seconds to engage your audience online? 1 in 10 people own 3+ mobile devices?  
    Special Guests:
    Larry Bowden, Vice President, IBM Digital Experience Software Ben Shoemate, Base22 Co-founder and User Experience Specialist City Forward Team - Gina Cardosi, Kent Van Horn, Jeff Berg, Dave Rook  
    Learn More: 
    Website  ibm.com/digitalexperience
    Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1bBUZfnbYM
    Base22: http://www.base22.com
    City Forward: http://cityforward.org

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    HRExaminer Radio: Zahir Ladhani, Vice President, Smarter Workforce, IBM

    in Business

    Zahir Ladhani is Vice President Smarter Workforce, IBM. Specifically, he leads the IBM Science & Consulting Group within Smarter Workforce. The goal of the Science & Consulting group is to help client's take the guesswork out of hiring, engagement, retention—and anything else that affects their workforce.

    He joined Kenexa in 2010 in business development and was made President in 2011. He led the acquisition of Salary.com for Kenexa. And, with the IBM acquisition of Kenexa, along with his other responsibilities, helped aid the integration.

    He joined Kenexa, an IBM company, with accounting, marketing, sales and operations experience from AstraZeneca where he was greatly involved with many major pharmaceutical launches.  

    Additionally, he continues to be a guest lecturer for MIT Sloan, Goldey-Beacon College and a guest speaker for IBM and World at Work, among others.

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    IBM announces intent to acquire Trusteer

    in Technology

    August 15, 2013 – Today IBM announced a definitive agreement to acquire Trusteer, a leading provider of software that helps protect organizations against financial fraud and advanced security threats. Join Caleb Barlow, Marc Van Zadelhoff and Yishay Yovel moments after the announcement to discuss the Trusteer solution, the formation of a new IBM cybersecurity lab in Israel and the capabilities that Trusteer will brings to the table to combat fraud and malware thru “trusted transactions” for mobile and traditional endpoints.
    Press Release:
    Podcast topics include:  Trusteer, malware, mobile security, financial fraud, cybersecurity, accertify 41 Parameter Silver Tail Systems, RSA, Guardian Analytics ThreatMetrix, Kount, Iovation, fraud intelligence, QRadar, i2, SPSS, InfoSphere, financial malware, advanced threat protection, financial crimes, advanced persistent threat, trusted transactions

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    Ukraine - cheney waterboarding - IBM Big Brother - Facial recognition

    in Politics

    Tonite (3.29.2014) we talked about:

    The Ukraine crisis.

    Dick Cheney said he loves waterboarding.

    IBM says Big Brother surveillance is good and do not fight it.

    Facial recognition.

    Visit FreeWorldFilmWorks.com - for DVDs exposing the CRIMES of Big Brother.

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    in Entrepreneur

    INVITADO: MANUEL ÁVALOS   Manuel Ávalos Vega es gerente mundial de Soluciones en Almacenamiento en la Nube de IBM y uno de los pocos miembros en Latinoamérica de la Academia de Tecnología de la compañía. Es uno de los inventores de esta empresa global y se desarrolla en la planta de Guadalajara.   IBM desarrolló una computadora llamada “Watson”, que entiende el lenguaje humano y ya se comercializó en áreas como salud, transporte y seguridad.   En la actualidad, Manuel Ávalos se encuentra desarrollando una patente denominada Configuración de Multilenguajes en Sistemas de Mensajería Instantánea.   No te lo pierdas este martes.

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    IBM Pulls Profit Goal, Sees Customer Spending Slow

    in News

    Tom Ortuso reports on IBM earnings and Apple Pay.