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    Why I Do What I Do

    in Christianity

    Join me, host Hezekiah L. Montgomery as I reach out to my listening audience and talk about WHY I DO WHAT I DO on The Man In the Mirror.  My show has been dedicated to God because he's brought me further in life now than I've ever been, and I want others to be able to share in His Grace and Mercy.  I enjoy reading God's word and learning what He has planned for my life, and I enjoy what He has planned for other people’s lives as well.

    He's a great and worthy to be praised, I bring on others that have a story to share and let my new listening audience share in those experiences’.  We'll joke, we'll laugh and maybe even cry, but we'll be real.  Since God turned me around and put me back on track in Him, I Keep It Real.  My guest and guest host will learn something new each show and will leave with a new nugget of knowledge.  So join me on The Man In The Mirror as we find out what our REFLECTIONS OF LIFE SHOWS.


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    Who's Who in the Wedding Party

    in Lifestyle

    Deciding whom to select to be a part of your wedding party can be as difficult to decide as to whom to seat next to whom. Knowing what’s expected of the duty can help you make the decision a little easier.

    From bride’s maids to pages, we will list the common (and not so common) roles of the bridal party.

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    Attending Bridal Expos

    in Lifestyle

    Have you ever wondered what goes on at one of those big bridal expos? They happen at various times of the year around the country exposing you to the various vendors available in your area.

    Listen in as we check in with Don Van Meter of the Rabun County Bridal Expo www.rabuncountybridalexpo.com in Clayton, GA. We'll ask them why a bride should consider attending, what info she will leave with, and how can she take that new info and plan her dream wedding.

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    I Do, Now I Dont...Help!

    in Women

    Mara Opperman will be visiting with us today on I Do Radio. She will explain what you can do with your wedding jewelry should you call off the wedding.

    Heaven forbid that this happens to you, but lets be prepared.

    Maya Opperman of IDoNowIDont.com

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    How Do I Do It?

    in Lifestyle

    "How Do I Do It" will be the launch show of Embrace Today. This show will help listeners to understand how to embrace their today in the midst of their situation. Are you dealing with something that is hindering you from having peace? This is the show for you. Tune in at 7 AM EST for a life changing word.

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    Truly I Say To You- I Do Not Know You

    in Religion

    Please join me Tuesday Oct 7th at 11 am  CST- as I dicuss  that Jesus isnt looking for  casual relationships  but  those who are sold out, Those who have Him as their first love. Were going to look at some of the parables and some scriptures to show us. When we said I do to Jesus . We are no longer our own. He redeemed us with a costly price.  He says - those who lose their lives ( meaning their carnal selves  meaning their natural selves)) meaning they have decided by their own free will , to follow Jesus , no matter what) for His sake will find it.  Meaning He is their First Love. That they love Him  more than anything or anyone else.

    When Jesus was asked - what the greatest command was - He said this-

    34 " 'You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.' 38 "This is the great and foremost commandment.

    Out of loving God - all the things we are seraching for - He will bring into our lives.

    Out of being intimate with Him- thats where we will see His glory.

    Signs will follow us , we dont have to follow them

    He will fill endue us with everything we need , and fill us to overflowing as we dwell in the secret place with Him.

    Its personal. Hope you can join, Char


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    What Do I Do Now?

    in Spirituality

    What Do I Do Now?

    What Do I do Now? Today’s Relax Let Go BE with Charles 3pm PST, Focuses on being stuck. What is the next step, I have tried everything. Is there something I am missing? Invite inspirations from all possible sources. This episode will include a guided meditation to help you connect with wisdom, inspiration, motivation, and your dreams.  Listeners are welcome to call and talk about their situations, problems, or inspirations. You can listen live, and if you choose you can join in the conversation by calling (646)-721-9527. www.RelaxLetGoBE.com click the Mic on the top of the home page. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/relaxletgobe You can access podcast of all The Relax, Let Go, BE with Charles shows using the same links when the show is not live.

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    in Entertainment

    This week on SONG THERAPY The Crew dives into "ALL I DO IS THINK OF YOU" by TROOP

    What happens when love takes over your mind?

    “SONG THERAPY” is Today’s Hottest & Progressive Music Platform Created to Heal the Pain and Soothe the Soul. So Sit Back, Relax and Unwind as we take you on this Therapeutic Musical Journey. It’s Time for you to join the Crew on the First Ever Virtual Couch. Remember no one likes to go to Therapy, but they love to come to SONG THERAPY!!!!


    Call in / Listen every Tuesday @ 9pm est/ 6pm pst 347-855-8964. See you on the virtual couch!

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    6TH Episode Mother's Monday: "Do As I Say Not As I DO"

    in Women

    Pastor Teresa Burton along with her Co-Host, Nakisha Thomas, will use the Word of God, Godly wisdom and life experiences to empower and teach women their role as a mother with a new mindset and a healed heart.

    Are we still living by "Do As I Say Not As I DO"?  This episode is dealing with us as mothers creating good habits for ourselves and our children.  Are we passing down our bad habits to our children?

    Our children study our behavior and habits and learn from them. Do we really understand our everyday routine; what we say, where we go,  the people we hang around, what we do, how spend our money, how we eat and so on and so forth could affect our children and teach them habits to live by?

    Tune in and learn as we discuss some of the bad habits we may be passing down to our children knowingly and unknowingly. You may be surprised!

    Discussion Questions:

    What are habits?

    Can we see the result of bad habits in our children right away?

    What are some bad of the habits we may be passing down to our children?

    How can we reverse bad habits?

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    Tonight's Show Will Address the BIG Question of "How Do I Do 'It'?"

    in Spirituality

    Have you ever received solid gold advice from a friend, a colleague or a mentor and immediately realized you stepped right into a gap of not knowing HOW to take action? Then the thought, "How Do I Do THAT" pops in your head? Well, this show is for you if there is something in your Life beckoning you to take a step into the next level, but the daunting question of "How?" keeps you stuck.  

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    "Before You Say "I Do"... Dear Engaged Me..."

    in Youth

    Tune in tonight for a NEW 30 MINUTE EPISODE with your FAVORITE tuesday night radio show crew!!

    We've talked about dating...the reace to the altar and even gender roles in realtionships...but TONIGHT we want to know ... "What do you do in the engagement period?!" What happens BEFORE you say "I Do?" If you're engaged, is that just as good as being married? How long is TOO LONG to be "engaged"?! SHARE YOU THOUGHTS and join the conversation on twitter @365Girl World

    30 MINUTES - 6pm PST, 8pm CST, 9pm EST DON'T MISS IT!

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