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    The Searcher's Road Map with guest Jeff and Ariel Pierce

    in Spirituality

    The Searcher's Road Map: Countdown 2012 with host Keith Blanchard
    My guest will be Jeffery and Ariel Pierce, and we will be discussing everything alien, shamanism, as well as the paranormal. This show is going to ROCK!
    Jeffrey Pierce, PhD, DEM, CHt, FInstTM, FInstFP, FInstPP Internationally Certified Hypnotherapy Trainer Professor-College of Management Sciences, London, England. Psychotherapist and Counselor, Doctor of Energy Medicine and Universal Shaman. He teaches psychic development and research, forensic parapsychology, hypnotherapy, hypnotherapy specializing in alien abductees, hypnotherapy specializing in hypnobirth, flowing hands energy therapy, frequency vibrational shiatsu energy therapy, universal shamanism, paranormal investigations and research, spiritualism, and much more. He is an approved accredited course provider in all of his courses either through or for the College of Management Science. 
    For more on Jeffery: http://www.tnalienabducteehelpnetwork.com/
    For more on Keith:  www.thedivineprinciple.us

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    Hypnosis for Childbirth - what, why and how

    in Moms and Family

    More and more pregnant mothers are opting for drug free natural births and hypnosis for childbirth offers a great alternative natural remedey for pain relief in labour.

    Sheridan, mother of 3, trained Doula and Hypnobirth Instructor joins Nisha to discuss the what, whys and hows and answer all your questions!

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    Hypnobirthing And More Powerful Uses Of Hypnotherapy

    in Self Help

    Discover the powerful benefits of hypnotherapy, including how to use hypnobirthing to deliver your next child.

    We will be joined by Master Hypnotherapist, Irene Pi. Irene will share with you the powerful secrets to using hypnosis to benefit your life.

    Discover other ways that Irene can help you benefit your life, by going to