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    Easy Hydroponics--Humic and Fulvic Acids

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    http://www.advancednutrients.com/h2 Go to this address to discover a truly amazing 100% organic plant nutrient, Humic Acid. Along with its companion product, Fulvic Acid, these two Grandma Enggy products can be used in soil and hydroponics to increase water-holding capacity, root zone aeration, and root efficiency. Humic stimulates root branching, plant enzyme function, and plant immune systems. Humic can be used on foliage to provide a natural barrier to pests, pathogens and other attackers. These comprehensive products can be used from start to finish in your garden because they ensure early vigor in seedlings and clones, hastens maturity and floral development, make plants better able to thrive despite heat and stress, and facilitate faster, more efficient utilization of nutrients and vitamins.

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    Gardening without Soil – Understanding Hydroponics

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    Preparing to Provide! 2ed & 4th Tuesdays each month *9:00pm/Est *8:00pm/Ct *7:00pm/Mt *6:00pm/Pt Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/ For most people, gardening involves spending some time working the soil, adding compost or fertilizer, and planting seeds. But there are many people who don’t have the land, space, time, or physical ability to do conventional gardening. So how can they still get involved in growing their own food? One answer is hydroponics, growing plants without the use of soil. There are many different setups that can be put together to meet the individuals needs. It’s a fun and productive way to grow most any type of vegetable. And for those with low water supplys, hydroponics allows you to use the water much more efficiently than simply pouring it into the ground. Also, hydroponics allows you to give the plants exactly what they need to flourish, without guessing whether or not they have enough fertilizer. So if you’re short on time, or can’t move like you used to, join us Tuesday night for a lot of information and suggestions on how you to can began growing your own vegetables, without soil. Preparing to Provide: http://www.youtube.com/user/mhpgardener Tags: MHPgardener, Gardening, vegetables, Farming, Prepper Broadcasting

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    The 411 with Danny G: Gardening Methods

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    Today's episode will cover the different gardening methods: conventional soil VS straw bale gardening VS hydroponics VS aquaponics VS aeroponics. I will cover the differences between the different types, the Pro's and the Con's to each type. The goal of today's episode will be to inform the novice/first-time gardener of their choices and hopefully push them in the right direction.

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    Easy Hydroponics-Organic Nirvana

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    http://www.advancednutrients.com/nirvana Advanced Nutrients Nirvana makes your plants give you bigger flowers because its kelp co-factor extracts work specifically on the flowering pathways inside your plants (kelp is a powerful sea plant containing flower stimulator ingredients not found anywhere else in Nature).

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    The Arizona Green Plumber talks Hydroponics!

    in Environment

    Join host John Smith as he talks to Jeremy Hennessy of Mesa Hydroponics. We'll learn about this "Urban Garden" store. And how you can grow plants and herbs without soil and and being a slave to Mother Nature! YOU create the ideal indoor environment!

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    Easy Hydroponics--Led Grow Lights

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    http://www.advancednutrients.com/articles.php?articleID=99 Check out how best to use LED grow lights to take your indoor garden to the next level. Using the Advanced Nutrients Bigger Yields Flowering System with pH-PPM Perfect Technology, you're sure to score the BIG ONE--2 lbs per light!

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    Is Hydroponics the future of Agriculture

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    We have a real threat to our food suply in Global Warming, Climate Change and GMO's. The average man has to turn back the hands of time and become a producer, too. I"ve seen the pracicality in Hydoponic gardening b/c I build them. But not everyone is convinced about it. Why not? Join me as I take a look at the future of our food, the current agricultural system, hydroponicss and other ways to grow your own food. 

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    Today's broadcast will be about how the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors plans to move us forward as a nation. Some of those things will be how to have sustainable living and independent resources, which are required in order to live off of the grid. These things that will be discussed today is necessary for exercising true autonomy and true independence, in efforts to wean ourselves off of the dependency of the U.S. government. We would like you to call in and add to the conversation on how we could collectively move forward independently, under one nation, the Yamassee Tribe of Native Americans, the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors. 


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    Ecofaire Enterprizes Introduces Green Technology To The Inner City Economy

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    there is a tremendous untapped economic opportunity in what's known as "green" technology. Companies that expect to succeed in the future need to figure out how to recycle whatever product they create so that it does not become garbage. They need to figure out how to turn existing trash into treasure. They need to participate in the drive to clean up the Earth for future generations. That's the great challenge of today, and for those entrepreneurs with a vision for how to do that, the sky is the limit in terms of economic opportunities,Ecofaire Enterprises is fortunate to be on the cutting edge of such visionary thinking.Stan Shlyapochnik shares how an ecology conscious person can enter a growing industry and excel beyond their imagination

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    Growing Food Inside the Garden of Eden a discussion with Michael Twiggs

    in Fitness

    An interview with Michael Twiggs, Executive Director of Garden of Eden Urban Farming

    A background in technology and strong faith has lead Michael Twiggs founder of Garden of Eden Urban Farming to bring his dream to live. With a very ambitious goal of eliminating urban food desserts across the country the first demonstration of the organic urban indoor farm is tucked away inside a small home in a quiet neighborhood in Seattle. But once inside you are surrounded by a modern environment designed for growing healthy produce indoors. Learn how this project was brought to life and how it will benefit communities across the country. Visit the web site at http://goefarming.com/

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    Your Health, Your Choice - At Least for NOW! Special Report: Food Rising

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    It's one thing to talk about how bad things are getting, and how hard it is to stay healthy in the world we are living in. It's quite another to step up and be part of the solution. Mike Adams, known to many as the Health Ranger and a credible source of news and information in a sea of propaganda and a hijacked media, has some answers for those seeking to care for their families and themselves in the upcoming turbulent times. Food Rising is his latest project, complete with videos showing how to grow your own food as well as videos with plans for parts you can download for free to make on a 3-D printer (yes, save those pennies to buy your own 3-D printer for $1300 if you want to be able to "print" your own parts instead of buying them! Don't you love technology?) Join Sandy Bloomfield as she takes a closer look at this paradigm shifting opportunity...and remember, it's your health, your choice - at least for NOW! Get the information while you can!