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    Canelo vs Miguel Cotto Recap, Klitschko vs Tyson Fury Preview

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    Rumors have swirled about how many Pay-Per-View buys Saul "Canelo" Alvarez's win over Miguel Cotto pulled in, and so far the news is quite good, if not surprising. It was a solid kinda-middleweight fight, but perhaps not the clash many had hoped for.

    The fight that stole all the attention was Francisco Vargas' war with Takashi Miura. In danger of being stopped by a damaged eye, Vargas rallied to end Miura's night in the 9th round. It was an instant "Fight of the Year" contender.

    As some may have expected, Guillermo Rigondeaux didn't entertain much on the card.

    But this coming weekend we get to see two huge fighters compete for the heavyweight title on in Wladimir Klitschko and Tyson Fury, on HBO. This could be a case of who you think will win and who you want to win being two different things.

    Also on the menu, James DeGale fights a comebacking Lucian Bute on Showtime in Quebec City.

    All these things and more will be covered by James Foley of Bad Left Hook and The Fight City's Patrick Connor. And probably with too many jokes thrown in.

    On Twitter...

    James Foley: @JFoley81

    Patrick Connor: @PatrickMConnor

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    Political Animals-Robert Kennedy--younger brother of President ohn Kennedy(Assasinated november 22nd 1963)--Robert Kennedy became one of the 1968 Democratic Party candidates for President, But was assasinated in Los Angeles California

    ***President Charles De Gaulle victim of terroist assasination attemp  Orly AirportParis site of Terroist attack during the  Algerian War

    --***Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau--Terroism--assasination in Quebec Canada 1970

    ***San Francisco Connection to World War One deportation of accused Anarchists and Communists-The Red Ark--US Navy ship used transport accused Anarchists and Communists back to Russia

    POLITICAL FICTION--Only Japenese --Americans of Japanese descent were interned--FALSE--FICTION.

    The US during world war two interned Germans--Italians as well as Japanese

    Other Countries also interned  enemy alies--Australia-Canada--South American countries


    November  20th Births Deaths  & events relevant to US(a)

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    Canadian Moto Show with Brent Worrall

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    The Canadian Moto Show is on the Air 'Live' Wednesday night at 6:00 pm pacific 9:00 pm eastern and can be found right here http://www.canadianmotoshow.com This week the show talks to some of the hottest prospects on the move up through the ranks in Canadian Motocross. We will start in Quebec and are very excited to chat with Walton Trans Can winner a rider who finished as the top Intermediate in the 2015 Rockstar Nationals. J.C. Bujold will check in with the show and get the Canadian Moto Show listeners up to speed with what we can expect to see from him in 2016.

    Pro Women's West current number one Sara King will also be on tonigths show with her colleague Sierra Roth as the girls are hard at work to make sure 2016 is the best season yet for the ladies lined up at the top level.

    Austin Watling who's stock is on the rise and has had a great year in Canadian Moto along with just completing the first ever Canadian AX-tour will also check in with the show. Wyatt Waddell who is also a former Trans Can winner and a Future West Arenacross veteran will help us look ahead to the balance of that series. Ryeley Gallup also a very fast up and comer and is new to the Pro ranks will also be on the line tonight. Gallup who hit the podium in his first ever Arenacross race will help us set up the balance of the series here on the West Coast which resumes next weekend in Chilliwack BC.

     Our ever popular Canadian Moto Show giveaways continue as we have our biggest call in to win prize pack yet. This week worth well over $200 of amazing products from our sponsors will go to the lucky winner, join us and Lets Go Bench Racing.


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    Sweet Science with Don Chargin and James Gogue - Golovkin, Canelo, and Cotto

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    Monday, October 19th, at 9PM ET/6PM PT, "War a Week" Radio presents an exclusive "What's next for Golden Boy Promotions" edition of "The Sweet Science" with Hall of Fame boxing legend Don Chargin, and three decade fight trainer James Gogue!!

    To kick off tonight's 2-hour program, the sixty year matchmaker and promoter will examine the future of Golovkin, Lemieux, Canelo, Cotto and Golden Boy Promotions, in the aftermath of Triple G's impressive TKO victory over the hard puncher from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

    - Does Lemieux's loss on October 17th, put pressure on Golden Boy and Canelo?

    - What's next for Gennady Golovkin and David Lemieux?

    - How well did Golovkin/Lemieux perform on PPV?

    - If Canelo defeats Cotto on November 21st, will Oscar be willing to stick his Mexican superstar in the ring with GGG in 2016?

    - Can fans start talking aboout Golovkin's stature among the best of this era?

    At the 30 minute mark, 'War a Week' Radio will be joined by expert trainer and master strategist James Gogue!!  The expert boxing coach will examine this Saturday night's match-up between Terence Crawford and Dierry Jean, which will be broadcast on HBO!!

    - Strengths and Weaknesses for both competing fighters

    - Keys to Victory

    - Gogue's prediction

    "The Gogue" will also discuss all of the latest boxing news currently circulating throughout the entire fight community!!

    Join us for another special episode of "The Sweet Science" with Don 'War a Week' Chargin and James Gogue!!

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    Oct. 16, 2015, 10pm (PDT) - Ghost Hunting 101 with Dom Bouchard

    in Paranormal

    Dom Bouchard is one of Canada's premiere Paranormal Investigators based out of Sherbrooke, Quebec. Dom is one of those investigators who's called upon to go into the haunted areas to call out the spirits and ghosts.

    Dom has worked with everyone from TAPS to Ghost Adventures on some of the biggest ghost hunting expeditions in North America. He considers himself an old school investigator who uses the basic tools combined with and instinct to make his confirmation regarding places that are haunted.

    For over 15 years, Dom has built a reputation as being an impartial investigator who can get the facts. He adamant that education has to be a part of the paranormal process. He's an avid speaker to teach others how to investigate properly with respect and ethics, not only to the clients but to the spirits as well, that he tries to communicate with.

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    Interview with Mahri Gresham Best - Book 8 & Ellie Borden - Book 2

    in Books

    Mahri Gresham Best was born and raised in Scotland. For most of her life she felt the calling to take care of others in a compassionate way. She left Scotland in her teens and ventured off alone to America.  She arrived during the time of the Vietnam War and had many people to care for.

    She began her career as a Nanny.  It came with trial and tibulation, however, it allowed her time to time to reflect and see who she really could be.

    Mahri feels that life has brought her every possible consideration to not only live but to dealt with and delve into soul searching.

    Mahri is a certified Life Coach which she feels is the best way to help others with authenticity.

    Her chapter in Book 8 is titled "Change is Choice."

    Her website is:  www.mahribest.com

    Mahri lives in California.



    Ellie Borden is a natural leader, entrepreneur, life and business coach as well as a sought after keynote speaker.  She's also a fellow Canadian!! 

    Ellie's goal is to help people around the globe become the leaders they were born to be. She's a music lover, amazing Mama, creator of her two companies Raw Goodies & Sexy Beast Lingerie.

    She's a true entrepreneur and if she thinks it, she will do it!

    Her chapter in Book 2 is called "It's Much More Powerful Than You May Think. It's the KEY.

    Ellie's website is:  www.powercircleacademy.com

    Ellie lives in Montreal, Quebec.

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    3 New 'Batman V Superman' Trailers Coming!

    in Film


    In this news episode we discuss:

    WB Interactive Says They'll Be Making More Batman Games After 'Arkham Knight'
    Rocksteady May Be Working on Superman
    Warner Bros. Quebec Looking to Make Games Based on Wonder Woman, Shazam, and Green Lantern
    Upcoming Arkham Knight DLC Packs and Skins
    Arkham Knight PC to be Re-released
    Television Trailers for 'Batman V Superman' to Air During 'Gotham' and 'Supergirl' + 1 New theatrical Trailer By End of November!
    'Batman V Superman' Gets an MPAA Rating
    Jesse Eisenberg Turns 32
    Ezra Miller Turns 23
    David Ayer on Jared Leto's Joker
    'The Flash' Gets a Director!
    'Batman Begins', 'The Flash' Season 1, 'Arrow' Season 3, and 'LEGO DC Comics: Batman Beleaguered' Gets Netflix Release Dates
    Zack Snyder in Talks With HBO to Make 'Watchmen' TV Series
    Robbie Amell Wants to Star in 'Batman Beyond'
    'Arrow' Promos
    Hawkman Confirmed for 'Arrow'
    'The Flash' Season 2 Promos
    Vanessa Williams Joins 'The Flash' Cast
    Franz Drameh Confirmed as Firestorm in 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow'
    Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin to Wed
    Marilyn Manson Wants to Be on Gotham
    'Supergirl' Star Mehcad Brooks Says His Version Of DC Comics' Jimmy Olsen Is 'Not A Bumbler'
    Supergirl See Never Before Seen Footage Trailer released.
    Iddo Goldberg is set to play Red Tornado in Winter’s “Supergirl
    David Harewood says big things may be in store for his character Hank Henshaw, saying that Cyborg Superman may be “Down the line”

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    in Current Events

    POLITICAL ANIMALS--POPES & THE Capital Punishment Issue--Julius & ethel Rosenberg Russian Spy Conviction case--execution--Kim Davis--Gay-Lesbian marriage political issue case

    Was Pope Francis used and deceived by Kim Davis's lawyers?

    Father Philip Berrigan---Josephite Order Priest  WW2 Veteran--Anti Viet Nam War  Activist

    Chester Alan Arthur--President from Vermont but believed to have been born in Quebec Canada

    Kevin Vincent Ryan--Corrupt Canadian who lied and commited perjury regarding his entry in the US from his birth place Alberta Canada.

    Oct 1999 --Fleet Week--Then San Francisco Judge Ryan  committed judicial fraud when he illegally tried  18 year old Navy sailor Steven Nary, a male rape victim, who killed his assailant Juan Piffare.  Pifarre, an illegal alien was connected to Prosecutor  Terrance Hallinan and Hallinan was connected to Judge Ryan

    Bradley Manning Military traitor nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

    Associate Justice Louis Brandeis  died 1941

    Earl Warren appointed as Chief Justice US Supreme Court--ruled that military personnel don't give up their civil rights when they enter the US Military--Ryan defied this Federal ruling

    October 5th--FLEET WEEK SAN FRANCISCO--  Sailors and Marines warned about San Francisco homosexual predators and video voyeurs

    Ray Kroc  McDonalds's Founder in  Des Plaines Illinois

    Chief Joseph Surrenders



  • Yoga en Guadeloupe avec Émilie Gauthier et Karina Brown

    in Health

    Un centre dynamique situé en plein coeur de Sherbrooke

    Partager la joie de vivre, la santé et le positivisme avec son entourage
    est la mission que le Studio Enjoyoga s'est fixé. Nous croyons
    que l'enseignement du yoga aide à maintenir un équilibre juste
    entre le corps et l'esprit et permet aux élèves
    d'être en harmonie avec eux-mêmes.

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    4th & Baker with Host Kiler Davenport: Interview with David Ryback

    in Books

    About David Ryback:

    David Ryback, Ph.D. is an adviser to corporate presidents and trains executives and managers on the advantage of using Emotional Intelligence to create better and more successful companies. His programs and books have been seen and read throughout the world. Dr. David Ryback is an active member of the National Speakers Association and has been recognized as a Quebec Scholar. He is also a popular international speaker and trainer on the topics of emotional intelligence, advanced leadership, innovative customer service, resulting in greater productivity, bottom-line reviews and ongoing sustainability.

    About Secrets of a Zen Millionaire:

    The purpose of this book is to offer savvy men and women the possibility of shifting from a consumer-oriented lifestyle of increasing debt to one of elegant simplicity, allowing for the accumulation of sufficient funds to invest in their own homes. This groundbreaking Book will reveal:

    The Zen "secret" to wealth -- earning from 20% to 100% a year on real estate investments
    How to live simply and save money while enjoying life even more by paying less for rent, food, clothes, car, travel, entertainment and insurance costs
    How to become sufficiently knowledgeable about an "adopted" neighborhood to make a wise choice on first investment homes
    Proven techniques for negotiating the lowest price
    Creative options such as coordinating the interests of "working" tenants and passive investors to create a win-win, no-money-down proposition
    How to select the best tenants who can make management become virtually hassle free

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    TVUH and @OpAnonDown on #BairdAllegedly

    in Politics

    On July 16, 2015 in Dawson Creek, BC, James McIntyre was shot dead by RCMP. The fifth shooting since April 1 in the region. We await the investigation report, which may take a year. There was a BC Hydro-Site C dam presentation that afternoon. Protestors were expected. Police responded as they do too frequently.

    This event brought forth Op Anon Down. For all the money being spent by Canada's spy and surveillance agencies to watch our "enemies" and to "protect" us, there seems to be some holes much closer to home for the powers that be.

    Mohammed Fahmy. Peter Munk. Barrick Gold. Nathan Jacobsen. Israel. ISIL. Secret Orders-In-Council of the Privy Council Office. The Prime Minister's Office. Expensive and partisan photo ops. Who is the common factor here? Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, current board member of Barrick Gold and the Friends of Isreal Initiative, John Baird. His surprise resignation from Cabinet, then politics altogether was an unexpected occurance.

    Op Anon Down can fill in some blanks for you, as they have proven to date. Let's discuss how far and deep the corruption goes in Harper's world. Expect Us.