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    The Child Support Hustle Show

    in Dads and Family

    In this episode of The Child Support Hustle Show we're joined by special guest Carnell Alexander a Michigan native about his paternity fraud case. Carnell became a victim of the child support system after an ex-girlfriend named him as the father of her child while applying for public assistance. One of the mandates for women (some men) applying for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) is that they sue for child support. There were several issues with the child support law suit that were not corrected over the span of two decades. We will discuss these issues with Carnell and let him set the record straight in his own words. 

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    A New Way of Being By Avatar Galextra = May 1st, 2016 =

    in Spirituality

    May 1st,  2016 =

    A New Way Of Being  hosted by Avatar Galextra.

        An Avatar's fight to stop injustices to herself and her family who have been abused and attacked by the powers that be in canada, even going as far as harassing and gangstalking her and her small family in her own home.

        The African People are also being Targeted and abused by the powers that be , going as far as using them against each other, as well as using them against the avatar as a tool to persecute her and her family

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    Planet Zorg #70 - May 1st, 2016 pt. 1

    in Entertainment

    Zorg talks religion, science, and politics

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    Rebuilding My Self Esteem

    in Motivation

    Join Dr. Karlene Richardson on Sunday, May 1st at 8 PM when she discusses the three types of self esteem - Personal, Professional, and Spiritual (PPS). Join in this interactive session!

    Learn the three types of self esteem

    Join in this interactive session with Dr. Richardson

    Visit www.drkarlenerichardson.com or www.facebook.com/drkarlenerichardson or https://www.facebook.com/groups/thedrkarlenerichardsonshow/ and get your copy of Rebuilding My Self Esteem, an interactive worksheet. 

    Come prepared to identifying your strenghts, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. 

    Become empowered!

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    Livin' Loud Nation May 1st, 2016

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, we talk music, me painting my nails and toes black and more....

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    Next To Blow Radio: Let's Talk Hip-Hop with DJ MJ

    in Music

    Next To Blow Radio: Let's Talk Hip-Hop

    In the mix with DJ MJ

    1st of the month special

    From 6PM-8PM(Eastern)

    Interview, Hot 16s, Trending Topics and Request Line

    Send your music to DJ MJ- DWMGAS@gmail.com

    Let's Talk Hip-Hop


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    Weekly johnmac Radio Show

    in Pop Culture

    Join me for this week's "johnmac Radio Show" (Sunday evening, May 1st at 7:00PM EDT) as I discuss with writer, futurist, and founding editor of Wired Magazine, Kevin Kelly what may be ahead for us all as ArtificiaI Intelligence, Robotics, Deep Learning, and other technologies take us where we have never gone before by clicking www.blogtalkradio.com/johmac13/2016/05/01/weekly-johnmac-radio-show  on your browser or by calling 646 716-9756 on your phone. My guest the following week, May 8th, will be Inwood personality Chick Donohue who will bring us up to date on both his trip to Ireland to commemorate the "1916 Rising" in both Dublin and Belfast and on his recreation of "The Longest Beer Run Ever" (with those to whom he delivered the beer to and three Medal of Honor winners) as part of Philadelphia's April 26th "Gathering of Heroes" (to support the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation).

    The recordings of all previous 136 shows are available atwww.johnmac13.com under the "Radio Show" tab,

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    Stay The Course: Preach the Gospel and Preach the Cross!!!!

    in Christianity

    Bread of Life with Rev. Ray:  Stay The Course:Preach the Gospel and Preach the Cross!!!!

    When Christians Speak Talk Radio Broadcasts -“"His Abounding Grace Broadcast" with Minister Vanester Williams - Tuesdays @ 7:00 pm; "Declaring The Finished Work with Rev. Pat Randall" - Thursdays @ 12:00 Noon; "Friday Night Joy with Rev. Ray and Friends" - Fridays @ 7:00 pm; "Bread of Life with Rev. Ray" - Sundays @ 7:00 pm, "The Alabaster Box with Prophet Carla R Johnson"-Every 4th Saturdays @ 7:00pm: "Challenged To Change with Pastor Paul Morgan" -Wednesday @ 7pm; "Lifeline with Apostle Shirley Jones- Every 1st Monday @ 7 pm; "Mid-Day Glory Prayer with Rev. Gwendolyn Dixon"-Every Wednesday @ 12noon Dial-in Number:(641) 715-3580 Access Code:732-499 PIN. When Christians Speak Talk Radio welcomes Evangelist Lewis McILwain, hosting the program "ADORATION" every 3rd Monday of the month.

    Sponsored:See the World Travel the World!!  

    TeamPromise: We can help you buy Gold one gram at a time!! Gold Savings Plan

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    Raising The Roof and the Alarm - BudBug Alert that nobody seems to care about!!

    in Social Networking

    Three days ago I was in my favorite store on Main St. ( Unique Thrift Store 188 Main St. Paterson N.J. looking through the pants and Jeans when I saw something crawling after looking closer I saw that it was a BedBug but before I went balistic, I called this guy I saw also looking at clothes over to confirm my suspiscions , he saw what I saw so I took out my phone and took some pictures, I then called over a young lady who was working on that floor and showed her, her first reaction was to take me to the floor manager, we went in the back to the production room on the second floor and she called the manager over, I showed her the pants with the bug still crawling on them and said look, that is a BedBug!!! She at first said she don't know no BedBug and then she snatched the pants out of my hand, tossed them into a bin and told me to leave so I did, I went downstairs and ran into Gus the store manager, I told him what happened, showed him the pictures I took, his response was thank you for bringing it to my attention, I will handle it so I left,. The next day I walked into the front of Unique and to my surprise there were people going up and down the stairs still buying clothes so I left, I let it go to see what would happen next and nothing did. The next morning I called Veronica Ovalles who is running for the 1st Ward seat in May, she took the pictures and went to the Board of Health and was told ( while I was on the phone with her ) that because there was only one bug they could and would do nothing so I posted the pictures on Facebook to warn the public and until something is done I will continue to post and tell people about this because it is a problem, I am not saying don't shop at Unique I am saying becareful and check everything before you walk out of the store....

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    Major League Fantasy Baseball Radio Show, Episode #45

    in Baseball

    Join Corey D Roberts on Sunday May 1st, 2016 from 7-9pm EST for this week's episode of the Major League Fantasy Baseball Radio Show. We are a live call in radio show so we encourage callers at 323-870-4395. Press 1 to speak with the host. Every week we will do a quick recap of Fr-Sat games, and a forecast of Monday through Thursday's games.

    Our guests this week are Kyle Amore and Jesse Ellison. Jesse is a good child hood friend mine, fantasy baseball fan, and is the owner of Ellison Baseball Instruction which he founded in 2011. I encourage everyone to check out his organization. Kyle is a writer with majorleaguefantasysports.com, a former college baseball player, and pro in Italy.

    You can find our shows on I-Tunes. Just search for Major League Fantasy Sports in the podcasts section. For Android users go to “Podcast Republic,” then download that app, and search for “Major League Fantasy Sports Show


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    Meet John Alite, Former Mafia Hit Man, who testified in the Gotti Jr. Trial

    in Radio

    John Alite’s story is truly unique. It is an inside look at the treacherous, double-dealing and corrupt world of the American Mafia in the 21st century. You want honor and loyalty, watch The Godfather. You want reality, talk to John Alite.

    John Alite was a murderer, drug dealer and thug.  After learning his lessons the hard way, he has turned his life around and is now a bestselling author, crime consultant expert, performance coach, and keynote speaker.

    Over the course of a twenty-five-year career as a gangster he brutalized people, stabbing them, shooting them, beating them with clubs, blackjacks and baseball bats. He’s not proud of that, but he doesn’t try to hide from it either. It’s who he was.

    But it’s not who he is.  At least that’s his position today as he tries to put his life back together, a former mob associate and hitman trying to live a normal life, trying to figure out how he got off track and trying to get back on.

    But not everyone is believes in him. Not everyone believes he is the real deal. Some are cautioning us not to be fooled. Exactly what is the truth? Can the worst of us change and become one of the best of us? If so, what can bring on that type of change? Can it last? Will the past slowly creep up, grab his coat tail and drag him back into a lifestyle he wants to leave behind? 

    Well, on today's show, you will meet the man, himself. The man who worked with John Gotti Jr. and who testified in his trial. We will also meet Theresa Racine of XtremeMeasures.com, who is working with Mr. Alite on a program designed to help end Bullying across America. She believes in Mr. Alite and says he is the perfect man for the job.


    Airs May 1st @ 6:00 pm, E.S.T. Click this link or dial (818) 739-8909 to listen by phone, from anywhere. Dial 1 to make comments or ask questions...


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