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    Hunger Strike to Stop Abuse

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    A mother,Cindi Fisher, has been denied access to her son by  hospital officials.  Cindi Fisher has fought for years for her son, who has experienced forced psychiatric drugging and other human rights violations in the State of Washington.  On Monday January 28, 2013 Cindi Fisher had decided to go on a hunger strike in civil protest of her son's treatment, and denial of face-to-face communication with her son. Western State Hospital has caused a forced separation and is preventing her from seeing her son. On Day 13 of her hunger strike, Cindi Fisher reports that she has lost weight from a beginning weight of 175 pounds down to 164 1/2  pounds. Cindi Fisher concluded her hunger strike on 2/6/13 when she reached 158 pounds and began to eat again. She, however, reports that her resolve, to continue to demonstrate for justice for her son, is unwavering.
    In response to her frustration to have officials acknowledge the harm the system was doing to her son, Cindi Fisher started a non-profit organization called Movement Of Mothers Standing-up-together or MOMS. MOMS advocates for trauma informed, psycho-social care with no or low dose psychiatric medications, in a non-coercive setting. She has held protest fasts before on her son's behalf. These MOMS have fasted over 100 days in one year and walked a 100 miles to have their voices and concerns amplified. Cindi Fisher has a website dedicated to her son's case.  http://www.mentalhealthrightsyes.org/

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    Elliot Adams Hunger Strike to Close Guantanamo

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    Hosts Sue Caumont and Jeff Beller welcome Elliot Adams a veteran, former Mayor, and former President of Veterans for Peace who has been on a hunger strike for nearly two months in protest to the US governments operation of Guantanamo Bay were the US says it is holding "enemy combatants". Elliot has taken to internet radio to get his message out since the mainstream media has neglected to cover the strike. Elliot explains why he feels they wont touch it.

    Listen live Fridays at 8:00 PM ET only on Going Beyond Radio.

    This from Mr. Adams:

    Guantanamo is wrong morally and by all religions, by international law and by US law. It violates the Magna Carta, Common Law (the basis of our law), the United Nations Charter, the Nuremberg Principles, the Convention Against Torture, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. It also is an affront to what our founding fathers set out in the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, the dream and image of America as a place of justice, the things I grew up being told the US flag stood for, and even national security. How have we gotten to this low point?

    Visit www.closegitmo.net.

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    Update on California Hunger Strike

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    Update on California Hunger Strike and activities in support of.....

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    We will be discussing the California Prison Hunger Strike and events that show solidarity - its about  Human Rights & Dignity!

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    Idle No More & Chief Theresa Spence Hunger Strike in Canada

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    Discussion on the Idol No More Movement In Canada that is now going Interntional
     As well as Attawapiskat Indien Chief Theresa Spence is on her 7th day of hunger strike. Is Mr Harper and the Governor General willing to allow people to die?

    I will also be reading the support for Chief Spence from others. 

    Look at my notes for links to many sites of this revolution movement. The Question remains is Stephen Harper and the Govenor General willing to have people die.   

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    Political Gravity: Gun Violence | Guantanamo Hunger Strike

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    Tonight on Political Gravity, your host Jane Hoffman has a couple of hot topics to discuss.
    1) A mother of two, Sherry West, who lost both her children to gun violence over the last eighteen years, is in peril.  Her thirteen month old son was shot in a stroller ride by two teens, just because she didn't have money to give them.  That baby has now died.  Jane will discuss the ridiculous gun violence in our country and how it seems to be getting worse. But is it really about guns?  
    2) Jane will be discussing the Guantanamo hunger fast which has been conducted by prisoners for over sixty-two days.
    All this plus NPR news, weather.com 3-day outlook, music, and your phone calls at 1.347.989.1942.

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    Patient Hunger Strike at Coalinga State Hospital

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    Listen to one patient describe how poor conditions & poor treatment at Coalinga State Hospital led to his desperate act - a hunger strike. Also, we'll have an update on the condition of patient Joseph Gentile following the serious incident on December 9th where staff/officers injured him seriously. The incident causing him an alleged skull fracture that left him bloody and unconscious on the floor. Gentile was sent to a local hospital where CSH News was told he was unconscious/comatose for more than a week, lifeless in a bed on the Intensive Care wing. We're told he will be returning to CSH soon.

    Then, learn more about involuntary civil commitment on tonight's show with a pipular feature: CSH 101.

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    A Hunger Strike For Bees: Italian Couple Protests

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    An Italian couple has gone on a hunger strike to protest the use of all neonicotinoids as they have watched their own bees perish. They are hoping for the Italian government as well as all governments will ban the use of these devastating pesticides.
    "... In 2004 we were no longer able to survive the winter as our bee colonies died; we were at the point of being forced to buy about sixty new colonies, in order to face the coming bee-season of 2005, just to replenish the hives. But in each successive year we found ourselves in an even worse situation: in the period from July to August the collapse of our bee colonies was catastrophic, as high as 80%.  We attended many meetings to try and find some new strategy, some ancient strain of bees more resistant to varroa, but nothing worked. "
    In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer will speak to beekeeping activist, Renato Bologna about his protest. Stay tuned!

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    Hunger Strike Puts Focus on Palestinians in Israeli Prisons

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    In recent months, Palestinians imprisoned by Israel have begun a series of hunger strikes to protest the conditions under which they are being held, including Israel's use of administrative detention to detain people without charge for months or even years. 
    Two of the hunger strikers, Bilal Diab and Thaer Halahleh, are now on the brink of death, having gone without food for 74 days. Earlier this week, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the United Nations joined the chorus of human rights organizations and prisoners' rights groups calling on Israel to either charge the detainees or release them.
    Please join us as we discuss these and other related issues with Sahar Francis, director of Addameer, the Palestinian Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association, and Ruchama Marton, founder of Physicians for Human Rights-Israel. 

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    Fighting the Hunger Game on Apocalypse Nana

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    Fighting the Hunger Game!
    with Apocalypse Nana 
    on American Preppers Radio!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to:

    As you take your first sip of that morning cup of coffee–Boom! In that instant your world changed. Within a few hours chaos took over the treats of your city. You soon learn that a disaster has risen. Are you prepared?

    We are not just talking about that extra pack of batteries, matches, flash lights and that two extra gallons of water you purchased just in case you forgot about one bill this month. Are you prepared for the world to just stop? Prepared for when things run out and … just gone? One of the most important things we need to survive is food. Have you been preparing for this moment?

    Read More HERE!

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    Do you heel strike as a runner? Would it help to change your running form?

    in Sports

    Many runners are afraid to change the way they run even though they are plagued with running injuries. Richard Diaz and guest Peter Faletto, PT, gait correction expert, explain how a runner would change the way they run to reduce injury and improve performance.

    Both Richard and Peter are highly experienced in the practice of neuromuscular re-education through a very unique system of unweighting and passively correcting poor gait mechanics while in motion. Any runner who is engaged in marathon training, half marathon training or even high intensity sprint speed athletics should tune into this episode.

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