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    ZM Global Ep 163: The impact of 'human nature' on educational & social approach

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    This episode of TZM global radio is hosted by TZM Education coordinator and UK lecture team member James Phillips and goes through some of the upcoming movement news along with reading the next essay from the section 'minds in the making' from the TZM Education website. This essay is entitled 'The impact of 'human nature' on educational and social approach'.

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    Human Nature- Blended Families

    in Lifestyle

    Blended Families are a large part of today's relationships. there are many challenges that comes along with being in a relationship with those who have children.  Join us in conversation as we discuss the challenges of dating someone with kids. What are your experiences, good or bad? 

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    Human Nature/ Why Women Can't Find A Man

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    This show on 9/16/12 will focus on “why women can’t find a man?” This is a viewers choice topic, which we luv hosting spicy topics like this affecting the people. Our goal is to educate women and men through a male and female point of views. Our goal is to give alternative perspectives to those who somehow only see in black and white.
    Why women can’t find a man? Is it their attitudes, or maybe the fact that some say their emotionally unstable, confused? Could it be that these trifling men out here are the reason women are single?
    Another thought, is it because the men no longer have the capabilities to lead a household let alone family successfully? Or have women taken on the role as dominant, assertive and the bread-winner of the household? Someone has to wear the pants, if men aren’t strong enough to claim his place..
    These are just some of the various opinions on why women can’t find a man. Join us in conversation as we discuss “why women can’t find a man.” listen in, chime in, speak your mind or forever hold your peace.
    I’m on the side with women, I believe there are a number of variables that play a role in this situation. My co-host Sean is more in favor of the men and claims women have unrealistic expectations!!! Holy sh$@
    As a bonus I would luv to have during this show, a speed date between two viewers.
    Remember it’s only Human Nature

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    Human Nature-Great Fathers

    in Dads and Family

    To often deadbeat dads have taken the spotlight away from fathers who are in their children lives. It's time to put the stereotypes to rest. We will prove there's a vast amount of great fathers out here. We want to give brothers who are handling their business as a father and leader some accolades. 

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    Human Nature-Drug Test For Welfare?

    in Lifestyle

    Should people wanting welfare undergo drug test?Another more deeper question one can posed is, where does it stop? What about testing these individuals for diseases? What are your thoughts and where do you see this country welfare policies heading towards?

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    Dealing With the Human Nature

    in Business

    The decisions we make, when we know better, the habits we follow, the routines we get ourselves into. Sometimes we just don’t make sense. And almost always the people you have to deal with in business are worse, right?

    It’s often been said that business would be easy if you didn’t have to deal with people. How true. But, realistically speaking, you can’t expect to achieve your goals without interacting with, and receiving the help and cooperation of, other people.

    If you start a business, you need to deal with employees, suppliers, customers, regulatory agencies, and many other kinds of people. If you work for someone, you have no choice but to interact with your boss, co-workers, support staff, and anyone and everyone else directly or indirectly related to your job.

    This is true in every area of life. Whether you play sports (even so-called individual sports), get married and raise a family, or travel the world, people are an integral part of almost everything you do.

    from time to time we tend to get so high on someone that we set ourselves up for disappointment. Such a disappointment often stems from relying too much on the other person; the more we depend on someone, the more likely we are to bring his imperfection to the surface. For this reason alone, striving to be a self-reliant individual can go a long way toward helping you avoid bringing out the worst in people.

    Keep reminding yourself that you do not have a right to someone’s love, friendship, or respect. All these, and more, must be earned. If you choose to act contrary to this basic principle of human nature, the result is likely to be frustration and disappointment. Never forget that the key to getting what you want in life is to focus on actions that create value for others.

    People who should listen to this show are entrepreneurs

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    Human Nature-Millionaire Pastors

    in Lifestyle

    There is an on-going investigation that reports churches taking in $420 billion in tithes. We are asking "Where is the money going? should Pastors live a lavish lifestyle?"
    Join us in conversation- everyone's opinion is encouraged and respected.

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    Human Nature-Men in Relationships

    in Lifestyle

    Men in relationships! what should men roll be in a relationship. What are some tips to prepare men for marriage and longevity. Join us in conversation as we discuss men in relationships..

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    During this Episode we are going to discuss current events happening around the world. Contemporay issues that effecting the people. Viewers choice topic question of the day. "The word on the street" entertainment news and a touch of the latest sports news from the Olympics. 

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    Human Nature/Pants on the ground

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    I'm shocked to see kids and worse grown folk who wear their pants completely below their butt. Men as well as women are looking more trifling than ever in the history of Black Americans. Where does this ignorance stim from?

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    Human Nature/Blacks and Spending

    in Lifestyle

    Did you know that blacks spends over $500 Billion annually?
    why do blacks spend so much but only considered 13% of the US population. why is it that blacks are underrepresented in advertisement? Your favorite place to shop and spend your hard earned money with, maybe reluctant to advertise black faces.

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