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    Human Design Astrology- WHAT????

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    ANNETTE has a NEW on air BUDDY!!!!!!!
    JANET HICKOX from Living Astrology is here NOW!!!!
    This is the first of many shows to come each month
    Ring in for a reading.......YES....Seize this opportunity NOW!
    There is also the chatroom

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    What's Love Got To Do With It? Perspective and Human Design.

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    Special Guest: Marta, Human Design Consultant and Astrologer. Learn about the energetic blueprint we are born into at the time of entering this world at birth. Understand energetic influences that are the fibre of this makeup in your humanity. 

    Life is filled with choices that form the sum total of our lives. But are our fears driving those choices, rather than a deep sense of love for ourselves and life itself? And what is the impact? How do we shift this perspective? And what are the specific things we can do to live the life we love and live it well?

    Quantum Energy Therapist, Naturopathic Practitioner and Ordained Minister, Rebecca Johns, presents compelling conversation, information and special guests that cause us to challenge, but also empower, our thinking about daily choices and the status quo of the collective consciousness. Sex, Relationships, Law, Spirituality, Healthcare, Parenting, Marriage, Career, Money, Community.

    Covering topics and issues that are part of the human experience with humor, love, compassion, and professional counsel, Rebecca and her extraordinary guests will examine and share ways to make choices through life that come from love, so that the best possible options can manifest, improving life on earth for all of its inhabitants.

    Interested in calling in? Please do! Or email us your questions so we can answer them each week. Care@TLCFlint.com

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    Rebecca Johns is an Ordained Minister and Naturopathic Pracititioner specializing in Quantum Energy Therapy and the effects of mental, emotional and spiritual factors on the physical body. She is wife to a Priest and Shaman, Brian, for 9 years and mom/stepmom to 6 kids ages 3 - 21 years old.

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    What is Your Human Design Given to You at Birth?

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    What is 'Human Design' and how can it help me?  It can give you more information so you can find your right work, understand yourself and improve your relationships.  If you are stuck and don't know what is really wrong with your life these days, have a reading on your Human Design report.

    My guest is Karen Curry, author of Understanding Human Design; The New Science of Astrology:  Discover Who You Really Are.  Once Karen has your birth information, a chart is generated according to the principles of astrology and she can guide you to things that may be easy for you in life and those that are roadblocks to ultimate happiness.  While we all have free will, sometimes we take a road that perhaps we need to barricade and choose a dirt road on the side.   Karen can help you see things from your past that influenced who you are and how you can flourish in the future.

    For more information visit:  www.humandesignforeveryone.com

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    Replay - Living Astrology: Human Design with Karen Curry

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    Enjoy the replay of last week's episode with Human Design expert and author of the best selling book, "Understanding Human Design," Karen Curry Parker.  


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    Living Astrology: Human Design with Guest Karen Curry

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    Today on Living Astrology:  Human Design the Science of Discovering Who You Really Are with guest author, Karen Curry

    Human Design will help you discover your life purpose, learn how to use your energy correctly and always feel vibrant and alive, master your emotional energy, find your unique work and money blueprint, figure out why you feel "stuck" and how to release blocks by living a strategy that is correct for you!

    Discover your life purpose
    Learn how to use your energy correctly and always feel vibrant and alive
    Master your emotional energy 
    Find your unique work and money blueprint
    Figure out why you feel "stuck"

    Karen Curry is a Human Design Specialist and the author of the book “Understanding Human Design: The Science of Discovering Who You Really Are” (Hampton Roads). Karen teaches people to use Human Design as a practical tool to make easy, but radical, life changes.

    Known for her humorous and easy teaching style, Karen Curry, is passionate about helping people discover their unique magnificence and life purpose using Human Design, a personality assessment system based on the Chinese I’Ching, the Hindu Chakra system, the Judaic Kabbalah, Eastern and Western Astrology and quantum physics.  Karen travels and teaches people all over the world how to unlock their true potential and remember the abundance of Who They Really Are.

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    Living Astrology - Exploring Human Design: Astrology for a New Paradigm

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     Exploring Human Design:  Astrology for a New Paradigm

    Human Design is a fascinating science and spiritual guide that helps you explore and discover your Life Purpose through the use of an individually created "Life Map."  Often called the "new astrology," Human Design is the intersection of science and spirituality.  It is a decision-making tool, a guide to our specific future potential, regardless of past life decisions.

    Based on 6 methods of divination - Western Astrology, Eastern Astrology, the I-Ching, Jewish Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra system and Quantum Physics, Human Design can take us to the depths of the Truth of who we are.  Living Astrology's Janet Hickox will be doing mini-Human Design readings.  If you would like one, please send your birth time, birth place and birth date to janethickox@hotmail.com before 3:00 pm on July 3, 2014.

    To tune into the show and get your reading, please call 1-347-205-9869. 



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    Let's talk about... Human Design with Molly Rider

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    Molly Rider is a Human Design coach who specializes in helping female entrepreneurs like you, stop feeling guilty, start asking for what you REALLY want AND getting it, increasing confidence, and successfully helping you give your vision legs to thrive on.

    For more information on Molly Rider and how she can help you go to: http://MollyRider.com

    Join us every Friday for conversations about how you can be happier & more successful in your life! Visit our website http://40daylovefest.com

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    JA - Human Design

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    Recently I discovered Bethi Black and Human Design - which combines the best of astrology, iChing, tarot, and much more to provide greater understanding into the template of the soul as well as these physical bodies we inhabit.
    Join us to learn more as Bethi discusses how Human Design works and we use my actual report as an example. Now you will see how different Jean Adrienne REALLY is!

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    Self-Love and Acceptance with Human Design Coach Molly Rider

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    Molly Rider is a Human Design Coach, spreading the message of self-love and acceptance. She has had articles published on the topic of self-love and acceptance on MindBodyGreen.com, YourBellalife.com and EliteDaily.com.  After exploring Human Design, Molly committed herself to empowering women to love all of themselves, and to confidently reconnect with their souls.  Through the use of Human Design, Molly helps women peel back the layers of social conditioning to ask for what they truly desire from their core. Visit Molly’s website at http://mollyrider.com

    For a free Audio and PDF Guide on “4 Real Strategies - How to Stop Beating Yourself Up and Start Thriving!," visit http://mollyrider.com/humandesignfreeaudio

    Get the OFF TO WORK CD by Sister Jenna

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    Human Design System-Blueprint for your Soul with Sandra Lee

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    Before you listen in live or to the archived show today - get your free Human Design chart so you can get a deeper understanding of Human Design for yourself.  Sandra will not be doing live readings, this is to help you follow along :)  Here is the link and it only takes 30 seconds   https://humandesignamerica.com/chart


    'Human Design is like a blueprint of your unconscious and conscious personality. It is a tool for aligning yourself in divine harmony with who you are. It helps bring clarity to habits and characteristics that you might already be aware of on some level but may not have fully grasped the “why” of it.'

    Listen in as Sandra and I discuss the concept of the Human Design system and why learning about your own human design can be an instrumental guideline for your life.

    Sandra's mission:  My mission with Miracle Inspirations is to inspire people to experience and appreciate the miracles of their lives every day. And to encourage them to spread the gift of that experience to others. Since 1993, through my bodywork and coaching practice, I have been privileged to assist over a thousand people in their efforts to feel better. Working with me empowers people to incorporate lifestyle practices that assist them in healing themselves. My work with people is alive and extraordinarily satisfying. Each day, I discover newly how miraculous we humans are, both as individuals expressing ourselves, and within our amazing bodies. Enjoy.

    To learn more about Sandra - visit http://miracleinspirations.com/

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