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    The Tufts Get Going! "Meeting the Hugging Saint"

    in Spirituality

    9 am Wednesdays, "The Tufts Get Going!" host Rosanna Tufts

    If you were in the presence of someone who's thoroughly gentle, yet completely fearless ... would some of it rub off on you? That's one of the gifts that Amma, the Hugging Saint, is bringing back to the DC area July 1st and 2nd! Relive the day that I met her, and a Jyotish master, on the same day! (Recorded in Chicago, July 2012.) Find out more about Amma's tour stop at AmmaDC.org. 

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    The Hug Expert with a Phd in Hugging

    in Books

    Lauraine Snelling; Author, Speaker and Hug Expert

    She bagan dreaming of writing stories about horses, and she is now writing so much more. 

    Lauraine Snelling is the award-winning author of more than eighty books, with sales of over 2 million copies.

    She also writes for a wide range of magazines, and helps others reach their writing dreams by teaching at writers’ conferences across the country.

    Enjoy her journey, her books, and her philosophy of life. If you love to read or write or both, you can't afford to miss this great discussion


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    Story of the African American. The Past Present and the Future of a people.

    in Politics Progressive

    Tonight is the return of the Voice of the Kala Nation Sunday Night Sermon.Story of the African American will examine the Birth of a people and the evolution of a Black Nation.I will be discussing the events of recent importance as it relates to our struggle.Ferguson,Marches,Police brutality,and the economy.We will also be discussing the world wide threat we face in the face of Boka Haram and our own home ground Boka Harams the thug culture which is tearing the last fiber of our existence.

    Why are some people making a career out of Civil Rights?Is racism a big fat payday to some people?Why do the mainstream media control the narrative of Dr King's message?When he said"We as a people will get to the promised land"Was he talking about some rainbow nation of whites and blacks hugging and kissing?The international community is weeping over the massacre at Charlie Hebdo,but is silent on Boka Haram's massacre of 2000 people in one day.

    Tonight our history our present community and now nationood as an end game.Tonight real Black men will stand up and say"I am a man and I deserve a man's chance in this world.What is"Manifest Destiny"What is a Black man's"Manifest Destiny"?Is it this silly idea of a nation within a nation?Or is it a nation of our own in Africa?Tonight a Fire and Brimstone sermon from the Kalagenesis.Be here or be nowhere

    And of course some good ole Coon bashing.

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    Stop Hugging Your Misery! The Spiwe Show

    in Lifestyle

    Too many of us have chronic problems; I am overweight, I can’t sleep, I hate my job, my kids are horrible, and on and on and on.
    So why is it that even in the face of clear solutions, we continue to hold on to our misery as if it somehow defines us and is our very lifeline?
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    Mary "Unique" Spears of Detroit, MI was killed a month ago, and it's still baffling as to why this beautiful girl isn't here living her life; kissing, holding and hugging her children.

    Known to friends and family as “Unique,” the 27 year-old mother had recently left the funeral of another family member and decided to celebrate his life at a cabaret located on Detroit's east side.

    It was there that a 38-year-old man approached her asking for her name and number. Mary politely responded that she was already involved.

    Around 2 a.m., Mary proceeded to leave the event, the suspect grabbed her and hit her prompting her fiancé, who was also at the event, to confront him at which point the suspect pulled out a gun and began shooting.

    In the event, "Unique" was shot and killed. She leaves behind 3 beautiful boys and a host of people around the world who are affected by her senseless death.

    We are Mary Spears. We have EVERY right to say "yes or no" to ANYONE who has an interest in us.

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    19th Anniversary of the Million Man March * Testimonies from our BROTHERS* !!!!

    in Culture

    Inspired and led by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, more than a million Black men gathered in Washington, D.C. to declare their right to justice to atone for their failure as men and to accept responsibility as the family head.

    On that day, Monday, October 16, 1995 there was a sea of Black men, many who stood for 10 hours or more sharing, learning, listening, fasting, hugging, crying, laughing, and praying. The day produced a spirit of brotherhood, love, and unity like never before experienced among Black men in America. All creeds and classes were present: Christians, Muslims, Hebrews, Agnostics, nationalists, pan-Africanists, civil rights organizations, fraternal organizations, rich, poor, celebrities and people from nearly every organization, profession and walk of life were present. It was a day of atonement, reconciliation and responsibility.   CALL IN # 347.857.4514  also www.blogtalkradio.com/hereafterisnow

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    Tree Hugging, Doctors, & Unborn Babies w/ Valdus Leon

    in Education

    In this episode, I discuss man's natural connection with Nature and the erroneous idea people have been fed that this all-important and Aryan attitude is somehow tied up with a masochistic love for niggers.  I also discuss the problem of the medical establishment, and I explore the pro-life idea and Scott Roeder's heroism.



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    Ban on Hugging (Mar. 25, 2012 - Part 2)

    in Family

    Part 2 of 3: Originally Aired March 25, 2012
    Dianne Linderman discusses the article titled “Students At N.J. Middle School Say Principal Announced Ban On Hugging.” On this segment – what is truly an “inappropriate” school behavior vs. a natural way of showing affection such as hugging.
    Dianne also talks about “Human waste on the rise in city streets, alleys” - an issue that is taking place in Seattle WA.
    Find out more about Dianne Linderman on her website: http://www.everythingthatmattersradio.com/

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    The Environment and You...and Me.

    in Current Events

    From hippies hugging trees to global warming deniers grasping at straws, tonight's show will mainly be dealing with issues surrounding the environment. We will discuss the validity of several environmental concerns and answer questions like: What should be our relationship to it? Should the government have a say in how it is handled, or is it all of ours equally to do with what we please? Do we have an obligation to the generations to come to preserve it, or should they just figure out a way to get to Mars?! 

    All of this and more on tonight's show! Please join us and hear what Matt, Alex, and Darius have to say on this controversial topic. 

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    Romance Sensation, Rachel Harris, chats with "The Librarian"

    in Books

    Romance Sensation, Rachel Harris, chats with The Librarian. 

    Award-winning and Bestselling author Rachel Harris writes humorous love stories about sassy girls-next-door and the hot guys that make them swoon. Emotion, vibrant settings, and strong relationships are a staple in each of her books…and kissing. Lots of kissing.

    An admitted Diet Mountain Dew addict and homeschool mom, she gets through each day by laughing at herself, hugging her kids, and watching way too much Food Network with her husband. She writes young adult, new adult, and adult romances, and LOVES talking with readers!

    Find out more about Rachel at her website http://rachelharriswrites.com.

    Join "The Librarian" and Rachel for a chat about reading and writing, and call in with your questions and comments at (347) 633-9609.

    Host of "The Librarian", Tabatha Pope, can be found on Facebook, at All For Love of the Word and Book Boost PR.

    This is a copyrighted and trademarked podcast owned solely by the Authors On the Air Global Network LLC. on the web at authorsontheair.com.

    Thank you to our corporate sponsors: Author Marketing Hub.com and PML Media.com


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    The Two Spirits Connection with The Sacred Tree of Life (Eileen H. Jodie F.)

    in Current Events

    Our first hour is with Eileen Head 

    a Personality Matchmaker - Matching you to personality styles in Life, Love and Career. She is consultant, coach, speaker, workshop facilitator and author. Through her services and workshops, she supports people to "figure themselves out " . Then empowers them through powerful tools such as the Enneagram Personalities, to find their Relationship Answers. 

    Although based in Calgary, AB., Canada, Eileen is available for workshops and online to share her powerful message. She is also be available for keynote speaking and workshops internationally. After successfully overcoming her own relationship struggles, she now gratefully enjoys a life rich with loving - family, grandchildren and friendship experiences.

    Our next guest is Jodie Foster, not the actress, the activist. Jodie  have been hugging trees since 1988 in northern British Columbia and saw the devastating affects of clear cut forestry. The land was barren an unable to sustain life 20 years after being harvested. Returning from my trip Jodie started a paper recycling program in the office that she worked in. Jodie’s concerns expanded to the humane treatment of animals, including animals used in lab experimentation ,factory farming. In 2011 Jodie, and her husband decided it was time to leave the grid, that was causing so much destruction to our environment to show people that we can live comfortably without the monthly bills of gas, electricity and water. We sold our home and began to build our earth ship in May of 2012.Starting  

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