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    Die4 Radio With Special Guest Psycho Les, Hue Hef & Prodigal Sunn

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    Die4 Productions & The Hype Magazine Present Die4 Radio. Join Diar Lansky, Madd Phour & The Die4 Crew as they interview the Best that has ever have done it past and present. Die4 Radio always playing the Best Hip Hop from East To West. For great conversation and a glimpse of True School Hip Hop at it's best, Tune In. Call in at 646-200-4945 Press 1 to speak with host. Tonights Special Guests are Hue Hef, Psycho Les of Beatnuts & Prodigal Sunn of Sunz Of Man!!!!

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    Rebelution Radio

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    Join us tonight as we open up a debate on the Sabu sighting at a VICE party. The picture making the rounds is of Dan Stuckey and Hector at the party. Stuckey has been known to have YAN ties and there has been quite the backlash. We will open up the discussion and see where it takes us. @DanStuckey has been given an invite but his attendance is uncertain.

    We will recap the Toys For Tots auction from last week and look forward to our final push to the goal.

    We will discuss Eric Garner and the widespread protests that are captivating SJW all of my fucking timeline... hue


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    Thunder and lightning out of community . #51

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    We have a open mike for all humans of hue . We are here to  solve problems .

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    The Play in The UK, ‘Olaudah The Middle Passage Survivor, Author & Abolitionist

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    Please Join The Gist of Freedom as we welcome Adam Tulloch from Great Britian's Production of the play ‘Olaudah Equiano, The Enslaved African’


    Olaudah Equiano Survived The Middle Passage, purchased his freedom, became a black abolitionist  and  authored the first known  Enslaved African Narrative . He was a famous proponent of British abolitionism and worked with William Wilberforce.  His story is featured in the movie Amazing Grace.

      Following its success at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, ‘Olaudah Equiano, The Enslaved African’ will be transferring to Sutton House from the 26th-29th November.

    Kidnapped with his sister at the age of eleven, Equiano is beaten, suffocated and tortured on their journey to the coast, which sees him separated from his sister and sold to British traders.
    Set in the heart of West Africa during the height of the British slave trade, ‘Olaudah Equiano, The Enslaved African’ is an honest, uncompromising and moving portrayal of Olaudah Equiano’s early life.

    Please note this is a site-specific production with no wheelchair access. The production also contains scenes of a violent nature and is therefore only suitable for those over the age of 16.

    Creative Team
    Writer/Director – Adam Tulloch
    Assistant Director – Sian Edwards
    Choreography – Sharon Henry
    Music – Jamal Hue-Bonner

    Jonathan Luwagga
    Marie-Helene Boyd
    Alessandro Babalola

    Tickets available via Eventbrite
    Full Price £10
    Concessions £8
    Limited number of £5 Early Bird tickets


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    Join KTL RADIO for another #EPIC broadcast and riveting installment of #HollywoodDecoded starring #KTheArchDegree. 

    Close your eyes except for one and envision a world, a world of beautiful people of melanin hue building together growing with one another, backs strong with chins up reaching and grasping the stars. A promising future secured by the powerful connection with the ancestors and the inherent knowledge and wisdom on how to channel that force to fuel the society as a whole. Commerce, technology, education, defense, health, agriculture and community at a level only our forefathers have dreamt in the underworld. 

    Now in our current state imagine a vehicle in the form of a silver screen, as the moon is the energy of dreams or a portal of sorts offering an opportunity to transcend time and space to a dimension that is one with your vision. Many years ago a path was paved in the form of hidden meanings and symbols underlying film. The projector projects coherent light and sound. Through the process of this voyage a powerful connection with our ancestors were made for they were encoded in plagiarized scripture of our mythos.

    It has come to past the moment where fact and fiction has reached singularity in the form of the black hole in interstellar and the manifestation of Apedemak in the form of the Black Panther. By way of DC and the MCU ( Marvel Comic Universe) one thing is now for certain: no matter what path you chose if you're true all roads lead to Wakanda!

    Please join me KT the Arch Degree and Know The Ledge Radio as we announce the Hollywood Decoded Tour "All Roads Lead To Wakanda"! We will go over the synchronistic serendiptious tale of Hollywood Decoded thus far and what is in store for the future and beyond! 

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    R.E.A.L. Radio--Fame and Hue Matters

    in Current Events

    Weekly, we will bring you information about life, love, politics, etc. We will keep you engaged through our thought provoking studio panel conversations and our expert guests.

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    #133 Fireside Chat: Orange Backpack, Yellow Flicker Beat

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    The Hunger Games franchise has been synonymous with many colors. President Snow’s white roses. District 12’s black coal mines. Katniss’s orange backpack, which we have popularized on this show in the past. Now, we add Lorde’s “Yellow Flicker Beat” to the spectrum and discuss the quality of its hue. We are chomping at the bit to know what YOU think about Lorde's song, so please leave a comment on our website!

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    "Lost between the Moon and New You City" w/Danielle Mercurio

    in Spirituality

    On October 8th, a lunar eclipse will bring forth the "blood full moon". This is due to the reddish hue reflected on the moon from the sun. Besides being an amazing sight to witness, what does it all mean? The moon can harbor incredible effects on our emotions & psyche, and through this awareness we can maximize these lunar vibes to good use. 

    During the show, you’ll understand the spiritual meanings behind the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse and how to best prepare. Danielle and guest moon-pert Anne Hayman will discuss how to use meditation, journaling, manifestation and other tools to channel your focus in a way to create change & get more of what you want in your life.  You’d be looney to miss out!

    Anne Hayman is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Aromatherapist + Esthetician. She's been on a natural path of healing herself for 20+ years. Growing up with an autoimmune disorder + anxiety {without knowing what it was} forced her to search out holistic therapies + become interested in {AKA: obsessed with} helping others with similar issues once she found things that really worked. Find out more at http://www.annehayman.com/

    Founder of New You City Coaching, Danielle Mercurio is busy working her urban gypsy persona & spreading her light in NYC. She believes that the answers already exist in the stars, and as such has a way of bringing them closer to reveal your fate. A city lifestyle expert and coach, Danielle which utilizes her cosmic tools that include astrology, tarot readings, planetary influences and intuitive guidance to bring forth clarity and awareness into your life.  Learn more at www.newyoucitycoaching.com

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    Eclipses October 2014 - How will they effect you?

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    Eclipse season is upon us!  Tomorrow, Oct 8th 2014 we have a Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees Aries.  This will produce a 'Blood Moon' or red colored Moon as the shadow of the earth makes a reddish hue on the Moon.  (How appropriate for an Aries lunar eclipse.) 

    "The edge of the Earth's shadow will begin to pass over October's full moon, traditionally called the Hunter's Moon, at 1:15 a.m. PT or 4:15 a.m. ET. It will cover the moon for a total lunar eclipse starting 3:15 a.m. PT or 6:15 a.m. ET and lasting 59 minutes."

    Two weeks later, on Oct 23rd there will be a second eclipse - a Solar eclipse at zero degrees of Scorpio.  Solar eclipses are considered more powerful and in the intense, trransformative sign of Scorpio, we may expect some extreme changes around this time and in the following two years that this point is active.

    Find out how this will effect you!


    Correction on show: Pluto went station retrograde last April 14, 2014 at 13 degrees of Capricorn which squares the Lunar Eclipse degree of 15 Aries. 

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    R3belution Radio Live

    in Comedy

    Join us tonight for another great show! We will be talking about anything and everything.

    There is a rumor that @Vinceinthebay may be joining us.....

    What is GameGate and why am I a terrorist?



    much more :)

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    It's All About Color with Jill Kirsh

    in Fashion


    Color is everything. From hair, makeup to the clothes you wear. Wearing the right colors can change your life.

    Host Michele Garber talks with Jill Kirsh, Hollywood's Guru of Hue.

    Named Best Color Consultant in the Best of LA issue of Los Angeles magazine, Jill developed her keen eye for color growing up in New York, where both her parents were involved in the fashion industry.  Her unique color system has been featured in InStyle magazine, Backstage, RedBook, First for Women and on many TV networks including HGTV, Hallmark and Soapnet, plus myriad websites like AOL, BeautyRiot, Shopafrolic and more. She is currently featured doing color commentary in the IPad App for the hit movie “Divergent.”


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