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    Stuck On Huck Radio - Run Huck Run!

    in Politics Conservative

    As faithful Huckabee supporters still cling to a hope that Governor Huckabee may change his mind and enter the 2012 presidential race, many followers have passionately restarted a "Draft Huckabee" campaign acoss the country.  Call in to share why you are still Stuck on Huck and join in with hosts brothers Dan and Dave Davidson 

  • 00:45

    Frankly Speaking: Water Management with Mike Huck

    in Science

    With Earth Day 2015 behind us, we are Speaking Frankly with Mike Huck of Irrigation and Turfgrass Services of California about the latest on efficient water management, the situaion CA golf courses are facing, and how water use will change in the next five years! Expect some interesting conversation between Frank and this former USGA Agronomist and WI native Mike Huck.  Presented by DryJect, Maximus by DryJect, and True-Surface by Turfline.

  • 01:12

    Bert Martinez joined by Dr Wayne Pernell, Tawana Williams, Juliet Huck and Joan Brock

    in Business

    Tawana Williams Les Brown Platinum Speaker, Author, TV Personality, Artist, Vocalist, Businesswoman, Vocalist, Mentor Humanitarian & CEO. Motivational Speaker/Author 

    Joan Brock share her inspiring story of the sudden loss of her sight then the loss of her husband to cancer. She share the importance of making positive and productive choices in this world of change and challenge. She has been touring the world as an inspirational speaker sharing her story of putting life in its proper perspective. She has authored two books and in 2003 Lifetime Television produced a film based on her autobiography

    Juliet Huck has been retained by some of the nation’s most prestigious corporations and law firms, moving billion dollar projects forward and securing billions of dollars in decisions. She is the author of The Equation of Persuasion and has the innate ability to teach and educate her clients on how human connection, the spoken word and complicated facts can be integrated together into a compelling and persuasive story. The creator of Visually Persuasive Storytelling™ and Persuasive Information Design™, she is renowned for developing themes, storylines and visual concepts

    Dr Wayne Pernell best-selling author, speaker, and high performance leadership coach helping leaders at all levels set new points of victory and attain new levels of success and happiness. You'll want to hear how he can help you as a Dynamic Leader

  • 01:27

    Stuck On Huck #7 - Huckabee's Decision - Special Edition

    in Politics Conservative

    Mike Huckabee is announcing his decision to run for president in 2012 just before this radio show segment during his Fox News Show which begins at 7 CST.  Join in to discuss his decision on Radio Stuck on Huck's Special Edition show "Huckabee's Decision" beginning right after his announcement at 8 p.m. CST.

  • 01:26

    Stuck On Huck - What Is Next For Huckabee Supporters?

    in Politics Conservative

    Hosts Dan & Dave Davidson will be taking live calls. This Thursday's Radio Stuck On Huck Show - :What is next for Huckabee Supporters?" -  Use Hashtag #stuckonhuck at Twitter.

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    Jon Huck

    in Entertainment

    Comedian/Actor Jon Huck joins us to talk about his album, his acting, and what he has coming up next!

  • 01:01

    Stuck On Huck: First Show -Grassroots Support For Huckabee

    in Politics Conservative

    As we hear about presidential hopefuls for 2012, many are waiting and watching to see if Mike Huckabee joins the race again. There are many faithful supporters who are ready to support Huck again.  Hosts Dan & Dave Davidson moderated live call-in callers from Iowa, Florida, Michigan, Indiana, Kansas, Georgia and Ohio who are still Stuck on Huck!
    Learn practical ways you can become a Vote Raiser for a potential Huckabee 2012 campaign. 
    Became a Facebook Fan at http://StuckOnHuck.com

  • 01:04

    69 - Urban Vinyl and More with Jian Shen

    in Pop Culture

    Call it what you like, custom vinyl, artsy dolls, it's all good to us. Munny's, Dunny's ... there's a whole world out there and it's ready for your own look and feel to be applied! Or, just collect this cool stuff like Jian does! They're like ... toys meets graphiti ... kinda ... art you can play with?
    We'll also talk about Transformers and Macross, because, that's what Jian likes ... and he's our guest and we like that stuff too! So, it all works out! 

    And, if you have NO idea what the heck Urban Vinyl is, you've come to the right place! Learn some history about Kid Robot and who/what/how it got started! We also cover the latest Start Wars teaser trailer and Optimus Prime's origin story! 
    We're happy to have you, so pull up a chair and join us! 

    Please visit Jian's website! 
    bearo.com and learn more about his game project with Huck Gee, Battle Tails!!

  • 01:01

    Stuck On Huck #3 Vote Raiser Workshop & Rally Annoucement

    in Politics Conservative

    Show #3 - April 21st on the eve of Good Friday's show featured Amy from Alaska, Lori from Iowa and Randy the Truck Driver from Michigan. 
    We also had a mini workshop on how to be a V.O.T.E. R.A.I.S.E.R. to enourage and motivate others to stay "Stuck On Huck". 
    Hosts Dan & Dave Davidson announced the Stuck On Huck Pledge Vote Rally will be June 4th 2011 in Des Moines Iowa.  
    Became a Facebook Fan at http://StuckOnHuck.com

  • 01:57

    Stuck On Huck #8 - Healing Huckabee Hearts - What Now?

    in Politics Conservative

    Radio Stuck on Huck airs Thursday May 19 at 9 p.m. CST with response and insight after Mike Huckabee's decision not to run for president in 2012.  Titled, "Healing Huckabee Hearts - What Now", the show will help Huckabee supporters come to terms with his decision and refocus on the future and Huckabee's vision for America.

  • 01:01

    Stuck On Huck #2 Huckabee Tea Party on the Eve of Tax Day

    in Politics Conservative

    April 14th on the eve of tax day its time to discuss how relevant Mike Huckabee fair tax ideas would benefit America.  If you are feeling some Tea Party angst and you are "Stuck On Huck" listen and call in. As we hear about presidential hopefuls for 2012, many are waiting and watching to see if Mike Huckabee joins the race again. There are many faithful supporters who are ready to support Huck again.  Hosts Dan & Dave Davidson will moderate a live call-in show for Huckabee supporters who are stil Stuck on Huck!  Learn practical ways you can become a Vote Raiser for a potential Huckabee 2012 campaign.  Became a Facebook Fan at http://StuckOnHuck.com and follow the blog at http://Blog.StuckOnHuck.com.

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