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    Aren't you the least bit curious?  Of course. It's a fraternity 300 years old and going. No frat party. No male testosterone and alcohol driven embarrassment to themselves.  But august; philanthropic. Authentic and dignified. Striving with piety answerable to common sense; endorsing equality and liberty of humanity; mystery; private and secret to protect it from populist verdicts; signs of greetings known to few; real.

    Even we wonder how and why, don't you? What is it that a man finds in masonry that he can't find anywhere else?  Not fame or fortune. Leadership becomes service to mankind but how does that endure?

    If you wonder what it is, the best I can  tell you is that it is a feeling.  The one we experience when truth finds us. Not being smarter; not hubris, not arrogant or smug. When a person  'sees' what others do not, in a world so frightened and mistrustful, those truths are a weighty responsibility. That is what we call humility. Our task is to find balance in life and live in that state and the universe unfolds.  

    When a person has matured enough to take herself or himself seriously, when he understands himself, masonry  opens the mind, the spirit, the heart. Every ending is the beginning of something next. 

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    Sports Hubris #3

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    Join us for some in depth analysis of sports with a touch of humor.

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    Republican Ignorance...and they do it with such ease and stupidity.

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    To listen to the Republicans, this host at SevsDeadSerious has learned that there is NO limit to the level of stupidity, arrogance and downright hubris by those who think that being stupid is something to be proud of and to rejoice in..."Hey, look at me, I'm the dumbest motherfucker on the planet".  THe don't believe in climate change because they're not "scientists", believe in white priviledge while watching it take place under their noses, raising the minimum wage because it would stall economic growth for the wealthiest Americans (and why would they care about anyone else), believe that women are an active and equal part of the fabric of the country and that the threat of Ebola in W. Africa is a way bigger problem than a bunch of knucklehead idiots running around killing anyone within range (and we ARE way out of range...like 5000 miles) while filming for YouTube.  Republicans really have reached a new apex of total irrational stupidity.

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    The View Up Here welcomes back Stephen Lautens for a look at #HarperHistory

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    Confederation, 1812, The Franklin Expedition, World War I, Remembrance Day, Canada Day, D-Day 70th Anniversary, Diefenbaker's Bill of Rights, Canadian museums, Canadian currency, Canadian passports, Government websites, Government publications. And many more things that have changed since 2006 from what they once were and were meant to be. The Harperfication of Canada continues to rewrite history and common sense. All for the false image of a political party barely a decade old that has worn out its welcome already.

    Meanwhile, science, statistics, libraries, archives and the agencies that oversee them are disappearing at a breakneck pace. Because they present a truth different from the "official" Harper Government stories. The word "Royal" is back with a vengeance in every place it ever was before. Even some new places.

    We welcome back Stephen Lautens to help decipher and explain this ludicrous revisionism of history for the dogmatic aims of a backward, regressive party and regime that has cheapened Canada at home and abroad.

    Stephen Lautens is a writer, lawyer and entrepreneur with an extensive background in communications and business. He currently has a private consulting practice in investor relations, communications and governance. Stephen is also a political commentator and dedicated Twitterer. His tweets appear regularly in various media including the CBC and The Huffington Post. He served two terms as president of the Toronto Press Club and served for seven years as a Governor of The National Newspaper Awards. For 16 years he wrote a weekly column for The Calgary Sun. He has also been a weekly columnist for The National Post, The London Free Press and Toronto Sun. His articles have also appeared in numerous other publications. He appears regularly on the Sun News Network as a political commentator, panelist and liberal punching bag.

    Join us!

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    What's Stopping You?

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     IDENTIFY the truth about confidence – its root causes, as well as the damaging self-beliefs that generate poor confidence
    ACCEPT who you are, while planning your path towards confidence through achievement
    UNDERSTAND the myths around confidence, such as the need to be outgoing or to have talent
    OVERCOME the most common barrier to strong confidence: other people,
    DEALwith other barriers to confidence such as shyness, anxiety, stress, prejudice and even hubris.

    What’s stopping you making progress? 

    Why are you stuck in the same old ineffective routines? 
    What causes procrastination or self-sabotage or mental clutter?

    Making progress isn’t just about time management and ‘to-do’ lists. It’s about understanding the poor habits and deep insecurities that can wreck progress in both our career and our personal life.

    Confidence is something you must build for yourself. It takes planning and action, deciding where you want to gain confidence and how it must be won. It will require courage, optimism and resilience.

    Get Things Done is an insightful exploration of the poor conditioning and self-esteem issues that can hold us back. By understanding the root causes of our ineffectiveness, we can break free from our organizational incompetence – helping us develop strong goals and execution skills, as well as avoid the traps that can drag us back to our self-sabotaging worst.


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    Obama Betrays the Constitution, his Voters and Tradition.

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    8 TO 9 PM TONIGHT!


    On September 11, Bruce Ackerman, a Yale professor of law and political science, had an opinion piece published in the New York Times fittingly titled "Obama Betrays the Constitution". 

    Ackerman describes how Obama has broken with the "tradition" of presidents abiding by the Constitution as well as betraying the majority of Americans who twice elected him to the highest office in the land. But why are we surprised at his "betrayal" and break with with "tradition"?


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    Bill O'Reilly Stakes his Claim as the Biggest Moron at Fox News...Again.

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    As your totally stupified host of sevsdeadserious watched as Bill O'Reilly, the godfather of abject stupidity and an MPA (Masters in Public Administration,from Harvard surprisingly enough): would have the hubris and total self-righteous indignation when his belief that the US and its "partners" should recruit and hire a "mercenary army" as an "anti-terrorism" unit for us and some "partners" and then have someone, anyone question his always brilliant ideas.  WHAT?  I still can't get over the fact that he has an Masters in anything.  A professor at the Naval War College with multiple PhD's and teaches National Security Affairs, the good doctor informed the most ignorant man on the planet at that particular moment that it was a "terrible idea" but he who is most stupid thought he would change the well-educated and extremely knowledge professor...and then pigs fly.

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    Soul Tree Radio - in the Raw! (Special Edition)

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    Our Soul Tree Staff of Chefs will provide Food For Thought as we dissect the aftereffects of what we presented in podcast that ran ahead of everything done by the mainstream media in this affair...

    718 508 9216!!! from 9 -11pm tonight!


    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuullll Tree Radio - in the Raw!

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    Babylon, Ancient Rome and the American Empire

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    Corruption, lies, manipulation and murder on a massive scale. These words describe the modern American Empire, what it has done and what it continues to do today. But has the American Empire, like many before it, extended its hubris too far and is its collapse imminent? Russia stands alone as the only major nation attempting to throw off the shackles of a unipolar world, assert its independence from the Empire and bring some balance back to our global society. Can Putin and Co. succeed in bringing some long-overdue justice to an unjust world? And if not, is there still hope for some retribution from a 'higher power'?

    This week on Sott Talk Radio we'll be discussing this topic and will be joined by Laura Knight-Jadczyk to help us explore the nature and fate of the Roman Empire and its parallels to our modern world.

    We hope you'll join us from 2-4pm EST (11am-1pm PST / 8-10pm CET) this Sunday, August 10th 2014

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    Should The US Be More Involved In The Middle East? Guest Michael Sheuer

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    Michael F. Scheuer (born 1952[1]) is a former CIA intelligence officer, American blogger, author, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst. He is currently an adjunct professor at Georgetown University's Center for Peace and Security Studies. In his 22-year career, he served as the Chief of the Bin Laden Issue Station (aka "Alec Station"), from 1996 to 1999, the Osama bin Laden tracking unit at the Counterterrorist Center. He then worked again as Special Advisor to the Chief of the bin Laden unit from September 2001 to November 2004.

    Scheuer became a public figure after being outed as the anonymous author of the 2004 book Imperial Hubris, in which he criticized many of the United States' assumptions about Islamist insurgencies and particularly Osama bin Laden. He depicts bin Laden as a rational actor who was fighting to weaken the United States by weakening its economy, rather than merely combating and killing Americans. He challenges the common assumption that terrorism is the threat that the United States is facing in the modern era, arguing rather that Islamist insurgency (and not "terrorism")[3] is the core of the conflict between the U.S. and Islamist forces, who in places such as Kashmir, Xinjiang, and Chechnya are "struggling not just for independence but against institutionalized barbarism."[3][4] Osama bin Laden acknowledged the book in a 2007 statement, suggesting that it revealed "the reasons for your losing the war against us"

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    The Weighty Presence Of The Dabar Yahweh

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    This episode of Pneumatikos will explore the weighty presence of the Dabar Yahweh (Word of The Lord). The Dabar Yahweh stands over the socio-political entities constructed by man.  The nabi Amos was asked to leave the northern kingdom because his word paralyzed its self-serving hubris. 

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