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    HTTR 24-7

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    We Discuss New Coaching Staff and More 

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    HTTR - Let That Man LEAD!

    in Relationships

    We've had many conversations about men, women & relationships, but we yet to scratch the surface of WHY there are so many failed marriages; why women feel men are not committing to relationships as easily before, and why there is a large population of women who have yet to wed. 

    Women, have you ever thought that we truly don’t know how to let the man LEAD?

    Well on this episode of Hot Topics Talk Radio, we are sitting down with Ro Elori Cutno, the renowned author of “Man Leads…”.  Ro Elori Cutno is going to provide us (Men  and Women) with lessons that address men and women on the roles we must take for a successful relationship and/or marriage. 

    For those men and women who feel that relationships are difficult, or see it as a down-hill battle, this is the show to listen and comment!

    Please join us, with Author, Ro Elori Cutno, on Wednesday, March 18, 2015, at 8pm PST/ 10:00pm CST/ 11:00pm EST. 

    The live on-air number to listen and comment by phone is (646)200-1348.

    Or listen online from your computer at http://www.hottopicstalkradio.com/hottopicstalkradio.html.  Or listen and join the chatroom here on BlogTalkRadio. 

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    HTTR 4 Now

    in Football

    We Suck so much.. cant even make no jokes on Romo right now..just killin us as fans over here.. We will talk about with Adam Gettis and JLC 

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    HTTR 24-7 FA Preview.. WE BORED

    in Football

    Talking about the Upcoming Free Agency with Guest Keenan Robinson jumping on with us to talk about how he is doing and training for this upcoming season, what is his mindset ?

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    HTTR 24/7

    in Football

    Crew talks all things Redskins

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    HTTR 24/7

    in Sports

    Giants win, RG3 Hate, Ravens Next 

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    HTTR 24 7 Podcast

    in Sports

    Redskins talk with the Crew

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    The Face of White Privilege

    in Culture

    White Privilege - 1) A right, advantage, or immunity granted to or enjoyed by white persons beyond the common advantage of all others; 2) an exemption in many particular cases from certain burdens or liabilities; 3) A special advantage or benefit of white persons; 4) display of white privilege, a social expression of a white person or persons demanding to be treated as a member or members of the socially privileged class.

    Today, we are afforded the gains of astounding technical advantages that range from phones being the size of credit cards, to cars that start with the push of a button.  However, with all the creations and inventions that are supposed to make our lives easier and more enjoyable, we still are battling with prejudice and racism. 

    On this episode of Hot Topics Talk Radio, we’re going to tackle the term and subject matter of white privilege, as it relates to how we (black and white) live among each other, and how some may feel about what advantage they have over another simply because of the color of their skin.     

    Join us on Wednesday, March 4, 2015, at 8:00pm PST/11:00pm EST, to discuss the “Face of White Privilege”, and how it shows up in our everyday lives.

    You’re invited to listen and comment on this very controversial topic by calling (646)200-3148. Or listen from your computer at: http://www.hottopicstalkradio.com/hot-topics-talk-radio.html, or listen and join the chatroom here on BlogTalkRadio.


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    Roll Call with Rollin’ Dee, LIVE from Las Vegas!

    in Entertainment

    On this episode of Hot Topics Talk Radio, we’re so pleased to be able to have all three hosts under one roof, LIVE in Las Vegas!

    Rollin’ Dee is joining the ladies to discuss anything and everything.  We’re going to talk about his time spent here while on vacation, as well as hit some of the hot topics that relate to men, women, relationships, and a whole lot more.  Here your chance to ask us or comment on ANYTHING!!!

    So join us on this very open forum where there will be NO-HOLDS-BAR, on Wednesday, March 11, 2015, at 8:00pm PST/10:00pm CST/11:00pm EST.

    We welcome you to listen and comment by calling (646)200-3148. Or listen from your computer at: http://www.hottopicstalkradio.com/hot-topics-talk-radio.html.  Or listen and join the chatroom at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tbreedlove/2015/03/12/roll-call-with-rollin-dee-live-from-las-vegas

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    HTLV Radio – Highlighting “Freeway” Rick Ross & John L. Brown, Author

    in Books

    1st Hour - John L Brown, decorated and retired Marine, turned author of “Mentally Blind: Open Your Eyes” – an expose about disenfranchised America. 

    2nd Hour - "Freeway" Rick Ross, Author and convicted drug trafficker best known for the drug empire he established in Los Angeles, CA, in the early to mid-1980s.

    This episode is one of valuable and powerful information!

    Join Ms. Jai and Tea time for powerful sit-downs with two men who are surely to provide you with an impactful evening. 

    Thursday, March 26, 2015, at 7:00pm PST/ 9:00pm CST/ 10:00pm EST

    The live on-air call number to listen and comment is (646)200-3148.  To listen online from your computer, go: http://www.hottopicstalkradio.com/hottopicstalkradio.html.  Or listen and join the chatroom here on BlogTalkRadio.

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    HTTR Anniversary Show

    in Lifestyle

    Can you believe that Hot Topics Talk Radio has been on-air for FOUR YEARS!!!

    Join us this Wednesday, October 15th for our 4th Anniversary Show!!! 

    We will be highlighting and speaking about some of our greatest and funniest moment on the show - with Pastor Ray Williams, LIVE in our studio, from Las Vegas NV.

    We invite you to call, and share your favorite moments from the show, or just give us a congratulatory shout-out!

    This Wednesday, October 15, 2014 
    9:00pm Pacific/11:00pm Central/ 12:00 Midnight Eastern
    The Live On-Air Call number is (646)200-3148

    Listen and Chat Live at: 

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