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    How to manage and prevent stress

    in Lifestyle

    We are all people of different walk of life, in different field but the common denominator we have is Stress. How can we manage stress or prevent them? Hear from my guest Coach Colette

    Listen online at www.gfemspeaks.com/radio or over the phone: 347-989-1700. 6pm ET. FF on IG: gfemspeaks.

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    Cam's Corner with Guest Stroke Survivor, Scott

    in Education

    Join me and my guest, Scott.

    Scott is a stroke survivor from New York. He had a stroke in 2011 and was 39 at the time. Scott has left side paralysis, but can walk. He is 44 yrs old now and see where he is now.

    This show is about stroke and brain injury and is for anyone interested in stroke with bits and pieces thrown in for inspiration, ways to be healthy, less stressed and more.  I want to be here to share and to lift up other stroke survivors or warriors.  I want to help you find out there are others going through what you have gone though.  Maybe not the same journey but a survivor none the less.  To give positive information, inspire and embrace what you have and continue moving forward.

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    How to increase survival and/or prevent prostate and breast cancer.

    in Health

    Dana Laake and her special guest Dr. Christine Horner will discuss how to increase survival and/or prevent prostate and breast cancer.

    Christine Horner, MD, is a nationally recognized surgeon, author, professional speaker and a relentless champion for women's health. She is board certified in both general and plastic surgery. Dr. Horner was recognized as a leader in her field shortly after starting her plastic and reconstructive surgery practice because she successfully ran a national campaign to pass laws requiring insurance companies to pay for breast reconstruction following mastectomy.

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    Ischemic Stroke: Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute

    in Health

    In this Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute, Dr. David Miller explains ischemic stroke. To listen, click the link below. Ischemic Stroke

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    Prevent, Treat and Heal from Cancer - Daniel Wenniger

    in Health

    Daniel Wenniger, Chief Communications Officer, of Essante Organics will give you tips on how to prevent, treat and heal from cancer.  You will hear what products are bad for you and which ones are good for you to be free of cancer.  This show will go a long way towards a healthier lifestyle.


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    Cam's Corner - A New Stroke Survivor, chad

    in Health

    Chad had his stroke 2 months ago, find out how he is doing and how he feels about his stroke

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    Credit inquiries..what are they, how do they hurt you & how to prevent them?

    in Self Help

    Do you know what a credit inquiry is? Do you know how long it can stay on your credit? Do you have any idea how to prevent or get rid of them? Mr. Credit Guru Esdras Occeas is here as the expert to teach you, and empower you.  Knowledge is power

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    Prostate Health, How to prevent and reverse diseases of the prostate!

    in Health

    Prostates are vitally sensative to environmental toxicities and physical trauma's. Prostate health is more that just health of the prostate it is about your total body health!

    There are tests like the PSA test that has been proven to be invalid, but it is still used! Find out a safer and more accurate test that can be done.

    Don't miss this life saving episode!

  • The How To Be Happy Show

    in Spirituality

    This show is all about how to become happy once and for all, so join me on this quest for happiness...

  • Why Church-Based Premarital Counseling Does Not Prevent Divorce

    in Relationships

    In the Grown Zone we challenge conventional wisdom, including overvalued and ineffective beliefs about how to create and sustain healty relationships, including marriages. This edition of Grown Zone Radio reveals three reasons why church-based premarital counseling, in the absence of ongoing relationship education, does not prevent divorce:

    It does not reach those most in need of relationship education, when they need it most. Church-based premarital counseling is no substitute for the education and training that must take place long before the marriage proposal. 

    It is biased in favor of the marriage happening, whether the relationship is proven to be healthy or not—and even when there is ample evidence that it is unhealthy. The fact that most premarital counseling takes place at the same time that wedding plans are being made and carried out does not help.

    It is usually too little, too late without the solid foundation of a healthy relationship. Five to 10 premarital counseling sessions in the months or weeks before a wedding is no substitute for the ongoing relationship education that should begin before reaching the age of marital consent.

    Check out this edition of Grown Zone Radio to learn why excellent relationships don't happen by chance, but choice. Commitment to your relationship education NOW by choosing 21 Days of Grown Zone: Intentional Personal Growth at GrownAdvice.com.

    Buy the Book: LovingInTheGrownZone.com

    Official Site: GrownZone.com

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    LIVE! with Cathi...Prevent Cognitive Decline

    in Motivation


    We're living longer, the quality of our life is about the CHOICES WE MAKE.  Your are the creator of your life!  How's your life going?

    There is a strategy to prevent cognitive decline.  Our BODY and BRAIN don't age, we do by our CHOICES.  CHOICES THAT COME BACK TO EMBRACE US OR BITE US IN THE BUTT!

    Want to hang on to YOUR MIND...studies over the past few years repeat the same message...regular physical activity...good diet...taking on newer mental challenges and maintaining stron social connections.


    Improve reasoning skills...etc.

    Improve speed in performing mental tasks...etc.

    Healthy lifestyles benefit all...etc.

    Mediterranean Diet...etc.

    Keep on Keeping on...etc.


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