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    How To Effectively Communicate Pain

    in Health

    This episode is being rebroadcast from Michele’s original radio show, “Your Life After Trauma.”   Expressing pain after trauma can be almost as painful as the actual pain you are feeling. And, so many times, finding the words to truly express how you feel so that others can understand seems an impossibility creating intense loneliness. On this episode, Michele chatted with Dr. David Biro. A doctor who has also been a patient (he’s a cancer survivor), Dr. Biro explained how language can actually alleviate the loneliness of pain, plus how you can begin that journey.   Michele Rosenthal is a popular keynote speaker, award-winning author and post-trauma coach. Her shows combine scientific research, cutting-edge guests and personal stories that highlight the challenges and successes of deliberately deciding to change the direction of your life. For more ideas about how to create change you choose, visit www.ChangeYouChoose.com.  

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    Signs, symbols, numbers and omens: How does spirit communicate with you?

    in Spirituality

    Hi Friends.  In this episode we will explore all the different ways that spirit can communicate with you.  This can include numbers, visions, animals, and many other things.   You might have your own special way that spirit communicates with you.  I invite you to call in and share your stories or signs.    We always have a great time, and it is my intention  to bring blessings to all who listen.   

    About me:  I am an Angel Intuitive, a Certified Angel Card Reader, Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Healer, Teacher, and Friend.  It is my desire to use my gifts and abilities to bring you blessings and return you to the path of Light  .For more information about what I do ,or to receive a professional reading, please visit my website:  www.ascensionmagic.com.   I also invite you to follow the show to keep up with new episodes. 

  • Andrea Feinberg - How to accomplish more in less time more effectively

    in Motivation

    President of Coaching Insight, LLC, Andrea nudges ambitious, independence-driven women business owners from the daily grind and towards the big rewards of ownership: a better-run enterprise, more money, a happier life and time to enjoy it all. She has 25 years experience helping clients articulate, achieve and exceed their goals.

    She’s achieved designations of Certified Strategic Business Leadership Coach, Certified Facilitator-Coach, Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst and Certified Emotional Intelligence Mentor through EQ Mentor, NC.

    She’s published or contributed to 4 books, the most recent of which is  “How I Achieved Work Life Balance”, available here as a gift: http://worklifebalancebook.com

    Included among:

    -50 Top Influential Women, Long Island Business News

    -Top 5 Coaching Blogs, the School of Coaching Mastery

    -100 Women in E-Commerce, Women in E-Commerce Association

    -Top 5 Productivity Gurus, Timedoctor.com 

    Connect with her here:






    Strategies of Success
    Host Brian A Cohen DTM


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    How to Use Social Media to Effectively Sell More Books

    in Writing

    We're back your favorite Urban Fiction News Radio Hosts K.C. Baylor and Santiago. Today's topic is showing you how to use Social Media to Effectively Sell more Books. We are going to give you some good tips and information you can use to start right away. 

    If you are an author looking to be featured on Urban Fiction News Magazine or Radio contact us on www.urbanfictionnews.com

    If you are indie artist and would like us to share your music over the air use contact info above. 

    Remember to follow for more Urban Fiction News, Reviews and Resources. 

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    Selling in a Skirt Talking with Business Women who Communicate Effectively

    in Women

    Selling in a Skirt with Judy Hoberman and her guest Sandy Tabacinic and Gail B. Goodman:

    Sandy Tabacinic is the President and CEO of Homecorp LLC, based in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Homecorp provides construction, remodeling, architectural, and interior design services to wide range of client across North Texas. Sandy is an expert in contract negotiations, expense control, and operations management. She has led residential projects up to $4-million-dollars on properties up to 15,000 square feet. Sandy holds an associate degree in graphic design from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Her creative background gives her a special eye for home design. She also studied at Tel Aviv University in Israel and the University of Miami. Born and raised in Colombia, Sandy is fluent in Spanish and English.  www.homecorptx.com

    Gail B. Goodman is a phone skilled trainer with over 30 years experience. I specialize in working with financial advisors but I also do phone training for any direct sales team, customer service reps, unhappy consumers and anyone who needs to use a phone effectively. Which is most of America. Here's my "official" short bio. Gail B. Goodman has been a phone skills trainer for over 30 years and has provided seminars for customer service reps, direct sales people and financial service professionals. She's developed the most widely used phone training program for direct sales people and her clients are some of the largest financial companies in America – such as The Guardian, Prudential, New York Life and State Farm. She has effectively isolated how women may not be effectively communicating when working with men. There are gender differences in communication and when you don't recognize what they are, you may be sabotaging your goal with another person when not "speaking their language.phoneteacher.com

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    "How To Read Your Bible Effectively"

    in The Bible

    As a plane in-flight needs a chart and instruction from the tower so we need to understand ELOHIM's word for instruction and direction for our lives.ELOHIM's direct will and instruction for us is in HIS WORD, THE BIBLE!

    When we know what HIS WORD says we are better prepared for the world. There is a process and in essence on how to decipher this incredible manual for Life as a believer



  • How to Get a Gig (Goals)

    in Self Help


    Plan your work and work your plan.  I translate sales techniques to educate the musicians and entertainers on How to Get a Gig.  Most of us have been selling all of our lives and never realize it.  I'll show you how to build the skills needed to put you on top.  

    In this episode I talk about making goals.  Without a plan your wondering about.  With a plan will put you in the 1% group and you'll get the gig.

    Be sure you take advantage of our resources and create your free profile to promote yourself and your business at www.TheSingingFireman.com.  


    See you at the next gig!


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    How to Tag Effectively on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

    in Business

    In our last show we covered the definition of tagging and the value that it can bring to a social media marketing campaign.  But....how do you actually do it?

    On today's episode, host Christopher Tompkins dives into tagging and teaches how it can be used effectively on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!

    The Social Marketing Academy, presented by The Go! Agency, is your ongoing classroom for all of the social media topics that you want to learn more about. Host Christopher Tompkins, CEO of The Go! Agency, will be covering a wide array of topics from how to get your business step up using social media to more advanced tactics and techniques. Tune in live or on-demand to take full advantage of all of the social media marketing information provided in each show. Visit The Go! Agency online for more details: http://www.thegoagencyusa.com

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    Learn How to Communicate Better for Healthier Relationships

    in Relationships

    Luis Congdon is a Relationship Coach who has worked with hundreds of couples, taught the work of Drs. John and Julie Gottman, interviewed the top relationship experts through his podcast, LastingLoveConnection, and he teaches couples around the world how to break limiting patterns to have lasting love. Learn how to communicate better for healthier relationships in this important interview!

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    The Genesis Awakening: Overcoming Obstacles to effectively promote the Good News

    in Entertainment

    Join Me as We discuss how many obstacles the Father has helped Us overcome, many of My own through much Prayer and in HIS perfect Timing. To strengthen Our Testimonies for HIm and to declare His Love for Us. To Spread The Good News of Salvation and to Wake People Up to the Reality of what is coming. "Awake, sleeper, And arise from the dead, And Christ will shine on you" Eph 5:14

    Are there Questions about the soon to come 'new world order' antichrist regime that You wish to have answered, in order to strengthen You in Your Knowledge and to INSPIRE You to overcome any obstacles which may be preventing you from being as EFFECTIVE as You COULD be? You aren't alone. I too have more stumbling blocks to remove, through His Graces. "Therefore, go and make disciples of all Nations..." Matt 28:19 is HIs Command I desire to follow the most.

     My name translated means "The Supplanter Who Is Valiant For 'God', bearing a Shield" ~ "Before I formed You in the womb, I knew you..." Jer 1:5 "My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be" Ps 139:15-16 " ALL Who Love Him and His Son are HIS CHILDREN! We are ALREADY Victors who have WON the Battle! We are to Encourage One another as the battle heats up, and it IS heating up. LOOK around You. READ the 'News'. 'Seek and You will FIND, ASK and the Door will be OPENED TO YOU..." Matthew 7:7

    "Iron sharpens Iron" - Please come join Me as We get whatever is in Our Way, out in the Open. " confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed" James 5:16 I love You all, tune in!


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