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    Become a Virtual Judge or Have Your Case Settled on the Net- Part 2

    in Relationships

    Brav is a new way for people of any age to find a solution to bullying, violence, and conflict. Find out why this is so important and join our guest, Remi Alli to learn how to settle family, school, and workplace disputes online.

    Along with her JD, Remi Alli is a psychology graduate of the University of Michigan -- Ann Arbor. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Health Law and Policy from Loyola University Chicago School of Law. She has mediated for over 15 years, resolving thousands of cases, and is a trained and certified mediator through the Supreme Court of Ohio. She has written for Forbes, Neuroscience for Kids, among others, and received the top prize in the nation for her legal writing through the American Judges Association. She also served as a teacher of law through the Law & Leadership Institute.

    Stephen Kotev is a Washington D.C. based conflict resolution consultant offering mediation, negotiation and facilitation services, conflict coaching, training and somatic education to private and government clients. Helping people resolve problems and improve their performance is his passion and profession.

    Stephen is one of only two individuals to have been employed by both of the nation’s two largest Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) membership organizations – the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution and the Association for Conflict Resolution.

    Stephen has conducted trainings to international and national audiences in, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Germany, Northern Ireland and across the United States.

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    How to Know When to Divorce

    in Relationships

    Divorce isn't something to  be thrown around lightly. Know what you're doing before you do it.

    It's one of the hardest questions you'll ever struggle with answering. 

    "How do I know when I should file for divorce?"

    You definitely don't want to file before you need to, but you also don't know how to respond if your spouse threatens divorce. 

    How should you react? What should you do? Can you put off a looming threat of divorce? And when should you use it as a "wake-up call"? 

    We will discuss all of this tonight, as well as your questions, on Marriage Radio. 

    Listen in live at 9 pm CST at marriageradio.com or blogtalkradio.com/marriageradio. 

    If you have a question, press 1 to speak live on air. 

    Everyone we talk to on air will be entered into our monthly 50% off drawing for the Marriage Helper 911 workshop. 

    Talk to you tonight! 

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    "Atlanta Ex's: How to Forgive & Let Go of a Failed Relationship"

    in Radio


    Whether it’s songs, movies, or TV shows…Over the last 10 years, you’ve heard us use countless real life examples of Emotional Unavailability to illustrate many of the behaviors that prevent women from being found by the man that God ultimately has for them. Please join me on “The Dedan Tolbert Show” TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST for a rebroadcast of our special on "Atlanta Ex’s: How to Forgive & Let Go of a Failed Relationship”. To hear an in depth analyzation of each situation depicted on the show and how they 100% mirror the vast majority of relationships in the black community, call 646 200 0366 or listen online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... “REAL Radio that Matters”.

  • Angels 101 - How They Help us! ...Plus FREE Readings & Angel Messages!

    in Spirituality

    Hosts Susanne Warnett, Rose Fulhorst & Pamela Jones talk "Angels 101" ...."How They Help Us!"

    …Plus, Angel Messages for their Callers! 949-203-4840

    ...........Have an Angel Story, but can't call in? Email it to us! angelstories@angelpractitioners.com!!

    Angelic Realms Radio is the official broadcast of The International Association of Angel Practitioners (I.A.A.P.) www.AngelPractitioners.com

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    Relationship Day: Tips On How To Make Your Relationship Work

    in Entertainment

    Tonight is Relationship night, we are going to be discussing ways to make your relationship work.  We are going to talk about goping with heart ache.  If you break up with someone how long do you wait before you change your status from in a relationship to single?  How do yoou deal with someone that always wants to argue with you?  How do you deal with someone with a wondering eye?  We are going to discuss this and give alot more tips on how to make your relationship work?  Can you make your relationship work?  Tune in tonight from 7:30pm to 9:30pm and call in at 347-308-8813 to join in the conversation.

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    The Fantasy Six Pack Hour: How to Move on From Jamaal Charles

    in Sports

    Welcome back to The Fantasy Six Pack hour with your hosts Joe Bond and Patrick Wallace. 

    In this episode we will be talking about the tradgey that was the Jamaal Charles injury and how to move on if you were an unlucky owner of him.

    We then discuss Andy Dalton, not doing Andy Dalton things and other oddities of the NFL this season that just seem to becoming the norm.

    Last we get you prepped for Week 6 by going over the top waiver wire adds, injuries and reviewing the best/worst game and our sleeper/bust picks of the week.

    Feel free to call in at anytime to ask for our advice or join the conversation.

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    Hollywood vs Science: How does "The Martian" movie stack up?

    in Movies

    On this episode of Teal Gray Worldwide Radio, our favorite Mad Scientist, Larry Snider, joins us to discuss:

    Hollywood vs Science: How does "The Martian" movie stack up?

    Hollywood often takes liberties when it comes to science, so Larry Snider will weigh in to let us know how accurate the movie makers were this time around. Teal and I will also discuss what we thought about the movie. Of course, we will do our best to avoid revealing any spoilers! 

    Have you seen "The Martian," read the book, or simply have an opinion about Hollywood and science? Feel free to call in and share you opinions, and also to ask Larry Snider any questions about the scientific realities portrayed in film, as well as the science of space travel.

    More info: Questions? Comments? Connect with show hosts: Teal Gray & Tui Snider. Be sure to follow @TGWWradio on Twitter!

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    Service to Community & Voting, How BlK Americans Fall Short

    in Education

    What up 9Mind Sacred Sisterhood and others? Protection and peace that surpasseth all understanding or overstanding be upon we the ELECT here to restore JUSTICE, TRUTH & HONOR as the only (true) AND RIGHTFUL religion upon this glorius abundant earth in which we have been blessed to incarnate into as a SCHOOL for the SOUL while it is contained in this vessel we call FLESH. This evening I wanna touch on why many indigenous Blk Americans don't vote or feel obligated to State or government service to their fellow man or community while at the same time claiming to be pious/religious, (conscious) ? or some other elevated lofty title like Dr, Reverand, Pastor, First Lady, Duchess, Deacon, Goddess, God, Empress, Genearal, Minister, Major, Arch Imam, Rabbi, Moreh, Mother,GrandMaster, MC, Grand Father and ect.... I now realize that with any (title) comes great responsibilty and both spiritual as well as a community obligation and not just one. All of Mans needs will be spiritual as well as physical so we who claim to be SPIRITUAL should also be prepared to meet the needs of ourselves as civil servants and community guardians.

    It's going to be another informative show folks, another show designed to get we all to THINK about what our true obligations are on this EARTH when it comes to ourselves, the planet and all life forms that cohabit with we on the earth. Bad people and only be tyrants when we the good sit back and refuse to take responsibilty for the world we live in. To be soveriegn requires one to be morally and socially responsible at all times through out the duration of ones LIFE. While a slave ie... dependant need only OBEY the orders and commands of it's MASTER/'S

    Which have YOU been based off how you have lived your life?


    And which where YOU the BEST at being?

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    Healing. how to receive.

    in Prayer

    Jesus healed the sick.

    Jesus disciples healed the sick.

    We are to heal the sick today.



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    How Do You Contribute To The Stability of Black America? 1 Million Man March (P2

    in Culture

    How Do you as an individual contribute to the stability of America. What is your part in presenting diversity?

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    Strong Finish....Strong Faith Part 2

    in Christianity

    You've heard it said before that "Its not how you started, but how you finish that counts." And theres a lot of truth to that statement when you think about it. Sometimes in our own lives we leave some things unfinished. (2 Cor 8:11-12) Is there some unfinished business in your life you have neglected or put off to the side. Perhaps its a bad habit, strong hold or bondage your having a tough time with. We will discuss how we can come out on top victorious in our walk with Lord. and finish our race strong leaving a lasting impact on our relationship with our spouse, friends co-workers and our brothers and sisters in Christ.