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    "How to Deal With a Bad Breakup"

    in Radio


    Whether it’s Nicky Minaj and Safaree, Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt…or you and your most recent ex, breaking up is never easy to do…and often leads to immature, vindictive behavior. Please join us on “The Dedan Tolbert Show” LIVE TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST, as we discuss “How to Deal With a Bad Breakup”. To hear an in depth discussion on the end of cuffing season, how to get an ex to stop blowing your phone up, the best way to handle mutual friends and family after the relationship ends and the answers to many of your “Ask Dedan” Advice Questions, call 646 200 0366 or listen LIVE online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... “REAL Radio that Matters for Over 10 Years”.

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    How To Deal With Change

    in Religion

    Dealing with change is not easy, it can trigger stress and pain. Change can cause fear, irritation and confusion. Some change comes without our invitation, some change is part of daily life and there is change we choose to create. Charity Maina and Mary Kaleli will give us tips on how to deal with change. Listen live at 619-393-2852 or listen live/archived at: http://pinnacleofpraiseshow.com/new/

    Thanks. Beatrice Ndura – Host

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    How to Deal With A Break UP

    in Relationships

    Getting over a relationship can be difficult. On this podcast, I talk about tips on how to deal with a breakup. 

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    How to Deal with Difficult People

    in Business

    This month's guest, Dee Daley, is a business leader with a 20-plus year record of leading organizational change initiatives for corporations including GE Healthcare, GE Capital and Office Depot. She recently presented on the topic of How to Deal With Difficult People at the Change Management 2015 Global Conference.

    As change management professionals our success often depends upon our ability to influence without authority and to influence “difficult” people. Surprisingly, the research shows that 75 percent of the people with whom we interact at work and play are different from us in many ways such as how they make decisions, how they react when stressed and how they prefer to manage a project. It is these differences that frequently cause tension and strife. Listen in to hear what you can do about it!

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    How to Deal with Changing Times and Seasons

    in Christianity

    As human beings we all know that times and seasons in our lives have the tendancy to change. But why is it so tramatic to us when they do? What should be our response to the times and seasons in our life that change? Join us as we study the significance associated with change that takes place in our lives and how to deal with it when it happens. For more information about this ministry visit our website at kogwoc.org

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    Loving, Losing, and Letting Go; How to Deal with the Loss of a Beloved Pet

    in Pets

    This weeks show will discuss how to cope and let go after the death of a beloved pet.  The topics that will be touched on are:

    Expected life span of different species

    Anticipatory grief- how to handle the impending loss of a pet

    The biological description of death

    Transition into the comfort zone

    Having a beloved pet euthanized

    Relationship of unconditional love

    Letting go of a pet can be difficult and painful.  Coming to terms with the loss is a journey and can take some time.  Judy Helm Wright can help you with the loss of your pet and put you on the path to healing.  This is part of a 6 week series on How to Deal with the Loss of a Beloved Pet.  Be sure to tune in and learn more.

    If you would like to share a story about your beloved pet contact Judy at judy@deathofmypet.com with PET STORY in the subject line

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    How To Deal With Difficult Coworkers?

    in Lifestyle

    Join us today as Sasha Sekinger interviews Barbara Burgess, about how to deal with difficult coworkers.

    Barbara Burgess is a personal and professional development corporation focusing on helping people live a great life - better marriages, quality relationships, career success, financial success, and more. The Wright Leadership Institute, www.wrightliving.com The Wright Graduate Institute for the Realization of Human Potential.

    Dr. Bob founded the Graduate Institute for the Realization of Human Potential and the Foundation for Transformational Leadership. Dr. Bob Wright’s degrees include a BA in Sociology, MA in Communications, MSW in Clinical Social Work, and a Doctorate in Education, Leadership, and Change.


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    The Alex Cardinale Show Episode 2: How to Deal with Internet Trolls

    in Radio

    On this episode of the Alex Cardinale Show, Alex will be discussing a very important topic for those of us who are on social media wheter it be Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogtalkradio, etc. Alex will be discussing the topic of internet trolls. Let's face it trolls are out there. Trolls are usually targeting new shows, or groups or ones that have thousands of members. Trolls will either pick up a person or be just an overall jerk. Trolls can piss you off, but there are ways to deal with them.

    Alex will discuss how to deal with trolls and share his own personal troll stories! 

    Feel free to call in and share your thoughts on trolls!


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    "Being You Thursday" How to deal with rejection

    in Family

    Knowing how to deal with rejection and what to do about it will help you to cope and recover more quickly. Rejection happens to us in so many ways and I'm here to help you handle it in love relationships. If any of this happened to you (uuuuhm... I can almost guarantee you've had a deal with at least a couple of those - as I have too) I imagine you're feeling hurt, disappointed, perhaps angry and maybe even a failure. These are all normal feelings under the circumstances!

    Whatever it is that brought you here, you'll find new ways of looking at the situation and specific strategies to help you feel better. Stick with me, I'm going to help you cope with that rejection. 

    an ending of a relationship
    unrequited love
    your partner's infidelity
    being criticised by your partner or spouse 
    being called names, treated badly or 'stone-walled' 
    your sexual advances perhaps being rejected

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    How To Deal With Haters

    in Entrepreneur

    Enough! Too many startup entrepreneurs whine about the naysayers and detractors (aka, “haters”) in their life instead of focusing on shutting those people up with their actions and results. It’s even more sickening when seasoned entrepreneurs raise a fuss about their haters—particularly in a public forum—and take the focus off of their talents and accomplishments and place it squarely on their insecurities.

    Listen in as JT gives some tough love and straight talk on how to deal with haters in your business and life. It’s time to suck it up, GROW UP and get real about how to deal with the people who have no business occupying your mental focus.

    Fly high. Fly Fast. Fly Far!

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    How to Deal with Plantar Fasciitis

    in Sports

    As a runner, there is nothing worse than a nagging running related injury that just does not want to heal. Plantar Fasciitis is one of these injuries that left unchecked can easily ruin an entire race season. Listen as Dr. Brian Abelson, author of “Release Your Body- Resolving Plantar Fasciitis” and Richard Diaz discuss this injury, how to self-diagnose and self-treat this problem. You will also learn what the reasons the problem arises are and what type of exercises are best suited to defend against re-occurrence. If you have ever felt that nagging pulling sensation at the base of your heel as you are training for your next Marathon, Triathlon or OCR you owe to yourself to tune into this episode!
    Rember! Future episodes and pemium content will be found by visiting www.naturalrunningnetwork.com