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    Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 222 - House of Cards

    in Television

    At the request of John Kline, we're getting together and we have invited our pal Ben a.k.a. MarioSpeedwagon to discuss the Netflix sensation House of Cards.

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    Women News Talk Radio: Hillary's 1st Week, Equal Pay Day & House of Cards

    in Women

    It's the most dreaded deadline in the U.S., this past week was the national Tax Day deadline for U.S. taxpayers.  And while most people dread April 15th, the tax deadline was surrounded by a number of women headliners.  The highly anticipated launch of the first female candidate in the 2016 Presidential race, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, officially announced her campaign launch.  It was also ironically national Equal Pay Day, a day designed to bring awareness to the equal wage gap in the U.S.  contrasted to one of the highest paid YouTube stars, 8 year old millionaire Charli of CharliCraftyKitchen! Other women who made the headlines - Captain Katie Higgins the first female Blue Angels pilot, Ellen Stofan NASA's first Chief Scientest and we also discuss finally Season 3 of House of Cards, the Claire Underwood character and whether the fictitious character is modeled after someone in the campaign today?  

    Tune in every week to hear a power packed lunch hour on news talk radio of women headliners! 

  • 01:31

    After Dark with Triple DarkGodis: HTGAWM The House of Cards, Sandal

    in Radio

    Divine Bliss be upon you, Peace be unto you and between us. Lets talk about some of the nuances of life, Deva Style! Many new things to come for us all, I hope you have been watching the Heavenly Bodies and also paying attention to the energies that have been swelling in our favor. Lets chat it up about House of Cards, Scandal, HTGAWM and MORE.

    Tonight I want to discuss female friendships and sisterhood. We will talk a bit about our Jamaica Retreat: http://www.angrydevas.com/devas-retreat.html

    We will also discuss the Chant Circle which happens TONIGHT at 7pm EST. Sign up here: http://www.angrydevas.com/sacred-intonations.html

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    Surviving Pluto - Politics - House of Cards

    in Blogs

    Astrologer Zed and Innocent Bystander Kris invoke us in a Blog series about power struggles and transormational experiences, mainly through the passion of astrology! More specifically.... the hidden toils and lessons of Pluto! Today: House of Cards, a criitcal review and how it is a brilliant depiction of SURVIVING PLUTO!!!!!

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    Netflix Originals

    in Television

    Are you a fan of House of Cards? The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? Orange is The New Black? Tune in TONIGHT for Courtney's take on these hit shows

  • 01:09

    Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 228

    in Comedy

    "Coeur d'Alene, Idaho's hottest new hot talk radio team: Booger and The Fizz!"

    Craig and Kline tested out their morning zoo chops as they prepared for a hot new career in Idaho or potentially Saginaw, maybe Des Moines if they get really lucky. Now we just need to figure out who is Booger and who is The Fizz.

    There was also a breakdown of our new favorite league, the AIF. American Indoor Football action is coming to a rust belt town near you! Get pumped!

    The show winds up with discussion of the increasingly ridiculous House of Cards, which is clearly losing it's way in Season 3, and yet somehow remains tremendously watchable. 


  • 01:06

    DSD21 The real Underwood Plan

    in Lifestyle

    In this episode of Down South and Dirty we have great show planned. This is for all of you House of Cards fans in this season Fictional President Frank Underwood presents a plan to cut all earned benefits and put money into a Jobs program called America Works. Could such a plan work in the Real world? We want to have a conversation on the up and down sides of "America Works" a great hypothetical and fun conversation for Political Junkies.


  • 01:00

    Arts Culture Beat: Actor Reg E. Cathey

    in News

    Join us for a lively conversation with wide-ranging actor Reg E. Cathey. Best known for his for his roles as Norman Wilson (right-hand-man to Mayor Carcetti) in The Wire, Freddy Hayes (of Freddy's BBQ) in House of Cards, and Martin Querns in Oz, Cathey also has a rich career on stage, recently starring as Prospero in a production of Shakespeare's The Tempest. Cathey has also been a core participant in the Theater of War project, which presents staged readings of anciet Greek tragedies for audiences of service members and civilians as a way of opening up issues related to the experience of war. He talks to ArtsCultureBeat's Miriam Hall and Sara Elkamel about acting for stage, screen, and soldiers.

    Arts Culture Beat is the web magazine of the Arts & Culture MA Seminar at Columbia Journalism School.

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    Reel to Real ~ An Open Discussion

    in Movies

    Tonight we'll bring in a lot of things, and see what happens.

    Val brings in Spartacus, which touches on professional sports. Chris and Duane cover The Last Samurai.

  • 02:01

    The Television Man House of Cards from Banshee

    in Television

    Reviews of Banshee on Cinemax, the first episode of House of Cards on Netflix. Did you like Monday Mornings on TNT? TV news and more..

  • 01:00

    Solar Energy: Solyndra II ?

    in Politics Conservative

    The Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) is launching an aggressive national campaign to educate Americans regarding the truth about the solar industry, and the impact of government solar subsidies on taxpayers and consumers.  In its recent report titled, A House of Cards:  Solar Energy’s Subsidy-Based Business Model, TPA concludes that Big Solar’s heavy reliance on government handouts threatens taxpayers with another Solyndra.  If you look past the media hype, what you see is an untested business model heavily dependent on government handouts and financing schemes of baffling complexity, which have, thus far, produced more red ink than reliable energy.


    David Williams, TPA President: Big Solar cannot simply reoccupy Solyndra’s office space and declare victory without first making fundamental changes…The American people and their elected representatives should have no faith that other Solyndras are not also poised to collapse like a house of cards.  Why should taxpayers have confidence in Big Solar when the same subsidy-based business model that created Solyndra continues to dominate an unprofitable industry?



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