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  • Freedoom 10.30.15! Crazy Kra-Kra News

    in Religion

    Church holds "Drag Queen" gospel worship service, 7th grader stands up against teacher who insisted God was a myth, Man kills roommate after he thought he was turning into a zombie, Human DNA found in hotdogs, University bans Mexican Food as being culturally insensitive, Young socialist worship at Karl Marx's grave for a fee, The sex with robots conference was cancelled by Malasian government with some common sense, Death schools in South Korea teach kids not to commit suicide by faking their deaths in class, and other wacky stories from the Prison Planet.

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    Eric Nolan of The O'Jays

    in Lifestyle

    I look at the music we love and enjoy like a quilt.  It is made up of many pieces that are part of an item worn in the past that has been remade to create more memories.  The group The O'Jays is as much a part of our music history as apple pie and hotdogs are to baseball.  Where would you be without good music.  What is so wonderful about the musicians that create this music is their passion and undying love for making more music.  Much like Eric Nolan. 

    Aside from touring with the O'Jays, Mr. Nolan has launched his 3rd solo single.

    Please join us as we chat with Mr. Nolan (347) 637-2319 at 8:00 pm.


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    #PettyAfterDark Petty Confessions CALL 646 668 8182

    in Relationships

    whats some petty shit you did u just dying to get off your chest

    we having a confession session tonight so u can call in and let that shit out

    no matter how petty...or how dark and twisted we wanna know

    also in honor of Tupacs birthday im play all biggie song (pettyden)

    special music from  the petty gods

    and hear shit like this ...

    Joy .....Been slayin this guy for 2 years and he is practically married. He even spent their anniversary with me be at the crib using her stuff im petty tsk tsk

    Sheila.... I charge my kids friends a pack of lunch meat, hotdogs, a jug of juice, etc. in order to spend the night. Fawk I look like Wal-Mart??

    CALL 646 668 8182

    #Petty After Dark Petty Confessions TPG Tuesday Petty Gathering

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    118 - Hot Dog Vendor Radio

    in Entrepreneur

    Join us tonight at https://plus.google.com/events/cne5lng8a5cq0mjckkgnio4bvk0 and submit your questions live with our Q&A form or call in during the live show.  You can also chat with other vendors at www.StreetFoodVendor.tv

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    Geek Ave Presents : Steve's Video Store - DRIVE IN MEMORIES!!!

    in Pop Culture

    This Sunday 2 days after I turn 44, Join Brian Harris,Christopher R. Mihm and of course myself as we expound on our love of the drive in. What makes them so special, what makes a drive in movie and all other kinds of drive in related subjects. So tune in and enjoy!!!

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    Mayor Pam Triolo and City Manager Michael Bornstein on the Lake Worth 2020 Plan

    in Politics

    Join your host Wes Blackman as he welcomes Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo and City Manager Michael Bornstein to discuss the Lake Worth 2020 infrastructure improvement program. There is a ballot question related to this program appearing on the August 26th ballot - whether to allow the city to issue bonds totaling $63.5 million to fund the program or to not allow the city to do so. Mayor Triolo and Mr. Bornstein will review the program, tell us about upcoming opportunities to hear more about the plan and try to answer questions that we and they have heard throughout the community on the program.

    Here, Mayor Triolo reviews events prior to the election where you can learn more:

    "If you still have not been a part of a LW 2020 informational session presented by the city, you still have 3 more chances! Friday night at 7pm they'll be a meeting at the LW Playhouse. Saturday at 5pm the City will be presenting at the College Park Neighborhood Association meeting at First Congregational Church. Sunday at Noon they'll be a 2020 presentation at the Wimbley Gym- 1515 Wingfield Street off of 12th Avenue South- no need for a sitter as they'll be hamburgers, hotdogs, soft drinks and activities for the kids! The vote is this Tuesday folks. No matter what side of the issue you are on, please make sure you get the facts first. There's no need to guess or wonder or speculate. You will be able to ask questions directly to city staff at all of these meetings. And as an aside, please be respectful and kind to one another. Whatever happens, we have a lot of work to do and it always works better when we do it together!"

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    Food Nation Food Talk Radio #16 The Hot Dog Show

    in Food

    Food Nation Food Talk Radio #16 The Hot Dog Show

    Here we are once again with the star of the show food getting the full attenion it deserves. Are hot dogs considered food or food parts (beaks and other parts lol)? It doesn't matter it's one of those feel good comfort foods we especially enjoy those lazy summer days on the Q. Sauced up or with toppings or condiments we all have our favourite ways of making that specially cased golden rods of meat done just the way we like it. Some may prefer smokies or sausages or what ever kind of hot dog style meats floats your boats. Nothing like a fresh baked hot dog bun just make the dog that much better. We will share topping and condiment ideas and recipes, great hot dog sides recipes and ideas. Anything else hot dog related will be talked about on this show.

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    The St. Louis Wildcats - America's Favorite Team

    in Basketball

    Every once in a while, everything comes together and basketball perfection is attained. Sometimes, by the most unlikely of teams; the St. Louis Wildcats didn't even compete previously in AAU. They arrived with 6 players and a dream; they didn’t have a large crowed or entourage. They didn’t have a large budget, pancakes, hotdogs, and grilled cheese filled were their main staples for the week – until they were adopted by Boo Williams staff who introduced the group to Bojangles Chicken....What happened next?

    Find out in this upcoming exclusive intervew!

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    Fireside Creations..Pull up and Pitch a Tent

    in Food

    The smell of fresh roasted hotdogs, smores or even fish while sitting around a campfire is a memory we never forget.  Funny stories or even scary ones told to listening ears.  Flavor Living Radio presents: Fireside Creations – a series on camping, cooking and tents.
    We travel to Tennessee to a famous camp ground in an area called “The Great Smokey Mountains National Park” and speak with Dana Soehn as she shares with us the happenings of this historical vacation place.  
    So pack up your camping gear, prepare yourselves for an outdoor experience you are sure to want to have with family and friends.  Leave a comment on your camping stories and recipe’s and you may be heard on our next episode of Fireside Creations.

    Written by Author Shirley Wiggerman

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    WTF - w/Kevin A. Phillips - Fun-in-the-Sun

    in Lifestyle

    THIS WEEK:  Fun in the Sun:

    Playing it “Safe” after a TBI Watermelon, BBQ, hotdogs, and ice-cream…swimming pools, bikinis, flip flops and towels….gardening, picnics, flowers and naps under shade trees….beaches, picnics, road trips, and vacations. What comes to mind when you see or hear these words? SUMMER!

    For many of us, we enjoy being outdoors, soaking up the sun and fresh air, working up a sweat gardening or playing in the yard, listening to the sweet tunes of the birds and crickets, and watching butterflies flutter and the bees buzzing by. We also see an increase of outdoor physical activities such as cycling, riding motorcycles, skateboarding, swimming, waterskiing, rock climbing, baseball, and jumping on the trampoline. What do these sports have in common? The need to take precautions to prevent injury, especially brain injuries.

    But what about after a TBI….could we still enjoy these activities? How did you adapt to these activities you once loved to do? What are alternative safe activities that we can participate in, enjoy and still feel like we are having fun in the sun?

    Join Kevin tonight as he shares his insights about the importance of returning to leisure after a TBI, acquiring new interests and skills, and taking the necessary precautions to have a safe and enjoyable summer season. Tune in tonight at 7:00 PM PDT to learn more and call in to share your own perspective of Fun in the Sun and what works for you!

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    Bruce's Summer Beach Party

    in Radio


    Make sure you tune in for Bruce's Summer Beach Party! The date for the show is June 2 @ 8pm EDT.

    We'll be partying on the beach roasting hot dogs and toasting marshmallows with good folks, so come join us!

    After the show we're going to have a clam bake!