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    reality rules survivor recap

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    Andrew is still away so we welcome back our two guest co hosts from last week. Travis and Cody.

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    The Rules For US Versus The Rules For Them Part II

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    This episode in the 2nd part of " The Rules for US versus the Rules for Them" episode.  In the previous episode I discussed how non-minority athletes and entertainers can do certain things or act a certain way , but if an athlete or entertainer who is a minority does those same things and act in the same way; there actions are then scrutinized by the media and then NOT accepted by the public once the media has molded the situation. Now, with the Super bowl being just a few days away there is a polarizing subplot in the air.  Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton has caught a lot of backlash from the media because of his end zone dances and having fun while winning games, but it is perfectly acceptable for Aaron Rodgers to have an end zone celebration, acceptable for Peyton to curse out Julius Thomas on the field during the 2014 AFC Chaampionship game, or even acceptable for Tom Brady to talk trash on the field while being mic'd up. Cam is viewed as arrogant, but Manning, Rodgers, and Brady are firey competitors.  Cam is being labled as "the villan" going into Super Bowl 50 because most media outlets want Peyton Manning to go out on top by winning his last appearance in the Super Bowl.  Now, the media is putting Cam in a no win situation with the public. If Cam and the Panthers beat Peyton and the Broncos, the he will be "the villan", but if Peyton wins it, Peyton will be branded as one of the greatest QBs of all times and people will say Cam choked. Is that fair? No, but the media has the power to do that. Peyton is still one of the greatest of all-time even without a win the Super Bowl. Why does the public NOT see that?  The media molds the public's perception. Call In at 323.417.6807 with questions.

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    The Rules For Us Versus The Rules For Them

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    In this episode we be discussing how the rules for a minority doing something and the media distorting it and then them (caucasians) doing something and the media shaping it for a specific narrative.  For example, in the world of professional football people have this perception that Tom Brady is a squeaky clean golden boy, but when he is "mic'd up" on the field and you hear him on talking trash and is labled a fiery competitor. In the same breath Richard Sherman is one of the best cornerbacks in the league and will call you out just to see if you can prove you are the best, but is seen and labled as an arrogant thug for calling people out.  The media is known for shaping the opinion of people based on how those individuals personalities are in accordance to their race. This topic can also be discussed in entertainment as far as different public figures are concerned as well.

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    reality rules survivor recap

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    Tonights recap we will have 2 special co host as andrew is out having worldy adventures.

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    Reality Rules #2 Big Brother and Survivor Recap

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    Check out Reality Rules This wedensday as we recap and AMAZING Night of Reality TV! Join Andrew and Momma S as they break down everything that happened in Big Brother and Survivor and take your calls and questions!!!!

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    Ignorantly Conscious...Are there rules to being awake?

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    Ignorantly Conscious....are there rules to being awake? do we still participate in ignorant behaviors? Are there automatic disqualifiers for being conscious? JOIN THE CONVERSATION 347-855-8692(PRESS 1 TO GET ON AIR)

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    Rules For Engagement - Tools for Marriage or Relationship Building

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    Today, we want to talk to all the married, soon to be or want to be married ladies.  When you get that all important proposal that comes with a ring, from that one special guy; you suddenly develop a single eye.  It's all about the nuptials, and nothing but the nuptials.  Right ladies? I mean, you only get married once (hopefully) so therefore it's just gotta be ALL that you want and more.  Unfortunately, we spend an inordinate amount of time on the wedding planning but not all that much time on planning the marriage.  

    After the cake has been cut and the guests of all gone home, your real life as a couple begins.  Whether you've got a great marriage or one that is in need of repair, we've got some excellent tips and tools to help you and your mate rekindle or bring up the flame on your relationship and get back to LOVE.

    As always this half hour (30 minutes) is going to be just like sitting down with your favorite cup, glass or mug chatting with your girlfriends.  So GRAB your cup, call your girls, log onto www.blogtalkradio.com/wisewomeninspired, and get READY to be INSPIRED.  It's that time......WISE Wednesday's with Marilyn and Sonja.

    Sometimes it's Funny, Sometimes its Harsh, but it's ALWAYS, ALWAYS 100% REAL!


    Join us on May 14, 2016 for the Walk to End Lupus go to our website for more information!!


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    091: Demography Rules

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    How the number of retirees compared to workers impacts economic growth, inflation and stock returns. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny091-demography-rules/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

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    Rules, Rituals and Routine… A New Year’s Resolution’s Nightmare.

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    About our Massive Momentum Guest:

    Carol Shaw believes it would be reasonable to think that women whose world revolves around day to day rules, rituals and routines would struggle achieving success with any New Year resolution.

    Carol Shaw and her husband both agreed that one of them should stay at home to raise their family, giving them their values prior to them going to school and getting consumed by other people’s values, including their peers. 

    At the time, what she didn’t foresee was moving away from their family and friends to leave the other side of the country, have her husband working away from home for long periods of time, providing minimal in-the-moment support and having no time to just be herself for herself!

    She regularly felt exhausted, frustrated, very lonely and sad.  To others, she seemed strong – the rock of the family – but for her, she was the rock that was often picked up and thrown from one side of the pond/lake to the other or thrown with great force towards an unknown target. 

    Things had to change …She had to change!

    She became determined to source strategies to grow and develop her own identity. 

     For more information visit www.liberatingvibrantwomen.com. Today's listening audience will receive a complimentary personality profile. Submit request to info@liberatingvibrantwomen.com.


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    "I begynnelsen var Ordet. Ordet var hos gud og ordet var gud” Joh. 1.1.

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    I kveldens sending tar vi for oss begreper og ordene som benyttes om og om igjen i massemedia uten å reflektere over hva disse betyr for de som bruker ordene og for de som hører ordene (les programmeres av ordene).
    Vi vil snakke om ordenes betydning og forskjellen mellom ord, virkelighet  og skriptet/hensikten bak ordene.
    Du vil bli overasket over hva dette programmet vil lære deg om viktigheten av å forstå ordene og deres betydning.
    Dette programmet har til hensikt å vekke deg til forståelse av hva som pågår i din hverdag hvor du er aktør uten å vite hva som egentlig skjer med deg og din fremtid. Vil du bli bevisst ordenes betydning og makten bak ord så er du hjertelig velkommen til å høre, delta på chat og svært gjerne ringe inn via SKYPE for å delta direkte i sendingen. Namaste!