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    What Horror Films Say About Us

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    The Movie Geeks welcome film critic John Kenneth Muir to discuss his latest boook Horror Films FAQ, an in-depth exploration of the horror film genre, and what it says about us and the world we live in.

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    Horror Movie Radio | Horror Films | Interviews & News with Carla B.

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    Tonight's episode is a rebraodcast of Carla B.'s interview with Film Director Massimiliano Cerchi.

    Where Horror Films Begin -- EOTMs Monster Movie Podcast

    Carla B. hosts Horror Movie Radio (HMR) on the EOTM radio Network every other Friday & Saturday at 7pm PST.

    HMR focuses on interviews with horror stars, directors, writers, costume designers, make-up artists & coverage of horror fandom conventions including screenings. HMR also includes reviews of films, scream queens & more.

    THIS WEEKS GUEST:  Veteran Horror Filmmaker Massimiliano Cerchi

    Cerchi is currently working on two new horror films, Where Evil Dwells, starring wrestling legend Al Snow and The House of Evil.

    Veteran Horror Filmmaker Massimiliano Cerchi Will Film “The House of Evil 3-D” for Dark Mountain Pictures - See more at: http://www.transworldnews.com/1324474/a46054/veteran-horror-filmmaker-massimiliano-cerchi-will-film-the-house-of-evil-3-d-for-dark-mountain-pictures#sthash.n4buCG7s.dpuf

    Veteran Horror Filmmaker Massimiliano Cerchi Will Film “The House of Evil 3-D” for Dark Mountain Pictures - See more at: http://www.transworldnews.com/1324474/a46054/veteran-horror-filmmaker-massimiliano-cerchi-will-film-the-house-of-evil-3-d-for-dark-mountain-pictures#sthash.n4buCG7s.dpuf

    Veteran Horror Filmmaker Massimiliano Cerchi Will Film “The House of Evil 3-D” for Dark Mountain Pictures - See more at: http://www.transworldnews.com/1324474/a46054/veteran-horror-filmmaker-massimiliano-cerchi-will-film-the-house-of-evil-3-d-for-dark-mountain-pictures#sthash.n4buCG7s.dpu

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    Baron's Crypt

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    Horror Discussion. Info for Collectors, New Releases, Horror Icon of the Week: Robert Englund! Dates In Horror History; Rondo Award Results; Indiegogo & Kickstarter Horror Projects; Events; Giveaways (call in to win). Horror Sites to check out! NEW SEGMENT: Horror Films set in NJ! Nutcase News; Music! Updates on Reviews & Top Review Contest! Internet Horror! Film Festival Deadlines! and SHOUT OUTS! 

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    Totally Awesome!: Top 20 Essential 80s Horror Films

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    Good evening fellow fright fans and freakazoids - join us for another fright filled episode where we will be counting down our top 20 Essential 80s Horror Films! These films will represent the overall style and finesse of the decade that brought us leg warmers, crimped hair, loud colors, rainbow make up, synth scores, classic effects, and so much more.
    Will your favorite make our list? Listen in and find out! 

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    Live With The Vegas Vampire!

    in Paranormal

    The Vegas Vampire was a vampire of late night Shock Theater and Vegas Vampire shows at KHBV/KVVU, Channel 5, in Henderson, Nevada, and broadcast to the greater Las Vegas, Nevada area from the late 1960s through the 1970s.

    The Vegas Vampire's show featured grade-“B” horror films, monster films, and science fiction films. The show was aired on Friday nights at 11 p.m

    Parker's Vegas Vampire was a popular local celebrity. He traveled the streets of Las Vegas and Henderson in a trademark Hearse, and appeared at many local business openings. For many years he hosted the local segments of the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, and participated in local shows and charity events like the St. Jude's "Nite of Stars" show, and the Clark County Talent Guild's "Stars of Tomorrow" show. So popular was the character that at one point Parker was appointed director of publicity and public relations for TV-5.  One Halloween in the 1990s the Vegas Vampire was invited to return to Vegas' Circus Circus to turn the Grand Slam Canyon (later Adventuredome) ride complex into the Dome of Doom.

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    Oh the Horror!

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    Join the Creep Show Radio crew as they discuss their first horror movie theater experience as well as their first experience seeing a horror film in general! We will also be discussing the April Ghoul's Drive-In Monster Rama from April 24th and 25th. Also on this week's show we'll be announcing the winner of the exclusive giveaway for Chris Kuchta's print of Angela from NIGHT OF THE DEMONS! 

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    Baron's Crypt

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    60th Show! Discussions of Horror Releases - An Extensive Listing, News, Giveaways. The Horror Icon of the Week: Jonathan Moody! Information of many Indiegogo, Kickstarter and Go Fund Horror Projects. Film Fests Deadlines and Events to Attend. Who Made the Shouts Outs this week!?!

    Warning on Casting Scams! A Truly special History in Horror for the Dates of May 22 to May 28! Death in Horrorland - remembrance.

    Mailbag known to Horror Fans as the Body Bag! Great music on the show tonight, Another Track from Midnight Syndicate and a Very Special Track!

    Sincere Thanks to all the Horror Fans tuning in, sharing links and tweets!



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    Pearls of Horror: Celebrating 30 Years of Terror!

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    On tonight's show, we will be discussing some of the genre's most impactful films that have made it to the big 3-0! Punk rockers, zombies, severed heads, tearing flesh, possession, seduction, night clubs, kinky bites and so much more are going to run rampant. Don't be caught dead missing this one!

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    Return of Creep Show Radio

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    We're back! The Creep Show Radio team has returned to Horror Society to bring you more thrills and chills to fill your nights with unrelenting terror! 

    Our on return show, we will be introducing our new hosts Brandon Roberts and Stephen Mendonca as well as discussing the current state of horror. Has horror really reached its limit? Are we doomed to neverending remakes, sequels and more rehashes of the same plot recycled over and over again? Listen in to hear our thoughts Creep Show Fiends - this is going to be one hell of a show! 

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    Best Horror Films of the Last Decade

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    Discussing the best horror films of the past decade this episode.

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    Shriekfest Radio! Denise Gossett interviews filmmaker Brian Belefant!

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    A long time ago, I was a copywriter.  I was at Scali McCabe Sloves, Chiat/Day, Stein Robaire Helm, Borders Perrin & Norrander, and BBDO, along with a couple of other companies that I thought were ad agencies because of the creative way they were named after people, but that turned out to be accounting firms or something. Somebody told me that you couldn't be a director unless you went to school for it, so I took a bunch of film classes at UCLA, NYU, and SVA, and even though some people might tell you otherwise, I managed to learn stuff. Then I started asking people to hire me to direct their commercials and some of them did.It's been about twenty years now, of me wearing a hat, wandering around on the set, and saying "cut" without getting into any trouble. I must be really good at it, too, because sometimes people ask me to do it over and over and not because I got it wrong and they want me to try again until I get it right. I even got a bunch of certificates and trophies and stuff -- including a really ugly hood ornament from the London International Advertising Awards.  And not just for commercials. I sometimes get to direct films -- which are just like commercials only they're longer and there's more talking and sometimes naked people in them -- and documentaries, which are just like commercials only the people you point the camera at usually know even less about how to make the film go than I do. 

    Brian won Best Horror Comedy short film in Shriekfest 2002 and had a screenplay finalist in 2002 as well with his script "The Lakeside Slasher".