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    PWTR | Cena and The Authority go to war over Ryback

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    PWTR goes LIVE Tuesdays @ 8pm eastern on PWFEmpire.com!

    PWTR hosts discuss the hottest topics in the world of wrestling, such as:

    John Cena goes to war with The Authority over Ryback
    Giving John Cena credit where it’s due
    Renewed interest in Ryback: is it warranted?
    Luke Harper makes a play for Team Authority by attacking Ziggler
    Will Dolph Ziggler’s place on Team Cena lead to a breakout push?
    Nikki uses “Cinderbella" Brie to attack Divas Champion AJ Lee
    Hornswoggle joins Miz and MizDow
    NXT Tyson Kidd’s winning streak
    Jim Ross returning to announcing with Global Force Wrestling and NJPW
    Hideo Itami’s performance in NXT
    Finn Balor’s WWE debut… and more!

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    You know what they say about payback...

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    Ringtime returns with the preview of Payback as well as a tribute to WWE superstars who served in the military.

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    WWE Payback Preview and Breakdown

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    This week we will recap Monday Night Raw and Preview and breakdown this Sunday's PPV Payback.

    Daniel Bryan's ultimatium

    Evolution vs. The Shield-No Holds Barred Elimination 6 Man tag Team

    John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt- Last man Standing

    Bad news Barret vs. RVD- IC Title

    Paige vs. Alicia Fox- WWE Divas title

    El torito vs. Hornswoggle- mask vs. Hair

    Sheamus vs. Cesaro- U.S. Title


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    WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Review

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    The Shield defeated Evolution, Daniel Bryan beat Kane to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Bray Wyatt defeated John Cena and more! 

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    3 Count Thursday #4

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    Ryan and I are back with another edition of 3CountThursday

    Bringing you the latest news and rumors in the world of pro wrestling:

    RAW recap: We will look back at this week's RAW, the "go home" show for the Extreme Rules special event this Sunday

    Extreme Rules: We will preview the Extreme Rules special event this Sunday, and give our predictions for each match on the card

    WWE Network: We will also look at the WWE Network. The successes and failures and the latest news with WWE's video streaming service 

    Where Are They Now: If time allows, we will cover what some past WWE superstars are doing today

    All of these topics plus your calls, tweets, questions and much more

    Tune in at 9:30p ET

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    PWTR: Brock Lesnar Invades WWE HQ

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    PWTR hosts discuss the latest news in the world of wrestling, such as:
    Brock Lesnar Destroys Triple H's Office Potential Brock Lesnar Feuds (Orton, The Rock?) Rating Ryback: Better as a Face or Heel? Legacy of "Money in the Bank" World Champions Daniel Bryan's Evolution as a WWE Superstar Sheamus vs Mark Henry feud The Great Khali and Natalya Hornswoggle remaking Leprechaun The Bella Twins starring in new Divas show Breakfast Wrestling Federation Randy Orton vs Big Show feud Build-up for Extreme Rules CM Punk's enduring absence Ring of Honor talk Sting #1 Contender for TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ramblings about guns, sports, movies and crazy folks The Rock's new movie Reading tweets from PWTR listeners… and more!  
    Pro Wrestling Talk Radio goes LIVE Wednesdays @ 8pm eastern on http://PWFEmpire.net
    For business inquiries (such as sponsorship/advertising interests, partnership opportunities) contact us at pwfempire@gmail.com

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    Welcome to ONE FULL HOUR of MAYHEM NEWS LIVE!!!! We are bringing you the news you need and rewriting the book on MAYHEM!!   WWE: I have been talking about the mistakes that WWE has made with Alberto Del Rio..and it seems they may have been listening.  To quote The Rock “FINALLY..WWE is doing…the right…….thing!” I think ADR’s announcers Ricardo Rodriguez popularity with the fans is why the Heel formula did not work.  Even when they let him attack Mysterio the heel thing just didn’t work.  So WWE was behind the learning curve but finally has found a change the fans like.   in a Last Man Standing Match against the The Big Show ADR showed a strength we did not know he had.  He not only survived the match but beat Show to become the New Heavy Weight Champion having...DESTINY CROWNED!!  VIVA DEL RIO!!  Big E Langston attacks Hornswoggle..licking his lips..CREEPY.  I read an opinion regarding his finishing move..I agree that it would seem it would do more damage to him than his opponent.  CM Punk.."BLAH BLAH BLAH..BLAH BLAH BLAH!" Same old crap.  The interaction between the Rhodes Scholars and The Rock was, pardon the pun, PRICELESS!  Both were on the ball.  Rock returns to Smack Down after 10 years and doesn't miss a beat.  20 year RAW anniversary show. WWE HOF News.  Top WM matches.  Eve Torres leaving?  Santino confirming an injury.  TNA: Bully Ray asked Brooke to marry him...WHAT?!!!  Well didn't see that coming.  Hogan was pissed...LOL.  Joseph Parks return from wrestling camp.  NASCAR:  Practice has started.  GAMING:  Review of online play on Black Ops 2, Dishonored game is dishonorable and Raptr and the gaming world,  

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    sWo Radio Episode XXIV - It's War!!!

    in Entertainment

    The night we have all been talking about! WWE vs TNA head to head! Hogan! Hart! HORNSWOGGLE!!!! Join Stevie and Jess as they go over all the Monday night action!

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    Tuesday Night Tyfo - Garden Party!

    in Entertainment

    RAW came home to Madison Square Garden with Roddy Piper as the host, Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton battle, Hornswoggle gets Pedigree'd, AJ Styles retains his TNA World title, The Pope signs a new deal, Sean Mooney returning to WWE? We'll be talking about all that and a whole lot more tonight LIVE on TNT!

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    The Programme w/ Matt and Ben

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    This Week on The Programme w/ Matt & Ben, Tuesday 7pm-9pm only on http://www.mattandbenradio.com

    *Matt Foster & Ben Gordon talk about how much fatter they got over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, while both pining for an actual Survivor Series event on the holiday itself.

    *Matt Ryan will call in with yet another "clue" as to who "really" eyedicked Dusty Rhodes (despite his conviction) **Note from Ben - Until the BlogTalkRadio people can figure out a way to stop Matt from hacking into our show, he won't go away. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate the incredible patience our listeners have been showing throughout this trying time in The Programme's history. Thank you - BG**

    *Raw - Guest Host makes Hornswoggle look like Andre the Giant, why Chris Jericho should get a show all to himself

    *Indy Roundup - CHIKARA's BDK storyline, DGUSA's new champion, EVOLVE's main event

    *An announcement regarding our December 15th show that will make some of our listeners very excited!

    *All of this plus the Dungeon of Doom, SMD of the Week and much more!

    -Interact with the show by calling us live via the Shaska Whatley Hotline (646-727-2364) or through the Big Cat Chat on mattandbenradio.com

    -Don't forget to sign up for the new Programme w/ Matt & Ben Message Board at http://www.mattandbenradio.com!

    The Programme w/ Matt & Ben - Uncensored Wrestling Radio
    Tuesdays, 7pm - 9pm - http://www.mattandbenradio.com

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    Tuesday Night Tyfo - Clubberin', Plunda, And Da Mothaship!

    in Entertainment

    Dusty Rhodes was the guest host for Raw, did he do anything to help his son? Rey Mysterio is going to be MIA for 30 days, what does that mean for the Intercontinental title? Jeff Hardy is officially gone for now, the Chavo-Hornswoggle epic continues, and ECW is WrestleMania replays. We'll talk about all that and a whole lot more tonight LIVE on TNT!

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