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    Grilliant Ideas Foodie Radio- Food-Cooking-Entertainment

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    Welcome To Grilliant Ideas Radio!

    As always we will begin the show with Laury The Food News Joisey Style Girl, Brian-The Wine Czar and Grilliant discussing what's new in the Foodie World! Commentary about Food that usually gets us in trouble.

    We then have 4 guests this week which will make for a full show!

    First Guest up is Author Paula Marcoux! Paula will be coming on to talk about her book "Cooking with Fire"  : From Roasting on a spit to Baking in a Tannur, Rediscovered Techniques and Recipes that Capture the Flavors of Wood-Fire Cooking. Paula is an Archeologist, cookbook writer, bread oven builder, and a Food History Editor. We think she may have a few things to say about Food! www.themagnificentleaven.com 

    Our second guests will be a duo of Movie Director and Guitar Player Horacio Jones and Actress Lisa Winans.... Horacio recently made a film which appeared in The 48 hour Film Fest in San Diego called "Desert Rose" and Lisa won the Best Actress of 2014 in this film. We are going to be talking movie making, acting, and will be serenaded by guitar music. Now how's that for variety? www.horaciojones.com (Guitar) www.CinemaViva.com (Video and Movie Production) & www.lisawinans.com (Lisa's personal page)

    Lastly our musical guest is the Country Rock band from Israel.. Sawyer Band-When you think country...to be honest...you usually don't think about Tel Aviv Israel..but this band has it going on..no matter what country!

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    The Rocketz/Straight Shooter

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    Tony of The Rocketz (Rockabilly/Punk from Los Angeles, CA) and Horacio of Straight Shooter (Country from Los Angeles, CA) will be joining us to talk about their U.S. tour and upcoming stop in Terre Haute. 

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    "Captain My Captain"

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    The term “Captain My Captain” is the subject of our latest episode (…a quote from the works of renowned poet, Walt Whitman). Each of the film titles this week has the word “Captain” associated with it! The Host taking the Classic point of view, and the Co-Host taking a more Modern approach…at least at in the beginning; who knows where we will end up! So join us, as we explore the theme “Captain My Captain”!

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    Investigan la muerte de seis caballos abatidos en el Xur�s

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    La campaña de Bill Gates contra el animal más peligroso del mundo


    Duro petitorio de los Empleados Mensuales al presidente de Lotería

    En Jesús María la jineteada sigue, pero habrá retoques

    Abigeos arrasan con burros y caballos para vender carne

    Ademas los especialistas responden hoy:

    El Dr. Horacio Arturo especialista en Alimentación Equina nos responde acreca de las Deficiencias mas comunes en caballo deportivo


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    Programa 170 Nota al Dr. Horacio Arturo

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    Dr. Horacio Arturo, es Medico Veterinario en caballos deportivos y es tambien propietario de un laboratorio de productos para caballos "Vetec"

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    Chile and other US-Latin America issues

    in Politics

    Guests:  Mr Horacio Marull, international attorney & Honorary Consul of Chile in Dallas. 
    Fausta Wertz (Fausta's Blog) & Michael Prada will join our panel.
    Please support our friends: 

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    Innovacion Empresarial y El Marketing Digital

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    La Dra. Carmen Delia Ortiz dialoga con Carmen Teres Luengo y Horacio Terzaghi, dos lideres comprometidos con el exito empresarial de todos los latinos en el Sur de la Florida.  Exploramos la importancia de la innovacion y los fundamentos del marketing digital para el exito en la nueva economia global.
    Presentamos el taller en vivo de Marketing Digital pronto a ser presentado en Miami.  Para recibir 3 videos gratis del nuevo Facebook, Google y You Tube, visite www.queeselmarketingdigital.com

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    Programa 172 Labotatario de productos para equinos

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    Entrevista la Dr. Horacio Arturo propietario  del Laboratorio de productos para equinos VETEC

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    Rags to Riches Story Richard O'Leary Spirit of Boston cruise

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    For more information on Richard Daniel O'Leary and the "Spirit of Boston" harbor cruise tours visit: http://www.CruiseWithBruce.com/cruise_radio/Richard_Daniel_OLeary_Spirit_of_Boston/
    Listen to this internet radio broadcast with the host of Cruise with Bruce radio Bruce Oliver as he talks with his guest, a retired harbor cruise line owner Richard Daniel O'Leary about Boston Massachusetts and the Spirit of Boston harbor cruise ship and sightseeing tour. During the program Richard O'Leary will talk about his life and how his former company now runs harbor cruises in ten cities around the United States. Whether you travel to Boston, New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Mount Vernon, Norfolk VA, Miami, Chicago, Puget Sound, Seattle, or Los Angeles you should take one of the "Spirit of America" harbor city cruises and tours.
    About Richard Daniel O'Leary
    Richard's story is a rags to riches (Horacio Alger) tail of what is possible when you work hard, recognize opportunity and live in the United States of America. Born into humble circumstances, the only son of an Irish immigrant, Richard Daniel O’Leary’s love of the sea inspired him to attend the Maine Maritime Academy, serve as an officer in the Navy, as well as on the SS United States, and the Commandant of Midshipmen at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, NY.   He went on to create an illustrious business career based in Norfolk, Virginia. The company he founded, Cruise Ventures Inc., grew from a one-person operation to a national company with 2500 employees headquartered in fifty-five offices in twelve states, which built and owned a fleet of thirteen 600-passenger harbor cruise vessels.

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    Dr Jorge Horacio Nobili, Charla en profundidad acerca de las Carreras Cuadreras en la Argentina

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    Nota al Dr. Jorge Horacio Nobili sobre. Las Carreras Cuadreras (Carreras Extraoficiales) en la Argentina. Una vision distinta, su actualzidad y su futuro.
    Editorial a cargo del Dr Mario Lopez Oliva. Comentarios de actualidad.

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    Hindu Radio:Prof. Arganis:Vedic Roots of Mexicos Revolution/Fall of Vedic Vietnam/Siva Temple Crisis

    in Culture

    In 1909 Francisco Madero wrote a book urging Mexicans to dump President Diaz and demand real democracy. The book became a best seller, and Madero found himself leading an insurrection.He was obsessed with notions of duty and self-sacrifice that he'd encountered in the Bhagavad-Gita. He wrote several books on the teachings of the Hindu Bhagavad-Gita. Madero had a strong interest in Spiritualism and published a number of articles under the pseudonym of Arjuna. Before becoming president, Madero published another book called a 'Spiritualist Manual' under the name of Bhima, one of Arjuna's brothers. Madero was an ascetic, a vegetarian and stopped drinking alcohol. Madero's book was well received, and many people began to call Madero the Apostle of Democracy.He founded the Antireelection Center in Mexico City in May 1909.Madero traveled throughout Mexico giving antireelectionist speeches, and everywhere he went he was greeted by crowds of thousands. He became the 10th President of Mexico.Hindu Impact Continues!In this episode of Hindu Radio learn about Mexico's ongoing Vedic projects and events. Prof. Horacio Arganis of Saltillo, Mexico has been organizing Vedic Conferences for the past 5 years.Prof Arganis shares his research regarding the actual date of the Bhagavat Purana. Dated to approximately 1200 AD by modern scholars, the evidence shows that the Bhagavat Purana, aka the Srimad Bhagavatam,can be accurately dated to 2000 BC.Re:Thai-Cambodia Siva Temple Crisis: There are three predictions from many hundred of years ago that people speak of; first ancient prediction is:Iron birds fly over the great empire dropping fire and a million will die. 2 there are homes but no one can live in them, there are roads on which none can walk, there are stairs that no one can use. The third ancient prediction says Bangkok will fall, Angkor Wat prosper and Phnom Penh will celebrate. The Khmer people have lived through two. 1. Vietnam war and 2.The Khmer Rouge Killing Fields.

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