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    Are Christians Still Serving?

    in Religion

    Are Christians serving in American today? Are they evangelizing and withnessing in the streets today? Are they feeding the hungry or going to the hopitals, nursing homes and prsions? Is anyone obeying the Great Commission? Can Christians even be considered Christian anymore? Listen in on the conversation... 
    A Christian Perspective is dedicated to speaking about events past and present from A Christian Perspective.
    We will bring with us knowledgeable guest from varied backgrounds and experiences to help determine what is the Christian Perspective concerning the issues of the day.

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    Tony's back and comedian William Randolph

    in Comedy

    Please join Tony and the gang along with the comedy and music of Willam Randolph, who will talk to us about that and food. Tony will also talk about he stay last week in the hospital so tune in!

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    Wardship Dispellere, Protecting Birthrights of the Newborn

    in Legal

    TUNE INTO CIVIL ALERT to find out what happened at the hospital after Funtayus El and his wife delivered their first baby girl. After Funtayus's demonstration,  Taj Tarik Bey and Anaidah El will provide insight about ward-ship, What it is? Who created it?  How was it created?  Why was it created? How does one unknowingly submit to it? How to Dispell it?  How does the birth certificate process tie into birthright theft, subversion of nationality and genocide?
    Before the show get a copy of your birth certicate and if possible a blank state form/application  that the hopitals present to the parents.
    This show is a must for all parents and soon-to-be parents.
    It is also for all that knows of anyone that is expecting.
    Tonight's Style:
    First Person Testimony
    Followed by Illuminating Introspection.
    Like always have your pen and paper ready and be sure to tell everybody about Civil Alert Rising.
    Civil Alert Rising Radio
    Informative, Engaging and 3rd Eye Opening
    858.357.8450 (Option 1 to Ask/Speak)
    Twitter @civilalertworld
    * Wardship Dispeller by Bro. Taj Tarik Bey is a must have. Copies of the book can be purchased at http://www.rvbeypublications.com/catalog/i61.html