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    Healing & Hope For The Heart - Season Preview

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    We have been off the air long enough so get ready ... WE ARE BACK!  The 2013-'14 Season Preview of "Healing and Hope for the Heart!" 
    This season Phyllis and guest will continue to cover topics that will make you laugh, cry, learn and yearn for something new and different in your life.
    Don't miss the opportunity to be inspired with Hope that leads to the Healing your Hearts deserves right here on..."Healing and Hope for the Heart" with Phyllis beginning  Tuesday, September 10th at 8:00pm right here on Blog Talk Radio!

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    Hope and Healing for the Wounded Woman

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    Wounds. We all have them. Some of our wounds, because they're still open, aren't just running but ruining our lives. 

    You know what they say, what you don’t face you can't fix. Well, two dynamic women I know, both coaches, have set out to help us face these wounds, so we can heal ourselves. Coaches Tracey Oliver Keyser, certified holistic health practitioner, transformational life coach, and founder of Embracing the Journey, LLC and Erica Goodridge, M.ED. in Education, Minister, Professional Certified Christian Life Coach, have launched an Internet TV show, Open Wounds: Healing Through Powerful Conversations. Open Wounds is putting a voice to the issues that impact women, their children, relationships, and our communities, issues that keep women from stepping fully and confidently into their power and greatness. 

    To join me, your host, DeBora M. Ricks, and my guests, on She Struts Radio Thursday, March 19, 6:30pm ET call 718.766.4468 or listen online. You don’t want to miss this show!


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    Healing & Hope For The Heart

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    Join Phyllis for Healing & Hope for the Heart!

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    J.R. Thicklin: Hope & Healing TONIGHT!!

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    Join J.R. Thicklin for Hope & Healing: A Journey to Wholeness

    9pm est/ 8pm cst

    Call in or listen at (323) 784-9638 or www.solofamericaradio.com

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    Anthony Mossburg- The Voice of Hope and Healing

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    Anthony Mossburg is a multi-award-winning acoustic artist from WV who is currently residing in Columbus, OH. What most of us express only in words, Anthony shares in song - with raw, gutsy, open, and honest music. His life is a continual adventure of unearthing truth, revealing personal struggles, celebrating successes, and helping others do the same. His life was spared at the last moment from a scheduled abortion. After losing a career in football due to numerous injuries, Anthony survived a tumultuous season in college until meeting a youth pastor who invested in his life. Both his story and his work draw people in as he helps them connect to the heart of God to find hope and healing through the struggles in their own lives. Anthony is known for writing moving lyrics, creating melodies which stick with you long after the songs are over, and for his deep, rich, unforgettable voice. Anthony won the Pointfest Talent Competition for Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH. He was chosen to lead the Legacy of Freedom concert tour to fight child sex trafficking in the United States and “Can Anyone Hear Me Now” was written to help in this cause.


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    Healing & Hope For The Heart

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    Join Phyllis for another heart felt episode the will warm your heart.

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    Divine Hope

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    Ministering The Word of God to help people in their lives

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    Pure Hope #24 : Kundalini

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    Nitin S. Adsul will join us on our 24th “Pure Hope Show” Tuesday, February 24th at 7 p.m.  We will be discussing Kundalini Energy! Kundalini is described within the Eastern religions as a spiritual tradition an indwelling spiritual energy that can be awakened in order to purify the subtle system and ultimately bestow upon us the divine union with the Beloved!  Kundalini is described as a lying “coiled energy” at the base of the spine, represented as either a Goddess or sleeping serpent waiting to be awakened to the true seeker of Truth.  In this program you will learn symptoms of Kundalini awakening and descriptions of Kundalini rising.  This is a very intriguing subject that will help you understand how quantum transformation can take place.


    Nitin S. Adsul is a CCA Certified Personal Life Coach, an Award winning Filmmaker who serves as a guide to individuals for growth in personal and professional life.  His services via Personal Coaching, Energy healing, Energy Activation Workshops/Lectures, Films and Documentaries are focused mainly on the path of purification of the soul to cultivate the seed of Higher Consciousness and overcome challenges in life to bring peace and harmony within.  In 2007 he co-produced feature length film entitled “Prayer Life” and received worldwide DVD Release in 2008 and has won awards at festival circuit.  In 2010, he produced/directed an award winning documentary film on Kundalini that explains energetic experiences of real people of today with personal and social impact.  More details on Nitin at www.7dotsmedia.com  Personal Website: www.nitinadsul.com








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    Prayer for Healing

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    Prayer this Monday for healing of the mind, body, and soul.

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    Refuge of Hope Healing Room

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    God's Word is healing  Pray it into your life and watch your healing begin.

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    Hope and Healing for Today and Answers To Every Problem.

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    This show is to help people pray and find answers and solutions to every perplexity and problems that they have. Healing of mind, body and spirit can only come through Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior and by studying the Bible. By beholding Jesus, we become change. 

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