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    Spitsumflorida radio presents Lashay honey dip

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    She is one of the hottest female hip hop artist from the Charlotte NC area that started rapping at the age of 13 and the rest is her story. Her non stop grind shows that she is very serious and dedicated to her craft. She has gained the likes of many with her use of word play and delivery in the lyrics that she writes. Note to add, she ghost writes for other artist as wellHoney Dips interviews, music, mixtapes that she is a part of and videos can be found on many Internet websites to many online Internet radio stations from coast to coast and a few countries. She has graced the covers and has been the featured artist on many online and print magazines locally and nationally such as Urban Tymes, XXL and Hostile Magazines.

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    Shay Star Radio: Interview w/ Honey Dip

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    TONIGHT!!!!! We have the very lovely and extremely talented Mz. Honey Dip!!! Holding it down for A.R.E she will be stopping through around 8:30pm EST. So be sure to tune in and see what she got going on!
    TOPIC OF THE NIGHT: Does size matter??? Or is it really just the motion in the ocean??? LET ME KNOW!!!
    We back like we never left! Shay Star Radio has been known for show casing only the HOTTEST independent artists in the game. We take pride in knowing that we treat the indies like majors. If you have a hot single and want real time air play send labeled MP3s to ShayStarRadio@gmail.com.

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    Guest: Hip Hop Artist MZ HONEY DIP on The AAA Show

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    Every Wednesday from 6:30 to 7:00 pm EST.  the Access to Arising Artists Show Radio Host Tracey Chantel features independent recording artists from around the world.  She includes in her playlist R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Jazz, Gospel and Reggae music.  Her listening audience joins her as her Co-Host and Votes which song played on the air should be "Let It Ride" or  "Pass It By".  The Artist song with the most  "Let It Ride" Votes is featured on both the Chantel Enterprises and Access To Arising Artists Websites for site visitors (over 32, 000) to hear.  The Artist will also be the Artist of the Week with the WOW Factor and receive worldwide recognition and exposure.
    On today show Tracey Chantel will speaking with Hip Hop Artist MZ HONEY DIP talking about  "how long she's been in the industry", "her accomplishments", "who she would like to work with" and "who inspired her".  The listeneing audience will also get the pleasure of hearing Mz HONEY DIP si

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    Tomorrow Friday the 13th at 4pm be sure to tune in the lines are open until 5pm 929-477-1796. We will be interviewing MO BEATZ. He will be discussing his latest single featuring Trina "BreadWinner" & Money Problems. Mo Beatz will also be discussing his mixtape Paper Boy reloaded 2. So tune in for the latest information. For Booking Honey Dip contact Ralan at ralanenterprisesllc@gmail.com S.M.I.L.E. #SomeMakeItLookEasy #ooo0HMmmm
    Artist send mp3s and drops to dippedinthemorn@gmail.com drops shout out A.R.E. RADIO dj's send 30 minute mix please include booking information #salutethedjs www.queencityawards.com vote Dai dizzle hiphop youth artist of the year thanks for all your support queen bee will be swerving thru with the health tip Eat healthy to be wealthy #ARERADIO #AREBANG 13love

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    When The Boss is Away Ms. Honey will Play

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    Join S'Amar aka Ms. Honey and The Honey Bee's Sexy Beverly, Jay aka Smitty, Lennie every Sunday night 9-11pm (626)226-1448 as We talk STUFF...This show is for the Grown and Open Minded...Laughs and Giggles...Bring whatever is on YOUR 

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    The Honey Room

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    Please join S'Amar aka Ms. Honey and The Honey Bee's in The Honey Room every Friday 9-11pm (626)226-1448. Bring Your Counseling and Social Issues while Networking and Sharing Love! We 

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    Jewcee Tales Erotic Chat - Rose Washington Curvaceous and Lingerie Model

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    Join Mz. Jewcee and Honey B da Producer for a Adult Conversation on the Erotic side of the house! Each week you will be treated to a variety of topics and Co-Hosts that are in the Adult Entertainment Business! From Entertainers ~ to Business Owners ~ to Event Planners ~ to Erotic Poets and Writers!

    You will also be treated to Educational and Informational Co-Hosts that will assist you through the ever alluring subject - The Lifestyle! Learn more about the different aspects of the Lifestyle and how you can be a part of it!

    Tonight's Co-Host: Rose Washington ~ Curvaceous & Lingerie Model

    Ask questions and get ANSWERS right here!

    ...so join us! As we ENJOY - ENLIGHTEN - EMBRACE - EROTICISM!

    Tuesday, November 24, 2015

    Show Time: 7pm (Pacific) ~ 9pm (Central) ~ 10pm (Eastern)

    Call-in Number: 718-766-4343 - Press 1 if you have a comment and/or question for the Host or Co-Hosts.
    You can also listen LIVE on any wireless device by clicking the link attached. NOTE: Your best Internet Browser for Blog Talk Radio is: Chrome, Firefox or Safari (on your wireless device) 


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    Orishas, Love and Sex in West Africa & Parliament with Phyllis C & Angie B.

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    First Guest.....Marsha Scarbrough, author of Honey in the River:  Shadow, Sex and West African Spirituality discusses with us tonight her personal journey and discovery of the Orishas, Goddess Archetypes of West Africa, all while under the influence of her babalawo, or Yoruban lover who acted as her spiritual leader.  We'll talk about her personal soap opera and the growth she gleaned from that tangled relationship, as well as discuss what is Ifa and Ifa voodoo, who are the feminine orishas, the trickster and  how Ifa informs our contemporary lives.  This is a very heartfelt and candid look at how important it is to look at our own shadow, and in this case, how Marsha was willing to lie and betray other women in order to feel loved.  How she, and many women, are in denial about being in abusive relationships and willingly take part in self-sabotaging behavior and allow themselves to be exploited by others in positions of power.

    Second Guests.....Phyllis Currott and Angie Buchanan, prominent Pagan movers and shakers involved with planning the Council for the Parliament of World Religions will give us a behind the scenes look at this incredible inter-faith gathering that happened in October 2015 in Salt Lake City, UT, and we'll hear what's ahead for the next Parliament.

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    Winter Preparedness Review with The Homestead Honey Hour

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    Winter preparedness review!
    Host: Katzcradul "Homestead Honey Hour"
    on American Preppers Radio! 
    Saturday 9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    Join Katzcradul on The Homestead Honey Hour as she reviews preparedness, what we need to do to be ready for whatever winter has in store for us. Fall is the perfect time to pull your ‘get home bag’ out of the trunk of you car and replace summer supplies with those more appropriate for winter. Katz will talk about how to critically review your supplies to ensure you have everything you’ll need when the temperatures drop.

    Tags: American Preppers Radio, Prepper Broadcasting

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    KITM/News/How The U.S Created Isis, Al-Qaeda & Others/Who Do U Trust?

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          Well, another weekend.  Troubles, problems.  Things - LIFE.  That's just the way it is I guess, what are you going to do?  Jay King, Johnny Davis (Firecracker Graham Cracker, although he insists it's CARCKER which isn't the same thing, but we go along with it) And sometimes Bobby Boo Boo Honey Redwine.  Oh, and I was about to throw DLW under the bus, but since it's early morning, all the bus activity is taken up with transportation, and school.  You want it on this?  347-205-9366.  If you havne't heard the show before - CAUTION - This show ain't for everybody!  347-205-9366.