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    Honduras Oakwood Mission 2014

    in Christianity

    While the enemies of Christianity continue to spread dispair, the Christian zealots leave the comforts of home to do the good works of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Join us as we visit with Christi Piner who went to Honduras this summer to help build a school and spread the good news of the Gospel. We love shows about mission trips and you will too. Listen live or later. 

    http://ciswealth.com       Sal Cadena    (830) 609-6986 

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    The Hex - USMNT v. Honduras

    in Sports

    Michael &  Wes talk about the the Hex and the USMNT's 2-1 loss to Honduras.

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    Don Garber's Comments, USA vs Honduras Review

    in Soccer

    Daryl and Taylor answer listener questions to review USA vs Honduras, react to Don Garber's surprise press conference, and preview the upcoming LA Galaxy vs. Seattle game(s).

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    Honduras en la MLS

    in Sports

    Honduras es el pais de moda en la MLS, los jugadores catrachos tienen vital importancia en sus equipos. Pero cuantos de verdad aspiran al titulo? Cuantos buscan dar el salto a Europa? Hoy a las 11pm ET discutimos todos los temas y adelantamos los favoritos para este torneo.

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    Mesa Pública: “What’s Happening in Honduras?"

    in News

    “What’s Happening in Honduras? A Glimpse from a Country in Crisis”  
    Mon, March 4, 2013  - 8 AM PST/10 AM CT/11 AM EST - 30 mins
    Today’s show is called “What’s Happening in Honduras? A Glimpse from a Country in Crisis”” with our special guests with our special guests Vicki Cervantes Spokesperson for The Honduras Solidarity Network

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    KTL Radio presents The HONDURAS HEALING JOURNEY ft Dr Sebi & Friends

    in News

    Join KNOW THE LEDGE RADIO for another ground breaking EPIC interview with herbalist/healer Dr. Sebi. 

    Live & Direct from the Usha Healing Village in Honduras Sebi will highlight us with the latest details on his oddysey to bring his healing modalities to the world. 

    We will also hear directly from people that are currently at the village and are benefiting from the healing thermal waters and electric cell food that has become a staple of Dr Sebi's healing approach. 

    We have been fielding a lot of inquiries about the factuality surrounding Dr. Sebi's claims to have a "cure" for every disease known to man and people have been asking for anyone who has directly been "healed" to step forth, so once again we are providing a platform to provide answers. 

    Let us BE CLEAR! People will find money to go to Egypt, Europe & the Caribbean to go on vacation...buy whatever their heart desires but somehow feel like their health should be left in the hands of the government or discounted, so they fuss about the price of the trip to the village, when all actuality it costs next to NOTHING, especially if you value health over illness. One session of chemo will run you three times the cost of the trip, and more then likely ultimately you may end up paying with your life. 

    People will willingly put their lives in the very hands of the very people who they claim have no good intentions for them, their progeny or their ancestry. So tune in tonight as we put it in perspective. CLASS IS IN SESSION. 

    Tell a friend to tell a friend, you may save a life.  

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    MXMGBTR, 04/09 "True Life Experiences," Power of Peace Project - Kit Cummings

    in Education

    A show dedicated to "True Life Experiences." The Life & Motivation of Mr. Kit Cummings, Founder of "Power of Peace Project," Healing Communities across America.

    "Kit Cummings is an international speaker, teacher and founder of Power of Peace Productions, Inc. and Power of Peace Project, Inc. Kit has worked with Non-Profits and Fortune 500's over his 25 year career. Kit spreads a much needed message of peace, power and positive change all over the world. Kit excels as a coach and teacher where he offers keys and principles that inspire people to see things differently, adjust their attitude and reach new heights. With an entertaining style that combines inspiration and humor, Kit's high energy program connects with very diverse audiences, training in small workshops or delivering keynote speeches at large events and seminars. To his corporate clients, Kit brings his experience working in some of the most dangerous areas in the world, into the workplace to bring about organizational CHANGE. Kit recently completed speaking tours in South Africa, Mexico, Honduras and Ukraine; he's negotiated peace between rival gang leaders in dangerous prisons, and Kit also recently spoke at the Gandhi Global Peace Summit in Durban, SA. Kit has spoken and taught in some of the toughest environments imaginable, and now he brings his dynamic message to corporate events, associations and conferences. Prepare to be inspired, entertained and transformed. Kit delivers over 100 entertaining presentations per year, and he has authored four books."

    Raw & UnCut!

    MXMGBTR - LIVE 24/7

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    "Evg. Georgia Lawrence" on I Can RELATE & "Evg. Angela Davis " on Man-Up!

    in Religion


    Show #1 --  "I Can RELATE To That" -- with Minister Tracy Curtis and Minister Tabatha Roper-Mitchell--  Provides a platform to respectively discuss various topics so that we can become stronger in mind, body and spirit.    

    Guest:  Evangelist Georgia Lawrence  tells us about her mission trip to Honduras and Embracing Today International Ministry

    Show #2 -- On "This is MAN-UP!" - w/Minister Paul Stidam - Provides Christ-centered solutions to real life situations so that men can be all they want to be. 

    Guest:  Prophetess Angela Davis  discusses her book "Transforming Thoughts".

    Show #3 --"Tuesday Night Worship" - worship songs, scripture reading, guest preachers, guest teachers

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    Travel the World: Visiting Belize and the rich Mayan culture

    in Travel

    Tonight on the CommDiginews Hour Travel the World we continue our tour of Central America with a tour of Belize. Geographically situated South of Mexico with Guatemala to the West and South, Belize is the only country in Central America whose official language is English.

    The Mayan civilization dates to about 1500 BC and thrived until about 900 AD before it suddenly disappered; Modern day Belize is formerly known as British Honduras, gaining its independence in 1981. The influence of the British on the schools and the world feel of this tiny county combined with the depth of the Mayan culture creates a diverse community wiht many cultures, including a strong Amish influence.

    Today the Mayan way of life is still strong as Mayan's work to keep their historical places and culture survive. Descendants of the Maya still have a rich presence and  thrive primarily as farmers in the region, while many of the youth are found in tourism as docents at historical sites, the many pyramids that still exist, the largest being Lamanai in the Northeast of the country.

    Join us as we Travel the World, tonight to Central America and Belize.

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    2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup: USA Vs Honduras Pre-Game Show

    in Sports

    Join me and my pannel as we discuss the Semi-Finals of the CONCACAF Gold Cup as the USA takes on Honduras At Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas

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    Honduras en Londres 2012

    in Sports

    La seleccion olimpica de Honduras se gano el respeto del mundo del futbol en estos juegos olimpicos. Levantaron no solo su valor como futbolistas si no el animo de un pais que vive con necesidad y con hambre de gloria. Hoy hablamos sobre el impacto de esta historica participacion y vemos al futuro.