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    IWFFA Radio - Espanol

    in Football

    Tonight's broadcast is in Spanish (Once a month we do a show dedicated to our Spanish speaking players)

    Show description below in English and Spanish:

    We talked a little about the  IWFFA ranking 2014 (top ten) and how some of the Latin American teams are part of it, we had an interview with Nelly Espinoza who is President Honduras Flag Football League where she explains how flag Football was introduced, some diference about playing 7 v 7 and 8 v 8, and what to expect for the first IWFFA Honduran Tournament this March 28-29. Then we had an interview with Ana Volk who was chosen as the Latin America Sportwoman 2014.

    Hablamos un poco sobre la Tabla de Posiciones 2014 a nivel mundial de la IWFFA (los diez primeros lugares) y como varios de los equipos Latinoamericanos son parte esa tabla. También tuvimos una entrevista con Nelly Espinoza quien es la Presidenta de la Liga de Flag Football de Honduras donde explica los inicios de Flag Football, algunas diferencias de las modalidades 7 v 7 y 8 v 8, y que esperar del primer torneo IWFFA en Honduras este 28 y 29 de Marzo. Después tuvimos una entrevista con Ana Volk quien fue escogida como la Sportman de Latino América 2014.


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    Honduras Oakwood Mission 2014

    in Christianity

    While the enemies of Christianity continue to spread dispair, the Christian zealots leave the comforts of home to do the good works of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Join us as we visit with Christi Piner who went to Honduras this summer to help build a school and spread the good news of the Gospel. We love shows about mission trips and you will too. Listen live or later. 

    http://ciswealth.com       Sal Cadena    (830) 609-6986 

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    The End Times Front Line News

    in Christianity

    End Times Front Line News Headlines aligned with the Word of God. Are we in the last days? ARE YOU READY?!!!!

    Current Headlines

    Rumors of War -

    Honduran president links border crisis to U.S division
    Hamas blames Israel for murders but who really killed them?
    Putin's plan to defy the world
    Obama's impeachment threat response
    Israel, Hamas and muslims
    Famine, disease, drought pestilense, China water turns blood color, plagues, food shortage, colorado basin dries up! and alot more

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    in Politics Conservative

    A potpourri -- a smorgasborg -- a buffet.  A plateful.


    Don't be late.  We serve it up at 8 Central... 9pm Eastern.












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    The Ed & Fuz Show Episode 28

    in Sports

    The vertically challenged Honduran did the unthinkable and mentioned G*lf last week. That won't happen again folks. In fact, this is the fellas' boxing show. We may not mention any sports other than the sweet science.....well definitely not g*lf again. Anyway, the guys have a very special guest tonight. Former professional boxer Jaime "The Punisher" Palma. Jaime was Virginia State Champion in the Lightweight division. He was also USBA and WBC ranked. He has fought in Florida, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, California, DC, Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland. He has been in training camp as a sparring partner with Floyd Mayweather Jr, Arturo "Thunder" Gatti, Vernon Forrest, Chop Chop Corley, Kassim Ouma, Rocky Juarez, and Juan Diaz. He will be sharing his expert opinion along with the fellas' far from expert opinion on Pacquiao/Bradley 2, Hopkins/Shumenov, GGG/JCC Jr, and sharing his personal experiences with us all. You bammas don't wanna miss this one.

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    The Ed & Fuz Show Episode 26

    in Sports

    Tonight the Honduran/Jew tandem talk the unionization of Northwestern University football and the landmark decision by the NLRB that allowed it. Recent developments in NFL free agency will be spoken on. They'll talk the demonization of Dan Snyder for attacking real issues in the Native American community. They'll take a gander at the standings on their bracket challenge and Ed's pessimism will lead him to concede with still plenty of March Madness left on deck.

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    Hope for Honduran Children Foundation Interview

    in Lifestyle

    As we continue our series of interviewing inspiring social entrepreneurs of International Humanitarian Outreach, we will be speaking with Karen Godt, on of the founders of The Hope for Honduran Children Foundation. The foundation was established to help provide a nurturing environment for children ravaged by conditions of extreme poverty in Central America. In addition to supporting them with food, clothing, shelter, medical care and education, our ultimate goal is to instill the desire and provide the necessary tools for these children to become self-sufficient, caring, and responsible adults.

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    A.C. Frieden, author of "The Serpent's Game"

    in Books

    A.C. Frieden writes legal and espionage thrillers, including the Jonathan Brooks series (TRANQUILITY DENIED and THE SERPENT'S GAME), and short mysteries that have been published in various anthologies and other collections. Frieden is also an attorney, pilot, diver, martial artist, equestrian, and former army sniper and molecular biologist. He was born in Senegal, raised in India, Brazil, Switzerland and the UK, and later moved to the United States, where he now lives in Chicago. Today, he continues to research far-flung hotspots for his next books, from investigative trips to North Korea and Cuba to experiencing the chaos of the Honduran coup, from piloting small planes over the Panama Canal to exploring remote underwater sites in the Indian Ocean, from surveying the damaged Chernobyl nuclear power plant to following the trails of Cold War combatants across seven South American countries, Russia, Vietnam and China in search of newly discovered secrets.

    For more information, visit www.acfrieden.com

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    Exiled Honduran President Manuel Zelaya Returns

    in Politics

    Democracy Now! 5/31/2011 and 6/1/2011
    Amy Goodman is on the ground reporting on the return of President Manuel Zelaya to Honduras. He returns after 23 months in exile, following a June 28, 2009 coup d’etat in which hooded members of the Honduran military kidnapped him at gunpoint, takinghim first to a U.S. military base in Honduras, then flying him to Costa Rica. For a live blog of developments from Honduras.

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    Herp House Magazine Spotlight With John F. Taylor

    in Pets

    Join HTR as we Spotlight Doug Mong & James Tintle's Book Honduran Milksnakes And Get a chance to Win this Awesome Book Lampros Rock !!!  John F Taylor Going to be the Co host For this Show.. Sit back And enjoy.  





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    The Cranial Emissions Show - The Angry Honduran's Revenge

    in Entertainment

    Hell hath no fury like a Honduran scorned AKA wrongfully deported by an ambitious wanna-be radio engineer!  Our beloved Sancho exacts his revenge tonight.  Tune in tonight to find out where the illustrious Superfan Felix Cowell is hanging his boa this week as the Triumvirate breaks down the latest oddities and sporting news from around the globe.  Live from the comfortably appointed ESB Brewing in Tampa, FLA from 7-9PM.  Don't miss it!