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    setting the record straight once and for all with that homophobic person tangela Jackson..... SHE ATTACKS THE TRANS GIRLS FOR NO REASO

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    NFL Wk 15 Wrap-Up & Wk 16 Free Picks

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    Join our host, Ed and Kevin, as they discuss Week 15's stellar action, including Odell Beckham Jr's surprising behavior and subsequent one game suspension. All of the evidence is in and the NFL will decide whether or not to uphold the league offices' decision. Everything from homophobic slurs to supposed threats with baseball bats were eluded to by the brash receiver, but does that excuse OBJ's raucous behavior? Get our take tonight @10:30est, every Wednesday night on INtheZONE! Also, get our picks for week 16, as we are now just three weeks from the postseason. The panel is so hot right now, so listen live or via podcast to get fantasy football advice for this week's championship round.

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    Inside Odell Beckham Jr.'s Meltdown...Is He Gay and Does it Matter?

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    Welcome to a Special Monday Night Edition of INtheZONE! Tonight we discuss Odell Beckham Jr's meltdown vs the Carolina Panthers and Josh Norman. At first glance, it appeared that OBJ was merely reacting rather selfishly to a dropped pass that would have resulted into a sure TD, but after several reports, it appears there were other mitigating circumstances. According to numerous sources, Panther players during pregame, provoked OBJ by making homophobic slurs towards him which he took rather personally. The result of the supposed harassment was on display for everyone to see. Join our panel as we discuss Beckham's suspension and the plausible fallout from this debacle.

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    The Barbershop:The Devil's Advocate Where Are All the Mens in the Church? Part 2

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    The I.C.E. Men bring on a special guest for part two for their discussion on Kirk Franklin's recent charge that the church has been homophobic. Jae Iglesia will be the moderator, Mr.s Meeke Addison will defend the Scriptures and Mr. Pearson will take the side or the allegedly opposed gay community desiring to attend church!

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    Politics of Faith

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    Dr. Greg Cuellar, Professor of Old Testament at Austin Seminary and Tim Sandoval, Professor of Hebrew Bible at Brite Divinity School join Rev. Sadler for a discussion of the dangers of uncritical biblical interpretation.  They will explore how the Bible thought to be a source of virtue has often supported vice and the excesses of colonialist, racist, homophobic, and otherwise problematic engagements.  There will also be a discussion of Latino/a biblical interpretation and the changing American demographics as it relates to faith.

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    The Barbershop: The Devil's Advocate--Where Are All The Mens in the Church????

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    The I.C.E. MEN bring on a special guest Meeke Anderson to discuss Kirk Franklin's recent charge that the Church has been homophobic. Jae Iglesia will be the moderator, our Mrs. Anderson will defend the Scriptures, and Mr. Pearson will take the side of the allegedly opposed gay community desiring to attend church!

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    A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, usually defined as a persistent fear of an object or situation.  The liberals have made every attempt to end debates by placing a derogatory label on conservatives or libertarians (i.e. homophobic, xenophobia, islamophobia), telling us we have a fear of homosexuals, Muslims and so on. Well, let’s turn the tide on these less-than-knowledgeable progressives. The truth is, the progressive left has a phobia; a fear of the responsibilities that come with being free. We will call this freedomphobia or freedomphobic. Tonight on the Fine and north Show we will discuss the frredomphobic left and the events of the week! Email us at fineandnorth@gmail.com or facebook us at facebook.com/sonsoflincoln. 

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    What's On Your Mind?

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    What's on your Mind?

    Is just that... An open topic where any and everything can be dicussed on the panel tonight. Did you get a promotion at work? Are you engaged & soon to be married? Did you win the lottery? Are you homophobic? Are you having problems coming OUT? Are you in Love? Are you having relationship problems? Are you looking for Love? Have you been a victim of violence or abuse? Do you think of suicide? Is your life fallen apart? Do you need someone to listen? Do you want children? Do you Love yourself? Do you need Help?

    Join us tonight at 914-205-5519 @ 8:30p EST to dicuss any and everything that's on your mind & heart.

    Thank you again for support!!  #allLIVESmatter



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    PUBLIC Corruption--Judicial Political Animals, Kevin Vincent Ryan Judicial Corruption--willful misconduct San Francisco Court Scandal-- Part One

    ***Fleet Week Navy --Marines put on trial as "homophobic" by Judge Ryan

    Judge Kevin Ryan given birth day present on his birthday Oct 28

    ***Conviction by kangaroo court jury--Steven Nary US Navy sailor victim of male rape by male sexual predator connected to San Francisco Prosecutor Terrance Hallilnan

    ***John Farrell assistant prosecutor injects his male prostitution bath house into Judge Ryan's judiical proceedings  Kangaroo Court

    ***Wikipedia delection of Documentation of Ryan's judicial corruption

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    Wow, so today I met a couple of homophobic assholes - Podcast 9 - Day in...

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    I don't feel like writing a detailed description today because I think the "short pitch" above sums it up quite nicely...much obliged.

    My name is Sri. I'm a healer and writer surrounded by loved ones, both human and non-human, as well as a lot of joy and healing in my life. I truly do believe that I'm one of the happiest guys on earth. I also can't stop talking...

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    Guest: Dorothy Espelage

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    In honor of October being National Bullying Awareness and Prevention Month, Jim and Jennifer welcome Dorothy L. Espelage, Ph.D. to the show. Dorothy is a professor and Hardie Scholar of Education, in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Illinois. She is recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award in Prevention Science of the American Psychological Association. Over the last 20 years, she has authored over 140 peer-reviewed articles, five edited books, and 30 chapters on bullying, homophobic teasing, sexual harassment, dating violence, and gang violence.  

    An Associate Editor of the Journal of Counseling Psychology, she authored a 2011 White House Brief on bullying among LGBTQ youth and attended the White House Conference in 2011. Dr. Espelage has appeared on many television news and talk shows, including The Today Show; CNN; CBS Evening News; The Oprah Winfrey Show, Anderson, Anderson 360 and has been quoted in the national print press, including Time Magazine, USA Today, People, Boston Globe, and the Wall Street Journal.  

    Website: http://dorothyespelage.com/

    Email: Espelage@uiuc.edu