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    Homicides reduces property values

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    DanaPspeaks Talk Live Radio Show
    Topic: looking at other reasons homicides are not solved.
    Open discussion about how to reduce crime in your neighborhoods. This show callers can speak out and share their opinions. the opinions of the callers is not a representative nor an affiliated with DanaPspeaks Blog Talk Radio Show.
    Guest speakers are invited on these shows to give their views of what they do to make a difference in reducing crime.
    If you are interested in being a guest speaker on the the show go to: www.danapspeaks.net and complete the contact us form submit a representative of the show will contact you.

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    TheKeys107: The Missing Peace- Homicides of Black Americans

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    Hosts Sis. Rafika and Bro. James welcomes our special guest Attorney James Carter will discuss "The Missing Peace"The analysis of the alarming number of homicides in the Black community. Is there a solution?
    In 2006, James Carter was elected to the New Orleans City Council.  During his tenure on the City Council he became a trusted leader who was known for his work ethic, diligence, and commitment to helping the people of New Orleans. He is currently the attorney for the Peacekeeper Global Initiative. www.jamescarterlawfirm.com
    The Keys 107 identifies 7 keys that open doors to endless possibilities in the pursuit of love, peace, and happiness. Each episode explores one or a combination of the 7 keys such as: spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, financial, art science & entertainment, and social with an emphasis on acts of kindness. It was and is our intention to invite guests that specialize in specific areas that through informative dialogue offer solutions that motivates a progressive change and stimulates active action. Twitter @thekeys107  Facebook TheKeys107/groups

  • Let's Write with Fran Lewis and NYTIMES BEST SELLING AUTHOR Tess Gerristen

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    Let's Write welcomes NYTIMES best selling author of the Rizzoli and Isles series Tess Gerristen. Her new title: Die Again is the next in this series.

    When Boston homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles are summoned to a crime scene, they find a killing worthy of the most ferocious beast—right down to the claw marks on the corpse. But only the most sinister human hands could have left renowned big-game hunter and taxidermist Leon Gott gruesomely displayed like the once-proud animals whose heads adorn his walls. Did Gott unwittingly awaken a predator more dangerous than any he’s ever hunted?
    Maura fears that this isn’t the killer’s first slaughter, and that it won’t be the last. After linking the crime to a series of unsolved homicides in wilderness areas across the country, she wonders if the answers might actually be found in a remote corner of Africa

    Six years earlier, a group of tourists on safari fell prey to a killer in their midst. Marooned deep in the bush of Botswana, with no means of communication and nothing but a rifle-toting guide for protection, the terrified tourists desperately hoped for rescue before their worst instincts—or the wild animals prowling in the shadows—could tear them apart. But the deadliest predator was already among them, and within a week, he walked away with the blood of all but one of them on his hands.
    Now this killer has chosen Boston as his new hunting ground, and Rizzoli and Isles must find a way to lure him out of the shadows and into a cage. Even if it means dangling the bait no hunter can resist: the one victim who got away. We will talk about how she created this novel, the storyline, keeping reader interest and what's next for her two main characters. Join me at four eastern for this exciting show and ask your questions in the chat room. I am your host Fran Lewis


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    A Time Of Reflection .... Turmoil in America. Recapping The Recent Events.

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    From Ferguson, to Ohio, to North Carolina the nation has been torn on the unfavorable decisions of the trial outcome and acquittals of police officers in what has been seen as blatant homicides before the public.

    This debate has divided our country on race, militarized policing and freedoms of peaceful protest.

    Tonight we ill get LIVE as we discuss these facts,

    Also we will speak on the Bill Cosby accusations tonight. Join us....

    As we get LIVE AFTER DARK!


    Betty Lewis & Diamond Rya

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    New Mexico's Brutal Police force; they even like to kill homeless for sport.

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    The D.A. has no business saying she cannot rely on any other sources but police reports when 134 incidents have occurred in the last ten years of police brutality without one conviction.  Over 26 homicides have been committed by police also in 4 years which has raised attention and courted the federal justice authorities to usurp policiing in Albuquerque and strengthen local practices.  Two mentally ill men were killed.  One family received $6 million in rewards for their 27 year old son being killed in the backyard while holding a broomstick.  The police lied and said he had more weapons.  Jon will also share his Christian faith as he will be attending the funeral of his young brother in law (around age 47) in a few hours.  New Christian music wil be played.

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--San Francisco politician Harvey Milk yearly memorial canceled by same radicals involved in the Ferguson Vandalism aftermath of the Michael Brown death

    PUBLIC POLICY QUESTION:  " Should sports whether the Olympics, professional sports or school sports be politicized?"

    From Hitler politicizing the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin-1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City-1980 President Carter ordered a US Boycott of the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow to the 2014 Los Angeles Rams black players  politicization of the Ferguson Missouri Michael Brown controversy

    PEOPLE'S TEMPLE JIM JONES ANNIVERSARY also scrapped.  PEOPLE'S TEMPLE in San Francisco now converted into a US Post Office

    Major Merchant extends  shopping bargain sale for customers who avoided the vadalism and chaos aftermath in downtown San Francisco.  

    POLITICAL FICTION --Marijuana not harmless---involvement in recent homicides, vehicle collisions,pedestrian and biker injuries

    December 1st Births -Deaths & Events relevant to US(a)

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    You Could Be Forced to Give Your Kids Drugs

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    Who should make the decision on whether or not your kids are given psychotropic drugs? The powerful pharmaceutical industry has government and medical officials in their back pocket....and they do what they are told to do. They are dispensing harmful psychotropic drugs to veterans, children and everyday people that cause them to committ suicides and homicides. A host of adverse effects are known to us all...just watch some of the commercials that tell us of delayed backache, suicide risks, erections that last for hours. These warnings are real and your children could be forced by CPS and other governement officals to take these drugs anyway.

    Listen to my interview with Fred Shaw a former Sherriff with the Los Angeles County Sherriff's Department as he discusses how your childen can be forced to take harmful drugs. Mr. Shaw is the Co-founder of World Literacy Crusade, an international organization with the purpose of eradicatng poverty and hopelessness in inner cities and around the world. He is past President of the Compton Branch of the NAACP where he lobbied Congress alongside of Citizen's Commission on Human Rights in support of the Child Medication act, This gives parents the right to refuse psychiatric drugs on their children. He is co founder of Basic Life Institute and organization that serves at risk youth.  This show has been coordinated inconjunction with the Citizens' Commisson on Human Rights. http://www.cchr.org.

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    UFOs and other Worldly Explorations

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    Today we will be discussin the Flatwoods Green Monster, Moth Man and Purple Head Bridge. UFOs and unexplained hapenings are some of our favorite things here at Hobo Stu's America. Aliens, ghosts and unexplained, mysterious homicides from the past spark our interest, Join us for this show if such things strike your attention too. Our adventures take us to West Virginia and Indiana today. Our publisher has had the benefit of living near all three of our destinations today. Please join us.

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    LIVE! with Cathi---Deadliest Drug in U.S.!

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    The deadliest drug in America...cocaine, heroin, ectasy...none of the above. A reality check, ALCOHOL still the deadliest drug in U.S.

    Lethal violence in poor minority communities is often associated with 'THE WIRE'---cocaine and heroin.  NO THEY DO NOT TOP THE LIST.  The answer is ALCOHOL.  ALCOHOLis involved in more homicides than pretty much every other substance combined.

    Survey of people incarcerated for violent crimes indicate that about 40% have been drinking at the time they committed these offenses. Offenders drink ALCOHOL because it plays a distinctive role.  It lowers inhibitions and among some people, fosters aggressive behavoir that rachets up the risk that violence will occur.


    DRINKING may impair your...etc.

    DRINKING narrows your options...etc.

    Unfit to drive, accept...etc.

    ALCOHOL appears among young...etc.



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    Sonia Luna Interviews Joe Koenig

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    Discover what Certified Fraud Examiner, Joe Koenig, has to say about deception in Internal Auditing. 

    Joe retired from the Michigan State Police after 26 years and has 45 years of investigative experience in both the public and private sectors. He was lead investigator on the James R. Hoffa case, and investigated homicides, organized crime, financial crimes, narcotics, and public corruption. He is Past President of the Michigan FBI National Academy Associates. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), holds a BS in Accounting from Wayne State University, and a Masters in Public Administration from Eastern Michigan University where he was a member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. He now owns a financial fraud investigations firm, called KMI Investigations, located in Western Michigan. He is the author of a new book entitled, Getting the Truth, which is available on Amazon.

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    My Personal Plea to My City!

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    I will be issuing a plea to Panama City after another deadly shooting this week! The victim is 17 years old and suspects are around his age. One is still at large. We have had a rash of shootings and homicides since the summer! Enough is Enough. Discuss with me solutions of what we has a community can do. My hearts aches because this is the city that I grew up in! What has changed and why? This is not good in other parts of the country people are dying at the hands of others and here we are killing each other along with other senseless killings!

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