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    Franchise Interviews Meets with the Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores Franchise

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    We are meeting with Scott Nichols, Director of Franchise Business Development for Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores. 

    The Outlet stores (Sears Outlet) are designed to provide customers with in-store and online access to purchase new, one-of-a-kind, out-of-carton, discontinued, obsolete, used, reconditioned, overstocked and scratched and dented products across a broad assortment of merchandise categories, including home appliances, apparel, mattresses, sporting goods, tools and lawn and garden equipment at prices that are significantly lower than manufacturers’ suggested list prices.


    Sears Outlet is the oldest of the four store formats and was established in 1968. The newest format, Sears Home Appliance Showroom, was introduced in late 2007. The majority of its stores are Sears Hometown Stores, a format which grew from the legacy Sears catalog stores and celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2013.


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    Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio: Hometown Heros

    in Culture

    In this Hometown Hero episode of Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio will focus on some of the leaders in our community that have and still are making a difference.

    In today’s show we will include:  Wiley H. Bates, John T. Chambers Jr.  Gerald Stansbury, Stanford Womack, Lassie Belt, Larry Griffin, Jack Reed and more.  And though he is not an Annapolitan we will salute the incomprompable Frederick Douglass tune-in to the show to here why we choose to salute him on this day!

    Also we'll discuss upcoming events in the area, local news, and other updates you should know about!


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    HomeTown Competitiveness

    in Motivation

    HomeTown Competitiveness is a Come-Back / Give-Back approach to rural community building. HomeTown Competitiveness started in 2002 with a simple goal: Help rural communities build upon the assets they already have. Milan Wall, Co-Director of the Heartland Center will help you understand the concept behind HTC and give a couple of examples of communities that have seen a positive impact. 
    The founders of the program knew that rural communities already have everything they need to be successful. 10 years after its inception, the benefits of HTC can be seen across the country as small communities are attracting new residents and becoming competitive in the global economy.

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    Emily Reppert-Hometown Kids

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    Emily Reppert, host of Hometown Kids on Fox Sports Southwest dialed in to talk about her show, how she ended up in the Lone Star State and just shoot the breeze about sports.

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    Divatosity: Lazy Weekend Mornings, Hometown Pride, and Great Autumn Reads

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    Join Alaina as she discusses lazy weekend mornings, hometown pride, and great Autumn reads.


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    HGTV's 'Cousins Undercover' honors hometown heroes

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    How are HGTV's 'Cousins Undercover' John and Anthony making a difference? Tune in.

    On this week's episode, we're celebrating the unsung hometown heroes with John Colaneri and Anthony Carrino from HGTV's 'Kitchen Cousins' and 'Cousins Undercover.'

    From Cousins Undercover’s massive makeover to working with Ellen to the little things that make a house a home, John and Anthony talk about building, inspiration, and life’s home improvement projects. And John and Anthony share how they are on a mission to help trend making a difference in every community across the country. 

    John takes us behind-the-scenes of building a new home with his new wife Jenn, and how they work together to make those decisions about home, big and small. Anthony shares his passion for riding his motorcycle and a sub-zero temperature adventure with his cousin made a difference in his outlook. 

    From giving back to not giving in, it’s all about what we make of our lives.

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    My hometown of Philly boasts Chris Lehmann's Science Leadership Academy, a great school . Our guest is English and Journalism teacher Larrissa Pahomov, author of "Authentic Learning in the Digital Age : Engaging Students through Inquiry

    www.ascd.org  @ascd


    Presented by Great Books Foundation

    www.greatbooks.org  @greatbooksfnd

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    High Vibratitional Living with your Host Kemetic Yogi

    in Spirituality

    Greeting's Beloveds. Today's High Vibration Living Show w/ your host Kemetic Yogi titled "Is Money Really Evil? Dispelling The Lies & Myths To Get To The Truth Behind The Universal Laws Of Wealth Creation," was developed after a really High Vibrational conversation I had with a Brutha a couple days ago. His name is Kurt Ra Nedrick and this Indigo is on fyah! Today, he and I are gonna dispell the myths of whether or not money is evil by discussing Consumerism , Universal Laws & their relationship to Oppression of the people, Black Culture , Spirituality , Unity. This young Brutha definitely has alot of wisdom to share with us all. Not to mention, he is from my hometown (NYC)! Currently residing and schooling in Toronto, Canada, he is definitely a force to be reckoned with! Check us out if you tryin to get ur mind about money right!

  • The Gatherin-Renfro Valley

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    Come back to a time when worship and morning service was filled with great songs and wonderful messages.  Renfro Valley Gatherin is just that it hometown and wonderful remembers the days of old.

    Join us for great times in the Historic Old Barn at beautiful Renfro Valley Kentucky, a place where time stands still.

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    Born and raised in Mt. Vernon, NY, a town known for its contribution to hip hop in the late 80s and early 90s, KIN4LIFE is determined to bring hip hop glory back to their hometown and respect back to their genre. As young entrepreneurs, they founded their label, Noriq Records in 2002. Under this imprint, they have released the album KIN4LIFE Volume I” and the EPs “Rock Star” and “I Love KIN4LIFE”. The video for the hit single “Make Up Girl” held a spot on the Click List Countdown on MTV’s Logo for 11 consecutive weeks, and was nominated for The Click List's Top 10 Videos of 2009 (http://tinyurl.com/atrt4f). In 2012, KIN4LIFE released “It’s Over Now”, the first single and video (http://tinyurl.com/8vhhapt ) from their new album “Money Brings Trouble” scheduled for release in  2013.

    KIN4LIFE admits that their first love is emceeing, but their production and songwriting skills makes them a hot commodity behind the scenes. Working with the hottest up and coming hip hop and R&B acts, KIN4LIFE garnered comparison to Missy Elliot, prompting them to form Noriq Records’ subsidiaries, Red Eye Productions and The KIN Factory (writing and production)

    In 2010, KIN4LIFE wrote and produced the single “Lone Ranger” in support of LGBTQ youth, and in response to the recent wave of bullying and attacks that have made national headlines. The track was released as a free download on Christmas Day and had 2000 downloads in the first 48 hours. KIN4LIFE has also been featured on the PBS Emmy winning series "In The Life: Defying Stereotypes" which they now screen at universities across the country as part of a diversity program for students and faculty.  Read The Full bio at http://www.kin4life.com/#!about/cb30




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    Hometown Homage

    in Entertainment

    Where are you from? What does your hometown mean to you? Do you love it? Hate it? Everyone seems to have a very strong, and usually very unique opinion of their hometown. I want to hear yours, biatch.

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