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    The Homeowners Guide To Renewable Energy

    in Energy

    Are you ready to slash your home energy costs while dramatically reducing your carbon footprint? In The Homeowners Guide To Renewable Energy, Achieving Energy Independence Through Solar, Wind, Biomass and Hydropower by Dan Chiras you will find the most practical and affordable methods to significantly improve your homes energy efficiency. Focusing on the latest technological advances (and never losing sight of the economic bottom line), this comprehensive manual demystifies: Solar hot water and solar hot air systems Space heat: Passive and active solar retrofits and heat pumps Wood heat Passive Cooling Electricity from solar, wind and mirohydro. This well-illustrated and accessible guide is an essential resource for those wanting to enter the renewable energy field. Packed with practical tips and guidelines, it gives readers sufficient knowledge to hire and communicate effectively with contractors and is a must-read for anyone interested in saving money and achieving energy independence. If you are ready to save tens of thousands of dollars over the coming decades, this is one show you dont want to miss! In this segment of The Clean Energy View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to Dan Chiras, who is a respected educator and the author of 29 books on residential renewable energy and green building including Power from the Sun and Power from the Wind. He has studied and worked with renewable energy and energy efficiency for over 30 years. Dan is the director of and lead instructor at The Evergreen Institutes Center for Renewable Energy and Green Building, where he teaches workshops on energy efficiency, solar electricity, solar hot water, small wind energy, green building, natural plasters, and natural building. Stay tuned!

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    Homeowners Crisis Help

    in Social Networking

    Information on assistance to everyone struggling to feed their family, find affordable housing, low cost medical care, discount shopping & coupons and much more. I have information on the process of foreclosure, bankruptcy or short sale. I will end the show by reading an exert from my Children's Book Series that will be a separate show soon.

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    Homeowners Law Clinic: Adverse Possession Is Not Squatters Rights

    in Real Estate

    One of the biggest urban legends in real estate is that a house can be legally obtained by claiming "squatters rights" and believing that squatters rights IS adverse possession.  (It's NOT).

    There is too much mis-information and mis-education on this topic.

    First things first "squatting" IS "trespassing". Trespassing according to the government is a (wrong doing) that comes in two flavors:

    Civil Trespassing is a civil wrong doing known as a TORT.
    Criminal Trespassing is  a crime.
    Trespassing ...aka......."squatting" is not sanctioned by the government and is OFFICIALLY a crime on the books as well as a civil wrong (on the books) which can result in "Damages" to the "trespasser".
    Trespassers.............aka.......squatters........HAVE NO LEGAL RIGHTS as in relationship to ownership.

    Although real estate owners can not legally "self evict", what they can do is "legally" go after a "trespasser"........aka........"squatter" in Civil Court, Criminal Court, or BOTH !

    Adverse Possession is only a "legal issue" IF there is a TITLE DEFECT !

    Adverse Possession has to be one of the most misunderstood legal concepts on the planet.  In this installment of "It's My House", hopefully we can make people aware of what the real story is on adverse possession.

    We shalll also make homeowners aware of how to turn the tables on a "trespasser"............aka.........."squatter" without filing for an eviction.

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    Homeowners Insurance 101

    in Finance

    Sarae is joined by Chad Otto to discuss what you need to know about homeowners' insurance, including how liability coverage works and the extent to which your personal belongings are covered. Mr. Otto is a Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow (LUTCF) and an experienced insurance salesman with Liberty Mutual Insurance.

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    Homeowners Law Clinic - Owners Rights vs Squatters Rights

    in Real Estate

    As a person or homeowner, If you do not know your legal rights.....you do not have any.

    In this installment of "It's My House" we shall discuss "Owners Rights vs Squatters Rights".   We shall see if there really any such thing as "squatters rights" and we shall revel to homeowners what some of the legal rights are.

    This is our "Homeowners Law Clinic", which is a (study group)..........we give no legal advice, we simply "study the law" in the area of homeownership. 

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    in Finance



    "the daily complaint"

    Every weekday we answer client complaints on The Daily Complaint to provide direction and resources for both the person complaining as well as other consumers experiencing similar issues whether it be mortgage fraud, loan servicing escrow issues, loan modification runarounds or denials, short sale refusals, deed in lieu negotiations and credit card debt collector abuses and fraud violations.

    I routinely look for posts to answer in hopes that it will not only bring optimism to those homeowners and borrowers in distress but also some basic information to assist in fighting the banks that are "too big to fail" like Bank of America and Citi but yet don't appreciate the bailout that we provided in their time of need.  The debt collectors like Ocwen and Nationstar are simply just piranhas but they can be beat at their own game too just like the big banks can be defeated.  

    We are committed to answering consumer complaints and addressing everyday credit and debt issues on The Daily Complaint and I thank you for your continued support!

    We hope you enjoy the Show...


    Dana Shafman

    Managing Member

    END Consulting

    Phone (888) 234-7006 Ext 101

    Fax (888) 234-7096


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    Understanding Homeowners Insurance with Cedric Slye

    in Real Estate

    Reshawna Leaven interviews Cedric Syle, Insurance Agent with Liberty Mutual. He is licensed in auto, home and life in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Learn the basics of homeowners and renters insurance as well as other products that he offers.   Have a question? Speak with us live by calling in to (347) 838-8821 during the show.   www.libertymutual.com/cedricslye   Request a quote - click here

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    Homeowners Fall For High List Price, Agent Never Intends to Sell Home

    in Real Estate

    This Friday August 1, 2014 @ 1:00pm cst, I will introduce you to a fraudulant practice that some homeowners are falling for called Buying the Listing. This is a commong practice used by nefarious agent to convince homeowners that they can bring in a buyer at the inflated price when in reality, the agent never intends to sell the home but, work with all the buyers that are calling in off the sign in the yard.

    We will be discussing just exactly how this happens, why homeowners are falling for this and how you can avoid being a vicitm .

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    The Dark Side of Homeowners Associations

    in Politics

    Do home buyers really know what they may be getting into when they buy a home in a homeowners association? It would appear that they do not.

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    Homeowners Law Clinic: Oops....You Called The Wrong Lawyer !

    in Real Estate

    On this installment of "It's My House" we shall discuss one of the primary mistakes made by both homeowners and landlords when it comes to getting rid of the house guest from hell...........and that is when we decide to bring an lawyer into the picture.  Many people typically hire the wrong type of attorney.

    Tje  first step in solving your problem is in making the "distinctions" that you need to determine "specifically" what type of problem that you have. After you have identified (correctly) what you are dealing with ............then you call in the right person to help you solve your problem.  (In many cases you might not need any type of lawyer)

    We shall study some real cases today and make those distinctions.

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    Brenda Dixon - Project 'Get That Deed' On True Nubia

    in Real Estate

    917) 889-9174 - Brenda Dixon, Realtor/ Momprenueur -  On a mission to create 100 homeowners in 18mos in OUR community with Project "Get That Deed"!!! -

    Join Dr. Terence Jackson & Jakzun as they interview a dynamic woman that is making REAL POSITIVE CHANGE in out community, not just TALK -

    www.truenubia.com -


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