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    The Time is NOW for The ReSurfacing of David Pic Conley

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    Hey there Tea Sippers! We are going to read all of the tea leaves on this one as we have been waiting for a sign that music was going to return to telling stories and being the voice for those who can't put it the words or the groove together to tell what's on their hearts.  For many of us, our teenage years were full of songs that really expressed how we were feeling and dealing with life at that time and my guest today is the founding member of one of those groups that spoke to and for us...... 

    When SURFACE hit the scene with "Shower Me with Your Love", "Happy", "Closer Than Friend" and the many other jewels that become our language, this man was the creative force behind it.....and now this man and the crew is about to RESURFACE and let the magic begin again as our language is more sophisticated, experienced, and wiser!  Mr. David Pic Conley will be Dishing Tea with Big Meach about the journey from then til now.   We will get into the psyche of the business from the musician's standpoint and not just the vocalist.  

    This is going to be a Wonderfully, Delicious Hot Pot of tea for your nerves, darling so make sure you have plenty of crumpets!!

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    Southern Gospel Camp Meeting Time

    in Current Events

    From National to Regional to Local this show focuses on Southern Gospel Music.

    Movers and Shakers and the songs that touched our hearts, made us praise and worship and brought the Spirit of Worship into our lives.

    Be  a part of this great service in songs, 60 minutes of wonderful soul shaking and inspirational based artists.

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    The Real Power of The Tongue, The Final Word

    in Christianity

    The real power of the tongue couldn't be any better explained than through the experience, understanding, and spiritual knowledge of God's leading women: Minister Carolyn Tate, Pastor Onye Bahatti, and Dr. Patricia Conley. Join us as they share what the Lord has to say about the tongue.

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    Jamboree Happenings-Kentuckiana

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    All the news that is the news and all the fun associated with great shows, fantastic people and great events.  From local to regional to interviews to you!!!

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    Honky Tonk Saloon And Dance Hall With Scott Stamper

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    It's the show that's a "Whole Lotta Country". Every other Thursday, Scott Stamper shows up at your house just in time for dinner hour to provide you with the best country that you can handle.  Sometimes you'll slow dance, sometimes you'll boogie, but you'll always want to move the coffee table and roll back the rug!  It's Honky Tonk Saloon & Dance Hall, and it's open for business every other Thursday night at 700PM, right here on RTME Entertainment Network.  

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    Country Round Up Today!

    in Current Events

    Your source for all things Country!

    Join Scott Stamper and me, Roger Conley as we bring you the latest news and countdowns in mainstream and independent country music.

    Special guests and great music, interesting topics, recipes and fun is the recipe for today!

    We are heard world wide on blogtalkradio.com and want you to enjoy our great show!

    Family oriented and fun-come sit a little and laugh a lot.

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    Author Holli Kenley discusses new book ANOTHER WAY on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Motivation

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes back author Holli Kenley to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss not just what led her to write the novel ANOTHER WAY but how it has been to see the response to the subject matter that the characters are dealing with. 

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    Bird of Paradise - David Pic Conley

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    Taking a leap of faith Conley began his professional career when he moved to Los Angeles with David Townsend. It was there he joined the group Port Authority in 1976. After an un-released record with 20th Century Records Conley left the group to join Mandrill in 1977. In 1978 he made his television debut with Mandrill performing on the popular show Soul Train hosted by Don Cornelius. Conley released only one album with Mandrill, New Worlds, in 1979. Conley left the group and after a short hiatus Townsend and Conley collaborated on the beginnings Surface.

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    Roger Conley Entertainment-Live at Bob Evans

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    This super special two hour show highlights great Irish Music on a day when all people are Irish-Fun music and laughter and family friendly-join us for music, etertainment and great family fun-not to forget the GREAT FOOD at BOB EVANS(TM)-reservations are not required but be there early for the special guest singer!!!!

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    GBBLive: GBB's Jonah Jordan & ESPN's Amin Elhassan on Memphis & the West

    in Basketball

    What a week or so of Memphis Grizzlies basketball it has been, folks! An all-new GBBLive has you covered with some of the best analysis of the week that was & what it all means for the Bears of Beale Street in terms of the playoffs. 

    In the first segment, Host Joe Mullinax & Producer Chip Williams will be joined by Grizzly Bear Blues' Managing Editor Chris Faulkner for the weekly "Grizzly Bear News" segment. The roller coaster that was the past week will be discussed by the guys, as will potential chemistry issues within the club & Mike Conley's health issues.

    The second segment will feature the first GBBLive appearance for GBB contributor Jonah Jordan. Mock drafts will be covered in addition to whether or not we are asking too much of Marc Gasol as fans of the Grizzlies.

    Finally, Amin Elhassan of ESPN will make his return to GBBLive to talk out the lay of the land in the Western Conference. Joe & Chip will ask Amin about who the Grizzlies should fear, if anyone, out West.

    All this & a lot more on an all-new GBBLive! Follow us on Twitter @GBBLive, subscribe to the Podcast on ITunes & sign up for an Audio Book membership using www.audibletrial.com/grizzlybearblues to get an awesome deal & join GBBLive as we make a donation to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

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