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    GMS Bowl Palooza Podcast 1-5

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    Ej the Rainmaker and Erik the Hun walk you through the 2015/16 Bowl season, and it all begins tonight!

    We start with the New Mexico Bowl, and give our plays and predictions for that, as well as the Las Vegas Bowl, Camellia Bowl, Autonation Cure Bowl, wrapping up with the  New Orleans Bowl. 

    That will get all of our listeners covered for the first five games of the bowl season that take place on December 19.

    Be on the lookout for the entire bowl season here at Sports Palooza Radio, as we preview all 43 games that will tke place in the NCAA Football Bowl season!

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    Sports Palooza: Jayne Kennedy and Ralph Cindrich -- a Powerful Show!

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    We have such a powerful show today to kick of the 2016 season of Sports Palooza Radio?. If you love sports and grew up when I grew up, you probably asked yourself, "Whatever happened to Jayne Kennedy." You'll find out if you tune into our show today as the one and only Jayne Kennedy Overton joins us as our first guest of the year! She was the first African-American and one of the first female sports broadcasters and destroyed the myth that women couldn’t make it in the world of sports broadcasting, We can't wait to talk to her.

    In 2015, she launched IT'S A MOTHER DAUGHTER THING!  The concept behind the campaign focuses on her work with each of her daughters strengthening and renewing her dedication to improve not only their footing in life but bettering the status of her communities as well.

    Our second powerful guest on the show is Ralph Cindrich who played for the NFL’s New England Patriots, Houston Oilers and Denver Broncos. In the 1980s he became one of the pro game’s most prominent player agents. Soon he was ranked among the most powerful people in sports. USA Today called Cindrich “the undisputed free-agent champ.” His pioneering work for left tackle Will Wolford was featured in Michael Lewis’s The Blind Side. Today he represents several second-generation clients, teaches sports-law classes and serves as an expert witness in multimillion-dollar labor cases. He lives in Pittsburgh with his wife, Mary. 

     Tune in at 1 p.m. Eastern time TODAY or download our show anytime after it's over and take a listen. If you like what you hear, please rate us on iTunes!


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    Sports Palooza Radio: NASCAR's Bobby Dale Earnhardt and 'Hungry Fan' Daina Falk!

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    Welcome to another edition of Sports Palooza Radio. It's been a great year so far and it's getting better! Bobby Earnhardt, grandson of Dale Earnhardt, stops by to talk about his reality show and the upcoming racing season! The Earnhardt name is legendary in the NASCAR racing community. The Adventures of Bobby Earnhardt will offer fans an intimate look into the daily life of a young man who is promising his fans to become a legend rivaling his grandfather and uncle.The series will follow Bobby both on and off the track highlighting his races with the ARCA Truck Series, family life, and his interactions with other drivers. Bobby is not another reckless twenty-something. He is a family man who is passionate about racing and fulfilling his NASCAR legacy dream. 

    And it's Super Bowl time and that means, well, parties and "Hungry Fan" Daina Falk comes by to talk about party munchies!  Falk is the daughter of sports agent, David Falk, and grew up around sports and extraordinary professional athletes. Combining her genuine, life-long interest in and enthusiasm for sports, Daina launched a media career in 2011, covering major sporting events such as the 2012 Summer Olympic Games and multiple Super Bowls for a variety of major networks. Utilizing her culinary training and flair for Game Day food, Daina simultaneously began a career as a celebrity foodie, doing in-person appearances and television cooking demos for such shows as NBC’s The Today Show and Late Night with Seth Meyers. Daina’s first cookbook (with Time Inc.) hits bookstores in August, 2016.

    Tune in and enjoy the show!

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    Sports Palooza: Outside magazine's Brian Alexander & the Future of the Olympics

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    Our guest today is Brian Alexander is a writer and author based in California. A frequent contributor to NBCNews and Outside magazine, his work has appeared in The New York Times, The New York Times magazine, Wired, Esquire, The Los Angeles Times magazine, and many others. His most recent book is The Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex, and the Science of Attraction, written with neuroscientist Larry Young. Follow him on Twitter at@BrianRAlexander. He is also a frequent contributor to Outside magazine. 

    The jury is still out as to who will host the 2024 Olympic Games, and while two cities have already dropped out of the running, balking at the financial drain of hosting, Los Angeles remains in the quest. But is it worth it? 
    OUTSIDE Magazine, America’s leading active lifestyle brand, argues no. In fact, while we’re at it, let’s forget about hosting the Olympics in the United States at all—not just in 2024, but forever. Should we? 

    We also talk about the Oscars and sports films and, of course, the NFL playoffs. JOIN US! 


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    Sports Palooza Radio: NYC Marathon; Kids' Football Safety

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    Thanks for listening to Sports Palooza Radio! We're back with another great show.

    This weekend is the New York City marathon and Alan Brown is the Team Reeve participant who is a quadriplegic, training for the NYC marathon with a hand cycle and hopes to raise $260,000 for research. He'll tell us his story! What another inspiration! 

    And, finally, to help keep players safe and prevent the kinds of injuries he sees in his practice, New York’s Dr. Patrick Kerr spent more than a decade developing a protective device that is put into standard issued shoulder pads and turns them into a system that engages the helmet as a football player braces for impact. He has invented The KERR Collar, which reduces head and neck movement 38% during a collision and absorbs 58% of the collision impact, redistributing the force of the hit away from the head and neck area to reduce injury risk. 

    It's going to be a great show! 

    (For those of you who might have turned in to hear our interview with Olden Polynice, we had to reschedule. Look for his interview in an upcoming podcast!) 






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    Sports Palooza Radio: Olden Polynice

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    How does someone who was diagnosed to never walk, play professional basketball for 17 years? Former NBA player Olden Polynice, was born with a disability that caused his feet to turn inwards and was diagnosed to never walk, beat the odds and was able to live up to his name’s moniker (victory) and play in the NBA for 15 years, 17 internationally. Polynice served as the ambassador for the National Disability Employment Awareness Month and he stops by to talk to us about his career and his work as an advocate! 

    Marco Correia, the founder of Fanpics will also stop by to talk about Fanpics, a new sports technology that is changing how sports fans create and share content.  Anyone that has ever attended a sporting event knows the rush of adrenaline when their team scores a goal, sinks the winning basket or hits a walk-off homerun.  These moments are at the core of sports, and are memories that can last a lifetime.  Now there is Fanpics, a new way for fans to capture these priceless moments and their own emotional reactions to them, leaving them with a much better story to tell the world – and all they have to do is open the free app and enter their seat number to see and share their photos.

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    Sports Palooza Radio: Super Bowl Champion Mark Rypien!

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    Thank you so much for tuning into Sports Palooza Radio. What a great show this is! KEVIN CRISTOFORA, author of The Hometown All Stars book series, stops by. Book one, Nick’s Very First Day of Baseball, was released in March and book two, Magic Bat Day, was released mid-May. Both books feature baseball, but future books will teach kids about basketball, soccer, football and other sports. Aimed for children ages 3-5 Christofora’s books teach kids sports skills along with vocabulary and counting games and other educational techniques. Another cool side note is that "Coach Kevin" also donates copies of the books to schools, libraries and children's hospitals across the country as a way to spread the love of baseball! 

    MARK RYPIEN MVP of the 1991 Super Bowl for the Washington Redskins and a two-time champion in the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe, will play in the inaugural Diamond Resorts Invitational benefiting Florida Hospital for Children, a celebrity golf tournament (diamondresortsinvitational.com) at the Golden Bear Golf Club in Windermere, Florida, January 14-16, 2016, airing live on Golf Channel.

    STEPHANIE DECKER: founder of the Stephanie Decker Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps children with prosthetics get involved with sports. In 2012, a deadly category 4 tornado ravaged Stephanie’s hometown of Henryville, Indiana. Stephanie shielded two of her children from the debris of their house being destroyed around them, however she soon found her legs crushed, and both had to be amputated. Through strength and will, she survived and continues to grow her organization as an engine to help children, men and women learn how to live with a prosthetic limb.


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    Sports Palooza: Mike "Coach K" Krzyzewski and Colonel Ron

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    Mike "Coach K" Krzyzewski, head coach of the five-time NCAA Championship team at Duke University talked to Ej about osteoarthritis. Most of us know someone who is dealing with a common form of arthritis known as "osteoarthritis" (OA) and "Coach K," headcoach of the 5-time NCAA Championship team at Duke University, is no exception.  Workers in certain professions are particularly susceptible to OA, especially in the knees.  Coach K will discuss his battle with OA and a campaign called "Hardest Working Knees" that honors people in the workforce who have not only succeeded but also "given back" to their communities.  He'll be joined by Colonel Ron who will also share his personal story and motivate others affected by OA.  

    Of course, we'll be talking about other things that are going on in the sports world too. Tune in!

  • Sports Palooza Radio: Kirk Mango on Becoming a True Champion

    in Sports

    Kirk Mango, the original “Lord of the Rings” who wrote a book a few years ago outlining the process of going from being a mediocre gymnast to defeating two Olympic Gold Medalists in the NCAA Championships, stops by to talk to us about his book. He is the author of "Becoming a True Champion" and he'll get us PUMPED UP! 

    Of course, we'll tell you about our trip, talk sports (Go Packers! Go Mets!) and well, anything else! 

    Thanks for tuning in to Sports Palooza Radio! 

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    Sports Palooza: NFL's Jason McCourty; American Idol winner Taylor Hicks

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    TENNESSEE TITANS FOOTBALL STAR JASON McCOURTY, brother of the only twins currently in the NFL, shares his family’s holiday traditions with his mom! The McCourty family ties are strong. Devin and Jason McCourty were born 27 minutes apart in 1987. Their father died from a massive heart attack when they were three years old. As youngsters they promised each other they would get scholarships to college to ease their mother’s burden. They did! Playing football together at Rutgers University. Now, Jason has a successful career playing for the Tennessee Titans while his brother Devin plays for the New England Patriots. 

    The twins and their mom say football is not only their way of life, it’s part of their family too. Jason and his mom Phyllis share some of their family and game day traditions with Ej in an effort to show how they helped to create their strong family ties. They hope their experiences can help show others how quality family time can build and maintain a close unit while fostering support and success among family members. 

    Lisa also had a chance to talk to American Idol winner Taylor Hicks about his love of sports! Taylor has a new album coming out in 2016 and while she talked to him for other articles, he was excited to talk about his other love too! 

    Megan Bartlett has spent most of her career working in, designing, and advocating for programs that use sports to promote youth health and academic achievement, and decrease youth violence. As Director of the Up2Us Sports Center, Megan is responsible for providing training, research and evaluation tools and services to sports-based youth development organizations. She created the training program and oversees the evaluation of Up2Us Sports’ Coach Across America program, the nation’s first sports-based national service program. 


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    Sports Palooza Radio: Bruno DeJulio & Breeders' Cup; NBA's Jerry West Stops by!

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    Thank you so much for stopping by and listening to Sports Palooza Radio. The METS ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES! We'll talk about the game and the upcoming series as well as other important sports topics. 

    Joining us in the studio is Bruno deJulio, who has been on our show before and brings his incredible knowledge of horse racing to our show. He'll talk about the upcoming Breeders' Cup, taking place Halloween weekend. 

    And the NBA legendary man, Jerry West, stops by to talk to us about a topic that's very important to him! And Ej gets to ask him a question that nobody else has asked him! 

    And, oh those Mets! (And Packers! 6-0!) Join us!