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    Finding Your Purpose with the Holistic Success Method!

    in Self Help

    This episode explains Holistic Success and the Derrick's Master Planning tools and methods!

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    Holistic Wellbeing with Sirena Pellarolo

    in Entrepreneur

    Sirena Pellarolo, Ph.D., your Midlife Midwife, is an international author, speaker and holistic well-being coach. She supports midlife women to manage their symptoms naturally and rebirth into a vibrant second half of their lives. With 30 years experience in self development, health and wellness, Sirena believes in a holistic and empowered approach to assist in the symptoms of menopause through self-awareness, emotional, mental and physical detoxing. Her bilingual programs inspire individuals to reconnect with their bodies, minds and spirits by going back to the basics of a healthy lifestyle: a personalized nutrient-rich diet, energizing physical movement and a meaningful spiritual practice. She is a compelling public speaker offering wellness seminars in English and Spanish.

    A board certified holistic health coach, raw food educator, detox expert, radio host and blogger, Sirena is Professor Emerita of Spanish and Latin American Cultural Studies. She has authored and published numerous articles and two books on Latin American performance and gender studies, globalization and new social movements. She is co-author of Success in Beauty: The Secrets to Effortless Fulfillment and Happiness (2014) and Menopause Mavens: Master the Mystery of Menopause (2015). Her forthcoming Recover Your Juiciness: A 30 Day DIY Guide for an Empowered and Healthy Menopause will be out next Winter by Flower of Life Press. 

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    Too OLD for Success? Don't Block Your Fantastic Future.

    in Christianity

    According to a Facebook chat with a friend who is almost 50 years old, she was "too old" for the kind of work needed to have success in her life.

    Since I am the same age as she is, I challenged her on that because I do not feel too old for success, in fact, I am counting on success in my rebound from the financial disaster my family experienced in the 2006-2010 recession.

    Moses began his ministry to the children of Israel at 80 years old.  An Inc.com article shared the result of several powerhouse leaders who found their success on the other side of 40-years-old.

    I intend for this show to encourage you to rethink what OLD means, and if you are thinking you are getting too old for success, ditch that stinking thinking

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    One Heart Four Paws, Why Choose Holistic Pet Care?

    in Pets

    Have you recently made any healthy lifestyle changes?

    Maybe you've switched your diet, or started practicing yoga, going to the chiropractor, or getting acupuncture treatments. 
    Might these same practices keep your pet in better health, too? 
    A holistic pet care practitioner looks at a pet's overall health, and uses traditional alternative therapies. They rely on lab tests and natural remedies for prevention and to help keep pets healthy and vibrant. They encourage changes in pets' diets and lifestyles to help ward off illnesses like hot spots, obesity, arthritis, diabetes, and cancer.

    Listen in....

    I'm Thea Malfetti, an intense animal lover and a huge advocate for healthy lifestyle living.  It all began with my first pets, Brutus the great, big, beautiful German Shepard, he resided with Tasha, a magically, sly, Angora cat..those two tagged-teamed their way straight into my heart and that began my love affair with animals!  

    I was determined to find a way, a better way and that launched me into the subject of animal nutrition and alternative care. 
    My certification is from the American Council of Animal Naturopathy under the guidance of holistic veterinarians Dr. Kim Bloomer and Dr. Jeannie Thomason. 
    As an animal health consultant, author, radio and TV show host, I know there is a better way to care for and support the health and vitality of our pets; improve their immune system and extend the health of their lives for as long as possible!

    For more information, 



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    Mind-Body-Spirit: Living a Holistic Life

    in Health

    In this show we will be covering models of healing coming from a broad range of disciplines, integrating the best of modern science with the best of the healing wisdom that has been transmitted to us from the most ancient cultures.


    Dr. Renè David Alkalay is a life-long student of meditation, Yoga science, Kabbalah, and the religious and philosophical texts of the East and West, and is the author of numerous articles and books. In private practice as a naturopathic practitioner since 1980, he provides holistic services at the Genesis Tree of Life Wellness Center offering help with nutrition, weight management, pain and illnesses, fitness and holistic treatment for cancer patients. Genesis Society (501 c3) is the not-for-profit organization Dr. Renè David Alkalay offers help to veterans and yoga classes for children with cancer.

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    Holistic Health and Your Pet

    in Women

    Dr. Kathleen Morrow (Dr. Kat)

    Owner and Operator of Merlin's Pet Shop in Lubbock, Texas will discuss how to holistically care for our furry family members. 

    Merlin's Pet Shop also has an online store to purchase all the healthy food and treats that your pets might need.


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    How CEOs Need To Think About Business For Success

    in Business

    Listen to today's Talk Business With Howard 5 minute podcast with business expert - strategist - and advisor to CEOs, presidents and business owners, Howard Lewinter: How CEOs Need To Think About Business For Success.

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    The Top 5 Success Habits

    in Marketing

    If you want to discover how to get ahead in your business, see some positive change, and achieve some dramatic success then tune into this call on"The Top 5 Success Habits" by Business Attraction Expert Daniel Amis.

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    Crossing The Bridge To Success

    in Comedy

    I KNEW some of those videos were fake! Nathan is joined by Dave Temple to talk Black Friday video making, why the Cloud could be trouble and crossing the bridge to success that trolls live under who have to be paid tolls. Check it out!


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    in Paranormal

    A Reading about a certain object of success.....

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    Military Transitioning. The Career Battlefield and YOU!

    in Business

    Free Up Work and focus on what you do best.  Go to FreeUpWork.com and hire a freelancer so you can focus on whats important.  NEED A JOB.  Post your profile FREE and show the world what you can do.  

    This is Part #1 of #2 Podcast where I speak with Bruce Benedict, CEO of BattlefieldResumes.com.  We'll discuss his books for transitioning military and how they can land a job.  Using the civilian workplace as a battlefield, Bruce will use his 21 years as a Major in the US Army and his experience at Quantico to guide you in the right direction. 

    Don't let the Civilian Job Market intimidate you; treat the job market like a battlefield and use Battlefield Resumes to help get you a better job. You know you have the skills; you know you have the drive; you know you have the stamina to succeed. Now, let us help you develop a strategy so you can get the job you deserve.

    Are you tired of being told that you...

    Have to tailor your resume in order to get a job, but was never told HOW to do it.

    Have to translate your military experience into a civilian language, but was never told HOW to do it.

    Have to network in order to get a job, but was never told HOW to do it.

    Have you been asked "What do you want to do?" or "What job are you looking for?" but was never told how you should answer this question.

    Do you feel upset because no one prepared you for your transition, although the same statements and questions are always asked?

    If you want the same camaraderie & teamwork to fight this "Civilian Job War" as you had in the military, then let us help you.?


    Join FreeUpWork.com today.  Hire a freelancer to Free Up your Work and do what you do best.  

    Thanks and enjoy the ride!