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    Exceptional Gifts and Services for Christmas and The Holiday Season!

    in Health

    Greetings and Welcome to our Holiday Show! Valerie Jarrette Bass, Host, Broadcast Every Friday and Monday at 6pm.

    We welcome call-ins...And will provide information on Exceptional  Holiday Gifts and Services. Unique, Exciting, Fun Places for the Season, Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation Products and Services, Cutting Edge Health and Wellness Video's, MP3's  and more. 'Our Precious Pets' Products and Services, Free Radio Interview...and more.


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    Jude's Best Beatle-ish Holiday Gifts!

    in Pop Culture

    Join Jude as she counts UP the best Beatles-themed gifts for the holidays 2014! Get the scoop on Beatles tours, books,hand-crafted jewelry, and well...EVERYTHING Fab Four! You'll hear from authors Jim Berkenstadt (The Beatle Who Vanished), Lanea Stagg (Recipe Records: A Tribute to The Beatles and a new book, Little Dog in the Sun), and Candy Leonard (Beatleness). And you'll meet artist Sharyn Herrmann who hand crafts gorgeous Beatles bracelets, luggage tags, necklaces, dog tags, and so much more! So many cool items for your holiday shopping! All here on Tuesday, December 2 for you.

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    Giving As Jesus Gave: Giving The Gifts Of Truth, Beauty and Goodness

    in Spirituality

    This week we'll explore the most precious gifts giving to humanity by Jesus with a reading of two amazing sections from the Urantia Book, Paper 100: Section 7 - The Acme of Religious Living and Paper 171: Section 7 - As Jesus Passed By.

    Here is a preview:

    Jesus spread good cheer everywhere he went. He was full of grace and truth.
    Jesus really understood men; therefore could he manifest genuine sympathy and show sincere compassion.
    Jesus could help men so much because he loved them so sincerely. He truly loved each man, each woman, and each child.
    Jesus was never in a hurry. He had time to comfort his fellow men "as he passed by."
    When he smiled on a man, that mortal experienced increased capacity for solving his manifold problems.
    He frequently set out to help a person by asking for help.
    Great things happened not only because people had faith in Jesus, but also because Jesus had so much faith in them.
    It was literally true, "He went about doing good."
    He lived the truth, even as he taught it. He was the truth
    Jesus was an unusually cheerful person... His constant word of exhortation was, "Be of good cheer."
    The Master was always generous. He never grew weary of saying, "It is more blessed to give than to receive." Said he, "Freely you have received, freely give."
    Jesus was great because he was good, and yet he fraternized with the little children.
    Jesus was the perfectly unified human personality. And today, as in Galilee, he continues to unify mortal experience and to co-ordinate human endeavors

    Join us as we explore Jesus' splendid gifts to us, the greatest of which is the gift of love. We also hope to share our favorite ways of giving and some of our favorite charities. Please call and share your gifts!

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    The Daily Meal's Alanna Stang and Holiday Gifts That Give Back

    in Food

    Have you ever been invited to a Holiday dinner party and you are crunched for time and realize you didn't get the hostess gift?  You want to give something a little unusual, special some that represents the meaning of the season. Well, guest Alanna Stang, director of editorial strategy and development for TheDailyMeal.com, the  #1 site for food and drink trends will share her "Top 10 Tips" for effortless gifting with Steve Champagne our morning host. 

    Stang is the former editor-in-chief of Whole Living magazine and co-author of two books: Time For Dinner: Strategies, Inspiration, and Recipes for Family Meals Every Night of the Week (Chronicle Books, 2010) and The Green House: New Directions in Sustainable Architecture (Princeton Architectural Press, 2005). Prior to Whole Living, Alanna served as executive editor of Martha Stewart Living, founding executive editor of Cookie magazine, and executive editor of I.D. magazine.

    Steve Champagne is host, producer, and technical director of ArtSees Productions. He is also a professional writer, musician and Data/web Specialist for a local afterschool program.  

    http://www.thedailymeal.com/holidays/food-gifts-give-back where you will find links to the products as well as the beneficiary organizations. Happy Holidays! 



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    The Best Gifts Every Artist Should Have on Their Holiday Wish List

    in Art

    Join artist and marketing expert Leslie Saeta as she highlights ways to sell your art on-line. On today’s show Leslie is joined by AHA December co-host Margaret Sheldon. Join Leslie and Margaret as they review a list of the best gifts every artist should have on their holiday wish list! Don't miss out on this very inspiring show!

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    International Black Summit Talk Show Network - Holiday Gifts & Foods

    in Self Help

    Learn about yourself so that you can be available for you, your community and the world. Learn that everything starts with self. To learn more go to www.blacksummit.org. Learn about the International Black Summit Distinctions, Declare weekly your Vision.

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    Beauty Talk with Makeup Artist & Groomer Merrell Hollis

    in Blogs

    Join us on Sunday, December 21st for a conversation with Makeup Artist & Groomer Merrell Hollis. Merrell will chat with us about what it takes to maintain a successful career in the beauty industry. Follow our conversation on Twitter as well by using the hash tag #BeautyLounge.

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    in Current Events

    Today on the Social Talk we are going to talk about "True" beauty! Each and every one of us has True beauty! No matter what true beauty is not just us humans on earth but animals and plants and our planet as well as The Universe. We tend to stereo type beauty as what we see on TV and movies.  We seem to compare ourselves to celebs and perhaps more often on models as women.  What is it then? We will discuss this on the Social Talk today! Please join me as we explore Beauty!

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    Truly Meaningful Holiday Gifts to Benefit Everyone!

    in Spirituality

    The holidays will be here before you know it. BOOKS make the perfect gift choice and we have got SO MANY from Tristan Publishing from which to choose. High quality, hard cover, beautifully illustrated meaningful books and journals all of which are positive, uplifting and share so many different messages: gaining new perspectives on life, learning how to let go, building awareness and confidence, teaching love, compassion and caring, messages of hope ach book is its own special gift. From children to adults, there is something very special for each and everyone.

    As I read these books, I laughed, cried and I nodded in agreement. Short, to the point and beautiful to look at, they're perfect to display on your desk, coffee table or end table so their messages can be shared with others.

    Join the discussion to hear about all the different topics covered in these books that are ideal for gift giving.


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    Holiday stress

    in Radio

    We will be talking about holiday stress and how it hurts. The struggle of this holiday season

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    Foundational Gifts: The Spirit in Your Gifts! Part 4

    in Women

    Today's Show:

    In Part 4 of this series, join Coach Nicole Kirksey of Foundational Gifts Life & Leadership Coaching as she discusses the final 4 of the 10 Biblical representations of the Holy Spirit, and the orderly use of the thirty (30) spiritual gifts under His leading.  Is YOUR gift in here?  Connect on Twitter @CoachNicole, and on Facebook at Foundational Gifts.



    @Twitter:  http://twitter.com/coachnicole

    Foundational Gifts on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/foundationalgifts

    FG CWA Radio Archives:  http://cwaradio.com/foundational-gifts/

    FREE Audible Trial:  http://audibletrial.com/cwaradio

    Jack Hayford, Symbols of the Holy Spirit

    Loyola Press, Symbols of the Holy Spirit

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