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    Round Holes and Strange Phenomena in Russia

    in Paranormal

    Ever since the beginning of the cold war, America has looked at Russia as the Evil Empire.  We're going to look beyond the politics to the very strange phenomena that has occured in Russia over the years.  Right now, there are unexplained holes showing up in Siberia - very circular with sheer sides that almost look machined.  What's causing these holes?  What other unexplained things have happened in Russia since the beginning of the 20th century?  We'll take a look at strange Russia in our next show, Thursday, August 7th at 5:00 PM Eastern, 4:00 PM Central and 10:00 PM UK.  Also, if you're so inclined, call in to wish Slider a happy 45th Birthday!  (His birthday is the 11th, but we'll call it good!)  See you there!!

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    John Carver Show - Stabbed...Full of Holes

    in Self Help

    On today's show, thanks to Success Magazine (www.success.com), I am sharing the story of Jennifer Gilbert who was stabbed 37 times and went on to start "Save the Date."  Check it out at http://www.savethedate.com/

    Her story moves me every time I get down and want to give up!  

    Next, on the show today I share a little piece of advice from the late Jim Rohn (www.jimrohn.com).  Mr. Rohn's quiet style of teaching has taught millions of people the secrets to massive success in life.

    Finally, I will share words of encouragement by John Addison who will get you off your butt and start moving in a positive directions.


    Remember....I Believe in you!

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    Nose Holes

    in Comedy

    There's missing noses on the Knick and The Strain. Boardwalk Empire premiere picks up 7 years later. The Leftovers is coming back for another season but should it? We also talk about Ray Donovan and Dusk Till Dawn. We're joined by our guest Joe Harary.

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    Holes and Hearts

    in Rock Music

    Holes and Hearts are a heart pounding metal group founded by Riley and Casey.  They were the first interview ever for “The Expressionist Magazine” back in 2008 and we have a special place in our hearts for this amazingly talented sibling rockers.  In 2009 we went on a ghost hunt and performed a live podcast from the Brooksville Cemetery at midnight.  That year, with sad hearts we bid farewell to our friends as they moved to Las Vegas to pursue their dreams.  It comes with mixed emotions, but I can put the selfishness aside because I’ve watched them bloom into amazing young artists, who have been on VH1 and MTV since relocating to Las Vegas.  They have a new album out which took their sound to a whole new level, and we’re catching up on old times to chat with our buddies from Las Vegas, Holes and Hearts
    Read all about them by visiting: http://www.theexpressionist.com/2012/02/07/holes-and-hearts-march-31-2011-600-pm-est/

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    How one woman went from homeless to millionaire in two years!

    in Lifestyle

    We've all heard the rags to riches stories and quite honestly, when reading them, we try to find holes in their stories to validate our excuses for not achieveing all we are meant to be: "Oh well, he had a loan." or "She already had incredible skills" or "He knew the right people"

    Reality is, it took hard work to become a rags to riches stories and most of them were out on their own. Today, I will dicusss one woman's story of how she was able to become a millionaire within two years and get herself away from living on the streets!

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    All Rabbit Holes Lead to The Jews

    in Comedy

    On the 13th anniversary of 9/11, Kurt and Sherrod sit down with David Weiss (independent researcher or conspiracy theorist???) to discuss the illuminati, 9/11, and the other events he refers to as "The Big 3" (Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook). Dave also has a podcast on the Stand Up NY Labs network called "Deep Inside the RabbitHole" that dives into every conspiracy theory out there. Check it out here -https://soundcloud.com/ditrh

    Follow the crew on Twitter @kurtmetzger @Sherrod_Small @KaytlinBailey

    Check out all of our shows at standupnylabs.com

    And get more information on these topics from:

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    For Success, You Need To Plug The Holes In Your Business

    in Business

    Today's 5 Minute Business Strategy with business expert, Howard Lewinter, talks about: For Success, You Need To Plug The Holes In Your Business.

    Howard Lewinter advises CEOs, presidents, founders and business owners throughout the United States to more success and greater profit with practical advice and creative solutions to help business flow. 

    Take 5 and listen as Howard shares business tips, strategies, ideas and business thought leadership that will help improve and grow your business.

    Got a business question for Howard that you'd like him to address on the show? Tweet it to him! @HowardLewinter on Twitter.

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    Dadio's Lunch Bucket Radio Clinic - another "Hey Ya' Big Jerk Productions" gig

    in Current Events

    DADIO'S LUNCH BUCKET RADIO CLINIC - Live this week from Cool Dadio Media Studio 54 1/2

    JANESVILLE COMMUNITY RADIO:  Janesville, Wisconsin

    ..., our 69th show over all; and, our sixth show from the new Cool Dadio Media Studio 54 1/2.

    Today's crew: Downtown Dadio; Donald; a pod casting cast of thousands; and, Little Pete the Shop Cat.

    Today's parsings: The growing Nanny State and the criminalization of...., everything - kids walking to school; driving while eating burgers DWEB; and, we visit www.nannystate.com for more disturbing trends.

    As always, call in to the show live and tell us how your Second Grade teacher wrecked your life.

    323 580-5769

    Dadio's Lunch Bucket has a little bit of everything. From time to time, live from the home studio at the MY OFFICE JVL building, and quite often on the road at local taverns and coffee shops, the Radio Clinic risks the perils of ad hoc radio. There is a working class blue-collar theme with local and regional interests that weave through the show. Some college degrees are mixed in. And, all along the way they try to give a voice to those ignored by the status quo.  Somehow, they entertain us all in the process.

    Segments include but are not limited to:  Word Phrase; Fish Fry; Quiz; Blue-Collar Jobs; Wisconsin War Casualties; News and Comment; and..., Burgers.

    You need to ask Dadio and his crew some questions..., the man comes with his own support group that is prepared and ready to pull him out of the holes he invariably digs himself into!

    Call the show, play the quiz, win, make Dadio buy you a beverage at a local watering hole!

    dadioslunchbucket.com - pod casts, crew, guests, and show outlines

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    Packers lead slides away in one minute, Seahawks advance to Super Bowl XLIX

    in Sports

    In this episode of The Red Light Sports Ramble, presented by The Red Light Sports Network, Evan Witalison and Troy will talk about the NFC Championship Game, between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks.  Before the game, not many people were giving the Packers a chance, to win in Seattle.  Aaron Rodgers had a calf injury, the Seahawks defense was playing on another planet.  The Packers had more than a chance, but let it slide away.

    The Packers were leading 19-7, and Morgan Burnett intercepted Russell Wilson, on the Packers 39 yard line.  Burnett slid, and the Packers thought they were on their way, to Super Bowl XLIX.  This slide was the start of the Packers lead disappearing.  With ball in hand, Aaron Rodgers handed off to Eddie Lacey three times.  Lacey who had been finding small holes all day(21 carries, 73 yards), was stuffed on each running play.  The sequence; minus four yards, minus two yards, and a two yard gain.  This drive lost yards and only took 1:12 off the clock, after Tim Matshay's punt.  Seattle took over with 3:52, on the clock, at their 31.  The next time the Packers got the ball back, they were losing 22-19, with 1:25 left.  Rodgers constructed a drive, that allowed Mason Crosby to kick the game tying field goal.  Overtime rules allow both teams a chance to have the ball, unless the first team scores a touchdown.  Wilson drove the Seahawks down the field, then took his shot.  A 35 yard touchdown strike, to Jermaine Kearse, ended the game.  The Packers would not get another chance, in overtime.

    For 55 minutes, the Green Bay Packers dominated the Seattle Seahawks.  The Packers pressured Wilson, forced him to throw a career high four interceptions, and even caused a fumble, early in the game.  If you ever needed an example of playing until the final whistle blows, this would be the game to reference. Listen in tonight.

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    A families adoption campaign & Reality in the Christian life.

    in Christianity

    Episode 47 A families adoption campaign & Reality in the Christian life.


    Hour One: A families adoption campaign with The Powell Family

    The Powell's will share with us their story of wanting to adopt a child from a foreign country and how the Lord has been preparing them and providing the way for them on this process to bring a child into their family.

    Open Air Preaching Spotlight: Shawn Holes (the Baptist) Time permitted

    Sermon Jam of the Week: Time permitted


    Hour Two: Reality in the Christian life with guest Pastor Andrew Goins



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    Working with the Spirit with Papa Lou: Cussin' Monday-Internet Hoodoo Madness!!!

    in Paranormal

    Join us as we talk about internet hoodoo foolishness and how to steer clear of it.  We'll talk about trends, conjure fads, cyber turf wars, computer gangsters, ask-holes, false gurus, and the dreaded mock celebrity. Listen in as we give out work on how to protect yourself from these folks and how to use conjure to gain clarity. Not just on the web, but in life.  Also, tune in and listen for the winner of Mama Rue's Relationship Reading give-away!!!!  It may be you!  We might even talk the lady herself into dropping by.  See you on the porch!

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