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    Milling About with The Devil In The Marshalsea Author Antonia Hodgson

    in Entertainment

    Author Antonia Hodgson joins host Robin Milling at Kings Cross bar down in the Bowery in New York City to talk about her new murder mystery, The Devil In the Marshalsea. It's a fitting place to meet as her novel is set in 18th century gritty London where oweing a debt can land you in the city's most notorious prison -- the Marshalsea Gaol, and the Bowery was once home to vagrants and street criminals. Facts meet fiction in this page turner featuring the charming rogue Thomas Hawkins whose gambling habits get the best of him and he is thrown into the gaol where a murderer is still at large.

    Antonia tells Robin she spent many hours in the British public library researching prisoner's diaries, becoming fascinated with the debtors prisons where rich and poor alike ironically had to scrounge up money to pay for food and shelter in these seedy surroundings. She decided to set her crime novel in this world where whores, society gentlemen and scoundrels live under the roof of the ruthless governor William Acton who actually ran the Marshalsea almost 300 years ago.

    The Devil In The Marshalsea has visuals that are ripe for the screen. Antonia says the book has already been optioned for television to develop a series where her wish casting would include Tom Hiddleston in the role of Hawkins. In her other life Antonia is an editor and works with many actors so she is thinking about writing a part for Rupert Everett in her next book which is a sequel!

    Click here for free audiobook www.audibletrial.com/millingabout

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    A Mother’s Heartbreak, with Lori Hodgson

    in Religion

    Earlier this year, Lori Hodgson joined Colleen Sau Tez' panel of brave women dubbed “The X-Women” to share her disturbing story about Scientology on another God Discussion show.  Lori has directly experienced the nightmare of what Scientology does to families.  In the original broadcast, Lori shared the fact that her son, daughter, and ex-husband were still active members who decided to follow Scientology policy by “disconnecting” from her .  Lori joined Scientology in 1976 when she was 13. Having virtually grown up in one of the world’s most secretive organizations, she eventually left her staff position and continued as a parishioner, known as a “public.”
    Lori will join Rob Robinson in World Cult Watch with updates to her story.  Declared a suppressive person (excommunicated) by the “church,” she is still shunned by her children.  In the past three years, she has only been allowed to see her son twice, and her daughter once. Lori has been battling the “church”  to reclaim her right to see her kids.
    World Cult Watch, a weekly program that airs every Sunday night.  Host Rob Robinson runs the “World Cult Watch” website, offering insight and a forumt for ex-cult members struggling with the guilt, grief, anger and other emotions associated with spiritual abuse.  Please visit the Internet radio show sponsor, GodDiscussion.net, for a schedule

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    Pozercise Talks with Harriet Hodgson

    in Family

    "Growing Out of Grief" - Harriet Hodgson an independent journalist for 30+ years, Hodgson is the author of 28 books and hundreds of print and Internet articles. She has appeared on more than 160 radio talk shows and dozens of television stations, including CNN. Her work is cited in Who’s Who of American Women, Who’s Who in America, Contemporary Authors, and other directories. Hodgson is a contributing writer for the Open to Hope Foundation website and Caregiving in America magazine columnist.

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    Draft Series: Tight Ends with Out of the Pocket and Jay Hodgson

    in Football

    The Draft Series continues with the Out of the Pocket posse chatting with the amazing Jay Hodgson from All Green Bay Packers.com about this year's crop of tight ends and fullbacks. Will the Packers find the heir apparent to Jermichael Finley? Is the Andrew Quarrless extension going to make the Packers feel confident going into the season? The gang gives you their insight like no one else can.


    Join two of the PocketDoppler Angels and Richard Chang as they take their show on the road and bring you a weekly dissection of the Green Bay Packers as only they know how.  All three are longtime Packer fans who bring their infinite wisdom, passion and snark to the Packers Talk Radio Network. Check out their work at PocketDoppler.com and Dick's Favorite Blog. And follow them on Twitter at @WhatRUTinkin , @Ceallaigh_k and @RichardMChang.


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    NLPI RADIO USA with Kurt and Moe Present the Enfield Poltergiest

    in Paranormal

    get ready to listen in to one of the most documented and creepy poltergiest cases ever the Enfield Poltergiest.This case took place in a Enfield,England and was documented by some of the biggest parapsychologists that existed in the Day. In August 1977, single parent Peggy Hodgson called police to her rented home in Enfield after two of her four children claimed that furniture was moving and knocking sounds were heard on walls. The children included Margaret, age 13, Janet, age 11, Johnny, age 10 and Billy, age 7. A female police constable saw a chair slide on the floor but couldn't determine if it moved by itself or was pushed by someone. Later claims included allegedly demonicvoices, loud noises, thrown rocks

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    AGEM Advantage News: Elaine Hodgson

    in Business

    AGEM Advantage News is where we bring you the latest industry news and announcements from AGEM members. On this edition, Elaine Hodgson from Incredible Technologies joins the show. Hodgson is a founder of Incredible Technologies and has served as president and chief executive officer since the company's inception in 1985. A veteran of the entertainment and technical development world, Hodgson has led IT from a $150,000 basement start-up to the international enterprise it has become today. We will be discussing the latest happenings at Incredible Technologies; don’t miss it!

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    No Huddle Radio: Packers Patriots Redux

    in Football

    The All Green Bay Packers crack committee reconvenes as we look in-depth at last week's Packers - Patriots battle at Lambeau Field. Hosts Jason Perone, Jay Hodgson and Jersey Al Bracco break it down and examine not only what went right for the Packers, but also what went wrong.  

    This game was the most-watched NFL game of the 2014 season so far, so we feel it deserves a thorough examination. 

    To help with that, we bring on special guest Mike Loyko of NEPatriotsDraft.com to examine how the Packers looked from a Patriots perspective.


    Your hosts are all writers with AllGreenBayPackers.com, an independent blog devoted to YOUR GREEN BAY PACKERS.

    No Huddle Radio is a part of the Packers Talk Radio Network, serving up enough weekly podcasts to satisfy the most fervent of Packer fans. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and subscribe over at iTunes or BlogTalkRadio.

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    24 Holiday Tips - Replacing Holiday Stress with Relaxation & Gratitude

    in Women

    Today on "24 Holiday Tips for Savvy Homeowners" I will be talking with my guest Helen Hodgson.

    Are you relaxed enough to enjoy the holidays?

    Everyone loves the holidays but often we (women) try to do too much. It’s easy to end up so exhausted we don’t enjoy ourselves. That’s why we’re hosting experts to share 24 holiday tips to help you re-balance how you spend your time and money during this holiday season. We hope you enjoy these tips about replacing holiday stress with relaxation and gratitude for the things you have.

    To read more about Helen's interview click here.

    Be sure to grab my free gift for you here. 

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    Arsenal v City, Real v Atletico, Manchester United v QPR, and World v Roy Hodgson

    in Soccer

    Daryl and Taylor are back from their mini-vacation to give their very specific predictions for some of this weekend's games, including Arsenal v Manchester City (Saturday, 7:45am EST), Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid (Saturday, 2:00pm), and Manchester United v QPR (Sunday, 11:00am). The guys also briefly recap England 2 - Switzerland 0, and give their thoughts on the Euro Qualifiers thus far (spoiler alert: they like them). Finally, it's the "Still Untitled Listener Questions Segment", a book giveaway, and some thank yous to some very generous people!

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    No Huddle Radio: Packers Second Half Preview

    in Football

    The Packers season is half over and they stand at 5-3 coming off a bye week. Your ALLGBP.com hosts circle the wagons and examine what awaits the Packers in the second half of the season. They'll look at the current state of the Packers, preview the upcoming game against the Bears, and then go game-by-game down the rest of the schedule and predict what's likely to happen.

    Joining Jason Perone and Jay Hodgson tonight is special guest host Michelle Bruton, NFL Gameday correspondent and Packers Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report.


    No Huddle Radio is a part of the Packers Talk Radio Network, serving up enough weekly podcasts to satisfy the most fervent of Packer fans. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and subscribe over at iTunes or BlogTalkRadio.



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    9/22- Scott & George discuss Having & Selecting a Team Captain...How Important Is It?  We'll also go around the league talking about players w/key questions or borderline fantasy hockey value!

    NHLBreakdown hosted by Scott Levy, w/George Kurtz of RotoExperts.com, covering all the on & off ice action of the NHL!


    Our Fantasy Reports, including the IR, Goalie & Waiver Wire reports, will help keep you fantasy team a constant threat!


    Shows twice a week:  Mondays @ 5 pm/Fridays @ 2pm (September thru May)

    **Mondays only (@ 5 pm) during July & August

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