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    @IDECLAIRMEDIA  We discuss @VP Biden, & his possible run for the presidency. Do you, would you support Biden? Does a Biden run strengthen, or weaken the Dem. primary? 

    Your thoughts on Biden & the Dems! 

    Donald Trump called out the greatest weakness of the GOP & its establishment candidate, 'Jeb!' Bush. Jeb! says "my brother kept us safe," & painfully attempts to defend his brother. I say: "my brother kept us safe" is the most INANE talking point yet! We discuss. 

    Pres. candidate Hillary Clinton goes before the House Benghazi Cmte. Thursday. Wow, what a Republican mess, & misuse of millions of taxpayer dollars. Two GOP cong members, & a GOP staffer admitted the hearings are partisan & aimed at damaging HRC. We discuss.

    The VOTING Rights of African Americans in Alabama (& across the nation) are under threat. Are you making your voice heard?

    Tues. 9PM ET Live!

    No Matter What... Know YOUR Value. No Matter What... Know YOU Matter.

    Dealing With The Difficult. REAL. RAW. RIGHT NOW... 





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    Next Mission Radio: Andy Reinhardt, Matt Epps, and Huy Q Hoang

    in Military

    Our first guest of the night is Andy Reinhardt president of 303 Arms Inc. Mr. Reinhardt has been a very avide participant in recreational shooting and competitive shooting sports. In 2006 his love and passion for firearms drove him to turn towards becoming a certified instructor earning two certifications, also, obtaining multiple basic instructor certifications. In 2011 303 Arms Inc. became a reality dealing in NFA weapons and specialize in Silencers and training with all types of weapons systems. We also offer specialized training for, individuals, couples, families, church groups and corporations. 


    Our second guest on the show is Mr. Matthew Epps author of the book 11-Mike Memoirs of a mechanized infantryman. This book is written by a man who has wallked the miles and ridden in the tanks to bring you first hand knowledge of what life can be like as a 11M. We will be talking about what it is like to ride along and what all it takes to earn the MOS. 

    Our final guest of the evening will be the Founder and CEO of FIT CORPS Mr Huy Q Hoang. Having served in the Marine Corps Reserves from 1992 to 2000 during which time he was part of 2 winning Super Squads also while earning the Marine of the Year award, presented with an NCO Sword and Navy Marine Corps Commendation Medal. 

    Is that every Marine Veteran will reach the level of Significance God has called them to, and that No Marine is left behind in any way.
    I run monthly 21 DAY FITNESS CHALLENGES to encourage Marines to be physically fit, every 2 months a I run Mastermind Groups on John Maxwell’s 21 Laws of Irrefutable Leadership.

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    Vong Quanh The Gioi - 9.4.15

    in Travel

    - C?m tu?ng noi quý thính gi? g?i t?i chuong trình qua anh ch? H?nh & Lan Thy.
    - Simone Nga tu?ng trình v? nh?ng hành trình tours Âu châu v?a tr? v?.
    - AV Travel gi?i thi?u v? hành trình tour Nh?t B?n mùa thu lên du?ng t? ngày 2 tháng 11 d?n ngày 12 tháng 11 t?i dây cung nhu hành trình tours di Bali - Nh?t B?n kh?i hành t? ngày 28 tháng 10 d?n ngày 12 tháng 11 nam 2015.
    - V? nh?ng hành trình tours di Nh?t B?n di vào mùa xuân 2016 v?i AV Travel trên trang nhà ? d?a ch?: www.avtravel.com
    - AV Travel gi?i thi?u v? hành trình tours di Croatia - Montenegro - Slovenia - Bosnia & Herzegovina - Italy lên du?ng t? ngày 16 tháng 4 d?n ngày 30 tháng 4 nam 2016 v?i AV Travel.
    - C?m tu?ng v? chuy?n di Croatia m?i dây tr? v? c?a ch? Mai Linh & anh Paul Tu?n v?i nh?ng c?m nh?n v? m?t t? di?m du l?ch m?i trong nh?ng hành trình tour v?i AV Travel.
    - Thi ca thính phòng: AV Travel xin gi?i thi?u l?i lo?t bài v? v? án Nhân Van Giai Ph?m nh? v? c? Nguy?n H?u Ðang, si phu B?c Hà không khu?t ph?c b?o cu?ng qua câu chuy?n c?a Vi?t Hùng v?i nhà tho Hoàng C?m. Cu?c ph?ng v?n du?c th?c hi?n vào tháng 2 nam 2007 ngay sau khi hay tin c? Nguy?n H?u Ðang ra di...

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    Vong Quanh The Gioi - 08.07.15

    in Travel


    - Tuong trinh ve nhung chuyen di Au chau trong thang 7 trong cau chuyen voi Simone Nga - Quynh Nhu - Viet Hung.
    - Cam tuong cua chi Mai Linh ve chuyen di Croatia - Montenegro - Slovinia - Bosnia & Herzegovina - Italy voi AV Travel.
    - Hoang Linh gioi thieu ve Dubrovnik, vien ngoc bich cua bien Adriatic.
    - Ben Xuan cua co nhac si Van Cao voi tieng hat Bich Lien.
    - AV Travel gioi thieu ve nhung hanh trinh tours di trong thang 8, 9, 10 va3 11 nam 2015.
    - Thi ca thinh phong: Duong Ve Viet Bac cua co nhac si Doan Chuan - Tu Linh

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    I am Xena Featuring LuAn Mitchell, Women's Global Leadership Alliance

    in Women

    I am Xena is proud to feature LuAn Mitchell, co-founder of the Women's Global Leadership Alliance, www.womensgla.com will be interviewed live from California.

    As a woman widowed young who has triumphed over adversity on many levels, Ms. Mitchell has lived a life of wide experience, harsh reality and repeated triumph both personally and professionally.

    Inducted as a Leading Woman Entrepreneur of the World in many countries, and former member of the Harvard Women’s leadership Board, JFK School of Government. LuAn is an international best selling author, and was named American Biographical Institute’s Woman of the Year.

    Host of Voice America’s, “Millionaire Mentor” Internet Radio, and a featured expert in several motivational and business advisory Movies and publications, including but not limited to:

    Napoleon Hill Foundation’s, Three Feet from Gold, and The Road to Riches – Thirteen Keys to Success and Success and Mentor Magazine .

    The Opus Movie, Pass it On, Achieve your Ultimate Success. Success leaves Clues. And Teleseminar Leader and Speaker.

    Don't miss her amazing story of empowerment!

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    Vong Quanh The Gioi - 6.6.15

    in Travel

    - Vong Quanh The Gioi voi Simone Nga - Viet Hung - Quynh Nhu sau nhung hanh trinh tours tro ve.

    - Thang 6 troi mua voi nhung ky niem Sai Gon qua phan trinh bay cua Phong Lan
    - AV Travel gioi thieu nhung hanh trinh tours di trong mua he, mua thu qua nhung tours: Tay Au, Dong Au, Nhat Ban - Dai Loan, Nhat Ban mua thu, Nhat Ban - Bali - Dai han, Tay Ban Nha & Bo Dao Nha, Dubai & An Do, Uc chau & Tan Tay Lan.
    - Tam nuoc On tuyen va mac bo ao Jukata cua nguoi Nhat qua phan gioi thieu va trinh bay cua nha bao Do Thong Minh.
    - 1 nam sau ngay phong Thanh, 95 nam ngay sanh va 10 nam ngay mat cua co Duc Giao Hoang John Paul II. Nhan dip nay Hoang Linh co bai gui ve qua phan trinh bay cua Quynh Nhu.

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    GOP is strategically protecting majority in Cong., writing off 2016 Presidency

    in Politics

    In an election, rule #1 for the voter is “remember that you are being told what that candidate believes you want to hear a person say.”  Live up to this voter rule, because the candidates will every stinking time.  No exceptions.  …well the exceptions always lose so they don’t count.  

    The GOP is not going to put forward a sincere effort to elect a president this year.  They will put forward a campaign field of candidates that will strengthen their power nationally.  That national prominence will then benefit them on their role in the House and Senate as they grapple with the Democrats.  Thus, the GOP is focusing on strengthening their position in the House and senate as a counter weight to the presidency.

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    Vong Quanh The Gioi - 3.20.15

    in Travel

     Thang 3 mua hoa Buoi “nho ben song xua thuyen ai ghe ben, huong Buoi que minh niu khach sang song…”
    - Hoang Linh tuong trinh tu Budapest ve nhung buoi le ky niem 25 nam ngay Dong Au sup do tai Hungary va nhung thay doi sau 25 nam.
    - Quynh Nhu gioi thieu ve nhung hanh trinh tours di Tay Au voi AV Travel.
    - Thay Triet hoc Tran Duc Giang gioi thieu ve ngoi chua Vang Shwedagon o Yangun, Mien Dien.
    - Viet Hung va nhung dong nhac co dien, lang man tai nhung quoc gia Dong, Trung Au qua nhung buoi hoa nhac tai Vienna, Ao quoc. Phan thi ca thinh phong moi quy vi qua Cong Hoa Lien Bang Duc den voi dong nhac lang man cua R. Schumann.

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    Talking Paintball with David REAPER Justin

    in Sports

    O.K. Ladies and Gentlemen, Our show this Thursday starts at 6:00pm PST. This will be our first out of the studio show. It was very hard to make our schedules match, so I’m taking the show to my guest Co-Host  Tin Man Hoang. Tin Man who?  No,  Tin Man Hoang. He has been in our business for a long time, he will tell you more about who he is during the show. I will be talking about the events I went to and we will have some of the people involved with Eli’s Make A Wish calling in. Jon Rotilie the creator of the new Mag-Fed monthly will be calling in and if we are lucky so will his friend Chuck Kozakiewicz. Want to learn more? Listen in. Want to get involved?  call in! (646) 787-8384. ShootUsoon.

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    Vong Quanh The Gioi - 3.5.15

    in Travel

    - Ca Dao Vong Ve, tan man dau xuan thang 3 voi nha tho Nguyen Duy.
    - Ve 10 thanh pho duoc tuyen chon Top Ten tren the gioi qua cuoc tuyen chon cua Mercer qua cau chuyen voi nha bao Hoang Linh tu  Budapest.
    - AV Travel gioi thieu ve nhung chuyen di tu thang 4 den thang 11. Chuyen di Las Vegas - Yellow Stone & Mt. Rushmore len duong tu 25 July - 01 Aug, 2015.
    - Nha bao Do Thong Minh gioi thieu ve hanh trinh tours di Nhat Ban mua he va mua thu voi AV Travel.
    - Nhan ky niem 205 nam ngay sinh cua thien tai am nhac Frederic Chopin, Quynh Nhu co bai gioi thieu ve cuoc tranh tai Piano mang te Chopin lan thu 17 khai dien vao mua thu 2015 tai Warsaw.

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    Vong Quanh The Gioi - 2.27.15

    in Travel

    - Hoang Linh gioi thieu ve nhan vat Don Quixote, noi tieng trong van hoc Au chau va Tay Ban Nha, noi AV Travel se dua du khach ghe tham que huong va ngoi nha cua Don Quixote trong hanh trinh tour di tay Ban Nha & Bo Dao Nha. - Nhung hanh trinh tours di tu thang 3 den thang 10 voi AV Travel. - AV Travel gioi thieu ve hanh trinh tour di Las Vega - YellowStone & Rushmore len duong tu ngay 25v July - 01 Aug. - Ve tieng hat Kimyoni, co thieu nu Nhat Ban mang tam hon Viet. - Nha bao Do Thong Minh gioi thieu ve nhung hanh trinh touyrs di Nhat Ban mua thu 2015 voi AV Travel. - Sao em no voi lay chong cua nhac sy Tran Tien trong nhung trai long voi Viet Hung.