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    Pozitively Dee HIV/ AIDS a discussion about HIV/AIDS

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    For December I want to have those infected or affected by HIV on the show and give them a chance to share their stories. There are so many stories to share. Today Saturday Pozitively Dee HIV/ AIDS Discussion at 4:30 pm will have Kecia TheEmpire Johnson on as a guest. Call in 347-855-8118 and join the conversation or listen on line at www.blogtalkusa.com at 4:30 pm Mountain Time.

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    Faith/Media What Do They Have in Common with the fight on HIV/AIDS?

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    Joining “CAN WE TALK FOR REAL”, cohosts Teresa Jackson and Michelle E. Brown on Wednesday, February 3, 2016 to address the Asian/Pacific HIV/AIDS awareness strategy and [Prep] will be Jens Tamang from the Minnesota Aids Project who before joining MAP he provided care coordination for individuals living with HIV in adult foster care and served as a Projects Administrator for several LGBTQ youth programs funded by the Minnesota Regional Arts Council. Joining him will be also be Kayden Hoang Bui he will discuss his vision on how to expand the MAP’s work into hard-to-reach populations to promote HIV/STI education, awareness, and testing through increased outreach and media presence.In recognition of Feb.7th National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, joining CWT4R, will be Pastor Anthony Sullivan Jr. a Pastor-Leader, Preacher, Challenger, Trainer, Teacher, Resource, Initiator, Counselor, Guide and a justice advocate committed to the liberation of persons and groups who suffer from all forms of oppression. He is a graduate of the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University having earned the Master of Divinity degree. He is especially concerned about those impacted and affected by the pandemic of HIV/AIDS.  He will talk about, “What does faith has to do with the mobilization initiative aimed at Blacks to help reduce the HIV/AIDS spread and to bring more awareness”.

  • Positively Dee a discussion about HIV/AIDS

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    Today Pozitively Dee HIV/AIDS discussion will be an open discussion with HIV men. It will be nice to hear what our men have to say who are living with HIV. You don't gave to be living with HIV to call in and listen. This show will help many understand the life struggles for men living with the virus. You can call in and not give your name if you have questions. Discussion is open on dating, health and many other things. Cant wait to hear what they have to say.Show is at 4:30 pm Mountain Time 347-855-8118 or you can go on line and listen in at blogtalkusa and press play. Be blessed

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    HIV/AIDS Are we at Pandemic?

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    Is it possibe that 60 million people in the US may be HIV Positive and they don't know it? Should you know your HiV status? If the procedure for testing HIV virus status is wrong, how are we going to get the numbers down for new HiV cases? 50% of all new cases in the United States are the youth below 25 years old. Did you know you can pass the HIV virus through passionate kissing? Listen to the broadcast tonight at 6pm PST. Call 347-850-1243 press 1 and be my quest. Host Paulette Young on Reach Out America: Americas Health Crisis

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    SUNDAYS SHOW POZITIVELY DEE HIV/AIDS DISCUSSION 7:30PM PACIFIC TIME.. Answer this question.. Why should HIV CRIMINALIZATION matter to you? There are individuals having sex now using a condom and they don't know if the person their having sex with is HIV positive. So why is it that when a person who is HIV positive has sex with a condom goes to jail? Not only goes to jail, but gets 20 to 30 years and they used protection. The HIV criminalization laws were put into place in the 80's because there was fear of spreading the virus. Today people living with HIV are living just as long as anyone else, living their lives undetectable and the virus is not spread. Women are having babies now that are not born with the virus. This law has to change and something has to be done

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    Gumbo for the Soul: Faces of HIV|AIDS - With Dr. Lindiwe Mhlongo Helm

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    Gumbo for the Soul: Faces of HIV|AIDS - With Dr. Lindiwe Mhlongo Helm, hosted by Beverly Black Johnson via Voices of Wisdom on TRIBE Family Channel, will be our first broadcast of 2016. We wanted to share our continued hope for a cure, along with information and data that Dr. Lindiwe Mhlongo Helm will be sharing, having penned her dissertation on ...curbing the HIV/AIDS panademic......

    This special broadcast is sponsored by Linda Denise Brown, co-compiler of the anthology under development, Gumbo for the Soul: Faces of HIV|AIDS. Dr. Lindiwe Mhlongo Helm will write the foreword, and Beverly Black Johnson will publish the completed compilation via Gumbo for the Soul International®. This anthology is a community awareness effort benefiting "I Am My Siztahs Keeper," an agency dedicated to Advocacy for Women with HIV founded by Linda Denise Brown.

    The anthology will assist as a catalyst for the further development of Mrs. Brown's initiative. 

  • Pozitively Dee a discussion about HIV/AIDS

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    Saturday 9/19/2015 4:30pm Mountain time. Pozitively Dee HIV/AIDS Discussion we will discuss HIV and mental health. I will have Colette C'ann Perkins on a Therapist/Health Educator discussing why mental health plays a big part in living with HIV and what one needs to do to take care of their mental health. Call in and join the discussion 347-855-8118 or listen onlinewww.blogusa.com — with Ieshia Advocate'Hiv Scott,Gregory Lewis, Been There

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    Pozitively Dee a Discussion about HIV/AIDS

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    Today Pozitively Dee HIV/AIDS Discussion at 4:30 pm Mountain Time will have Reverend William Francis on helping to address HIV in the church why it's not discussed and why it should be discussed. And Pastor Savalas R. Squire Sr. will be on discussing the Healthy Church Conference. Call in and join the talk 347-855-8118 your opinion matters and we would love to hear it. You can also listen online at 4:30 pm Mountain Time


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    Pozitively Dee an Educational discussion about HIV/AIDS

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    Today Saturday 9/12/2015 4:30pm Mountain Time Pozitively Dee HIV/AIDS discussion will be open discussion on how different issues affect women living with HIV. Nancy Duncan and Marsha Heflin Brady will be joining me. Call in and join the discussion at 347-855-8118 or listen online atwww.blogtalkusa.com Shawndell Tillery-Finney Angela Murray


  • Pozitively Dee a Discussion about HIV/AIDS

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    If you missed last month's show with the discussion on HIV in the church and communities especially the black community and why it's not discussed. Call in I'll have two guest on, on Saturday September 26th. Pastor William Francis and Evangelist Darlene King. Please join me Pozitively Dee HIV/AIDS Discussion. Call in at 4:30 pm Mountain Time be a part of the talk 347-855-8118 or listen online at 4:30 pmwww.blogtalkusa.com

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    Positively Dee for discussion about HIV/AIDS

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    Join us for HIV/AIDS discussion bringing awareness to the community. Historically, the HIV/AIDS epidemic has affected more men than women. However, if new HIV infections continue at their current rate worldwide, women with HIV may soon outnumber men with HIV. HIV infection impacts a growing number of women in Illinois each year. Nearly 7,000 women in Illinois are currently known to be living with HIV and/or AIDS. Many hundreds of other women are probably living with HIV even though they are unaware of their own infection. HIV/AIDS disproportionately impacts African-American women in Illinois and the United States. Nationally, HIV infection is the leading cause of death for African-American women between the ages of 25 and 34. In Illinois, the number of HIV cases among African-American women continues to climb. Roughly 68 percent of Illinois women living with HIV are African American, while African Americans only make up 15 percent of the Illinois population. Caucasian women account for 16 percent of Illinois women living with HIV, while the Caucasian population represents more than 73 percent of Illinois residents. Latina women represent roughly 11 percent of the HIV/AIDS cases in women, while 13 percent of the Illinois population is Latino. Roughly 4 percent of women with HIV are from Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander and other communities. Women in their 30s are the most likely to be living with HIV/AIDS, and almost all Illinois women living with HIV are between the ages of 20 and 50.