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    Palestinian problem - Illegal aliens - Isis lowdown - Hitlery LIES again

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    Tonite (7.09.2014) we dealt with these problems:

    The Palestinian problem. This round of violence was started by benny yahu and the Mossad who murdered the three edomite (jewish) teens.

    The lowdown on Isis. NO legitimate Muslim freedom fighter group would call itself Isis. That is the name of an Egyptian goddess. Isis is a terrorist group created by the CIA, MI-6 and the Mossad just as al qaeda (al CIAda) was.

    The illegal alien crisis.  Thousands of children are illegally entering America from Central America to make barry soetoro and the democrats look bad. This will help swing votes to the GOP which will give it control of the Senate. The other scandals of the Kenya CRIME Syndicate - NSA, IRSS, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, VA and drone murders - will destroy the Dems in November. The stock market crash in October will be the icing on the cake for the GOP.

    The LIES of Hitlery. Hitlery claims a judge order her to defend a rapist even though she asked to not be given the case. LIE! She worked for the Rose Law Firm, a private company. No judge in America can order a lawyer of a private firm to defend a criminal. He cannot even order a lawyer in the District Attorney's office to do that. It is the job of the DA to assign lawyers in his office to defend accused criminals who cannot afford a lawyer. Hitlery LIED again!

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    False Flag Chicago-Navy Eaesdropping-Hitlery and Bill Financial Antics

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    We are going to cover the lies of Clinton crime family, and the various ways they are using to avoid their financial obligations. Also, we are going to cover the Navy's hacking into personal and other computers. Finally, we are going to cover the revelations of a Romanian hacker and the plans of the elite to pull off another false flag in the United States corporation.

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    Crimea - Ukraine - President Putin - Austin PD spy on children - Hitlery SICK?

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    Tonite (2.28.2014) we covered:

    The turmoil in Ukraine and Crimea. President Putin is acting to put out the fire of Big Brother revolution. We covered the background of the revolution in the Ukraine tying in the Arab Spring and the Syrian chemical attack. The Kenyan bastard threatened to bomb Damascus for the chem attack, but President Putin called his bluff and the bastard backed down. That angered the ROTTENshield/ROTTENfeller CRIME family who perpetrated a few terrorist attacks in Russia and threatened to attack the Winter Olympics. President Putin was too tough for the cowards so they launched the Ukraine revolution.

    Austin PD to watch school children. The APD want all spy-cams in the schools to be hooked into the APD so they can watch them. In the next two decades Big Brother will require ALL spy-cams on the planet be hooked into local PDs which will be hooked into Big Brother surveillance hubs. BB will require ALL spy-cams in schools, factories, offices, businesses, stores, apartments, condos and homes to be hooked directly into the local PDs. BB will require at least one spy-cam be installed in every room on the planet, including restrooms and locker rooms. There will be NO privacy in any building. Spy-cams will be required in ALL yards, parks, streets, etc. Along with his satellite spy-cams and those in blimbs, drones, planes, light poles, etc. he will be able to watch virtually every square inch of Earth.

    The question of whether or not Hitlery is so sick she will not run again for the WH in 2016.

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    Gun registration - Sandy Hook FALSE FLAG - Pesticide use up - Hitlery

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    Tonite (2.25.2014) we covered:

    Gun registration in CT and the Sandy Hook FALSE FLAG.

    Pesticide use 300 million pounds from 100 to 400 million.

    Hitlery EXPOSED.


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    NSA - Hitlery - TSA - Foreign aid

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    Tonight (7.31.2013) we covered the news:
    The TSA got caught once again by BB media.
    Hitlery is being dragged into the weiner scandal and her minions are furious. Back in 2009 she accepted the Margaret Sanger award for genocide.
    The criminal conspiracy called "foreign aid."
    Nazi gold.
    The NSA in back in the news.
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    Hitlery - Women's Tyranny Movement - BS & NSA

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    Tonite (8.11.2013) we broke down the following stories:
    Hitlery is off and running.
    The fact that women CANNOT run for public office contrary to what the Women's Tyranny Movement GOONS claim. We talked about Jezebel and King Ahab.
    barry soetoro PR stunt for the NSA.
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    DC MK-Ultra shooting - Hitlery Liberty Medal

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    Tonite (9.17.2013) we break down the latest MK-Ultra attack on the American people by the CIA.
    According to Bloomberg.com in the last 30 years there have been 78 mass shootings killing 547. With the 12 Monday the total is 559. That is about 2.5 shootings a year with an average of 8 killed per shooting. During that time 559,347 were killed with guns. The number of dead by mass shootings is less than .1% It is a meaningless stat.
    Yet the gun grabbers want strict gun laws to stop mass shootings and refuse to do anything about Gang shootings, and drug related shootings. They should seek long prison sentences for anyone found guilty of a Gang shooting or drug related shooting.
    Hitlery got the 2013 Liberty Medal. That is a joke since she is the last woman on Earth who should get it.
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    Hitlery Expose - Poppy bush

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    Tonite (2.16.2014) we chatted about:

    Fox aired a propaganda piece about Poppy bushka called "A bush Family Album." The super COWARD george herbert walker Poppy daddy bush who bailed out of his torpedo bomber in WWII leaving his tailgunner and com-man behind to die. What he did was a court-martial offense punishable by death. he was not prosecuted because his daddy prescott stopped any prosecution of his cowardly son. When his bomber was hit it was his job as the pilot to order his crewmen to bail out and onve they had bailed out he would then bail out. he bailed out leaving them trapped in a plane spiarling into the Pacific.

    He started the Zapata Oil Co. as a front for drug smuggling in 1953 with C.I.A. agent Thomas J. Devine. He eventually became the Drug Czar of the Western Hemisphere working directly under the rottenfeller CRIME family.

    We continued the expose of HITLERy clinton by her "best friend" Diane Blair.

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    ISIS - Hitlery smack down - 25 questions to ask politicians

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    Tonite (6.27.2014) we discussed:

    The rise of ISIS in Iraq.

    The smackdown of hitlery by Ann Coulter.

    25 questions every American should ask their politician. Here are a few of them:

    1. Do you believe you are the most qualified person in America for the job you hold or ?

    2. Do you believe you know what is best for the American people?

    3. Do you believe the people must be told how to live because they are too ignorant to live on their own?

    4. Do you believe politicians should live the lifestyle of the people they represent?

    5. Do you believe there should be a limit to the amount of wealth a single individual can accumulate?

    6. Do you believe there should be a limit to the amount of wealth a single corporation can accumulate?

    12. Do you believe the rights, liberties, freedoms and privacy of the American people should be limited to protect them from terrorists?

    13. Do you believe the U.S. military should police the world?

    23. Do you believe there is a group of billionaires, millionaires, politicians, military officers and bureaucrats that are working together to create a world government and world economic system – a New World Order?

    24. Would you support a movement to create a New World Order?

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    Hitlery LIES - Benghazi - How to win the War on Drugs - VA scandal - IRSS crime

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    Tonite (6.24.2014) we covered:

    The LIES of Hitlery. She claims she is NOT rich even though she and SIKO are in the top .01%! They are in the top 1/100th of the top 1%! SIKO said they go to the local grocery store on weekends and talk to people. They could rent a 2 BR apartment and live in it for one year on an income of $54,000 (the median family income in America) to see how the average American family lives. Will they ever do that? NO!!! They HATE the American suckers and LIE to them every chance they get! They laugh and mock all Americans knowing that 99% are too stupid and too gullible to see through their satanic LIES and hypocricy. Hitler Jr. also claims that she and SIKO earned every penny they have made. They earned NOTHING! Neither has ever worked a real job for even one day in their miserable, hellish nightmares existences! They are parasites who live off of gullible suckers and their billionaire masters - the ROTTENfellers, bushes and ROTTENshield CRIME family.

    Hitlery was also intimimately involved in the assassination of Ambassador Stevens.

    The current War on Drugs is a fake war. A real war can be won in 25 hours.

    Key criminals in the VA falsified records and kept veterans waiting for critical treatment for months resulting in the deaths of dozens of vets.

    IRSS claims two hard drives crashed that contained vital emails so they threw them in the trash. Tech companies can recover data from crashed hard drives with ease. The IRSS criminals destroyed incriminating evidence. The emails are also stored on servers like Yahoo, MSN, Google, etc. and can be retrieved. The NSA collects every email in the world and they can also retrieve them. The individuals who sent  and received the emails also have them on their computers. The IRSS LIED and are trying to trick the GOP and WE THE PEOPLE!

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    Benghazi - Hitlery - Saudi Arabia - Iran - Kissinger

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    Tonite (1.16.2014) we covered:

    The explosive report by the Senate Intelligence Committee on the murder of Ambassador Stevens by al-C.I.A.da. Hitlery is to blame and should be prosecuted for murder or criminal negligence.

    Saudi complicity with the ROTTENshield/ROTTENfeller CRIME family.

    Hitlery also planned to give Edomland (Israel) the "green light" to bomb Iran according to Robert Gates.

    Bank of America caught spying on the "Occupy Wall Street" protestors.

    Heinz Kissinger was involved in the "dirty war" in Argentina in the 60s and 70s. 9,000 journalists, labor organizers, students, nuns and other "dangerous people" were murdered,

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