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    Once upon a time two poor Americans won a communist beauty contest. They were voted by the brainwashed community to become pretenders to the throne. AKA President Pinocchio pants and the last lady to get the word. They were elected by the communist news media  and SNL. Followed by Bill PLO dancer Maher, Jon the monkey stupid. All of hollywoood rehab and the communist cuban controlled network of NBC Nothing But Communists. Honorable mention goes to ABC Always be Communist, CBS Communist Broadcasting System, CNN Communist No News and NPR Nasty Presidential Rats. I left out the Perverted Beastiality System PBS.

    So by the grace of Stalin these two hookers snagged a whole country. Coming into the Wet house poor they immediately starting selling pardons and looting the Wet house, Upon leaving they stole computer w keys all the silverware and a Van Gog painting. As the dragin lady was climbing into her volkwagon beetle several utensils fell out of her tortured mink coat. When asked about the mink she replied who cares how they died. Which is the democrat party chant at kill the kid rallies.also known as the Pro chop movement.

    Then came Ali Baba Obama and his 40 communist thieves. Out of nowhere he pushed Hitlery off the stage shouting You go girl.

    He ushered in eight years of communism. Defeated our alllies and bailed out any communist couintry that kills Americans. Rihght now he is rewarding Iran for the copper lug IED's that wounded 49.000 Gi's and killed over 7,000 Americans. Now he wants to kill the Jews for Allah. He made Bebe Netanyahu take out the garbage by the back door while he ushered in his Hezbollah ALLIES.



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    Bilderberg - Hitlery - Jebush - Crooked elections

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    On this June 13, 2015 program we talk about:

    Big Brother's Bilderberg Crime Syndicate and their associate NWO crime syndicates.

    NWO gangsters Hitlery running against Jebush.

    And how elections in America are all crooked due to e-voting, super-pacs and the media.

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    Ed Snowden tells the truth - Bilderberg - Hitlery on wealth inequality - Obesity

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    Tonite (5.29.2014) we covered the truth about:

    Edward Snowden who spoke with Brian Williams of NBC about blowing the whistle. Everything barry soetoro, keith alexander, john kerry and other Big Brother minions said about him was a LIE!

    Bilderberg conspirators are conspiring. They are deciding how to make us more submissive to them and how to murder us more effectively.

    Hitlery bewails wealth inequality. HYPOCRITE!

    Obesity in the world and America. 2.1 BILLION people are obese and 100 million of those obese people live in America!


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    Palestinian problem - Illegal aliens - Isis lowdown - Hitlery LIES again

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    Tonite (7.09.2014) we dealt with these problems:

    The Palestinian problem. This round of violence was started by benny yahu and the Mossad who murdered the three edomite (jewish) teens.

    The lowdown on Isis. NO legitimate Muslim freedom fighter group would call itself Isis. That is the name of an Egyptian goddess. Isis is a terrorist group created by the CIA, MI-6 and the Mossad just as al qaeda (al CIAda) was.

    The illegal alien crisis.  Thousands of children are illegally entering America from Central America to make barry soetoro and the democrats look bad. This will help swing votes to the GOP which will give it control of the Senate. The other scandals of the Kenya CRIME Syndicate - NSA, IRSS, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, VA and drone murders - will destroy the Dems in November. The stock market crash in October will be the icing on the cake for the GOP.

    The LIES of Hitlery. Hitlery claims a judge order her to defend a rapist even though she asked to not be given the case. LIE! She worked for the Rose Law Firm, a private company. No judge in America can order a lawyer of a private firm to defend a criminal. He cannot even order a lawyer in the District Attorney's office to do that. It is the job of the DA to assign lawyers in his office to defend accused criminals who cannot afford a lawyer. Hitlery LIED again!

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    NSA - Hitlery - TSA - Foreign aid

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    Tonight (7.31.2013) we covered the news:
    The TSA got caught once again by BB media.
    Hitlery is being dragged into the weiner scandal and her minions are furious. Back in 2009 she accepted the Margaret Sanger award for genocide.
    The criminal conspiracy called "foreign aid."
    Nazi gold.
    The NSA in back in the news.
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    Against The Grain- As the World Turns

    in Current Events

    Hello all my beautiful Humans! All I have to say is WOW. So not only the bombshell of the full disclosure of the TPP, Speaker of the House changing hands, now we have one of the worst terror attacks in years happen in France (our oldest Ally). There is just so much going on and I know I say this often but....what else can you truely say. Obama taking the puss puss role as the rest of the worlds leaders and media become tired with the safe guarded answers the Administration gives us. We a the USA do not and have not looked good or done much of good domestically let alone in the eyes of the global community. Join us this 11/17/2015 as we pound some facts, throw a lil food for thought common sense speculation and try to sort this mess that is quickly escalating to the pre texts of WW3 (Even the Pope has stated this....oh the irony) Join us here at the most feared PR media outlet ANT Network 11/17/2015 at 7PM Central (USA Time Zone) as the crew of ANT and RWO get down to the nitty gritty on several fronts and stories going around and effecting our present and future! We are One.

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    Crimea - Ukraine - President Putin - Austin PD spy on children - Hitlery SICK?

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    Tonite (2.28.2014) we covered:

    The turmoil in Ukraine and Crimea. President Putin is acting to put out the fire of Big Brother revolution. We covered the background of the revolution in the Ukraine tying in the Arab Spring and the Syrian chemical attack. The Kenyan bastard threatened to bomb Damascus for the chem attack, but President Putin called his bluff and the bastard backed down. That angered the ROTTENshield/ROTTENfeller CRIME family who perpetrated a few terrorist attacks in Russia and threatened to attack the Winter Olympics. President Putin was too tough for the cowards so they launched the Ukraine revolution.

    Austin PD to watch school children. The APD want all spy-cams in the schools to be hooked into the APD so they can watch them. In the next two decades Big Brother will require ALL spy-cams on the planet be hooked into local PDs which will be hooked into Big Brother surveillance hubs. BB will require ALL spy-cams in schools, factories, offices, businesses, stores, apartments, condos and homes to be hooked directly into the local PDs. BB will require at least one spy-cam be installed in every room on the planet, including restrooms and locker rooms. There will be NO privacy in any building. Spy-cams will be required in ALL yards, parks, streets, etc. Along with his satellite spy-cams and those in blimbs, drones, planes, light poles, etc. he will be able to watch virtually every square inch of Earth.

    The question of whether or not Hitlery is so sick she will not run again for the WH in 2016.

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    False Flag Chicago-Navy Eaesdropping-Hitlery and Bill Financial Antics

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    We are going to cover the lies of Clinton crime family, and the various ways they are using to avoid their financial obligations. Also, we are going to cover the Navy's hacking into personal and other computers. Finally, we are going to cover the revelations of a Romanian hacker and the plans of the elite to pull off another false flag in the United States corporation.

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    Gun registration - Sandy Hook FALSE FLAG - Pesticide use up - Hitlery

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    Tonite (2.25.2014) we covered:

    Gun registration in CT and the Sandy Hook FALSE FLAG.

    Pesticide use 300 million pounds from 100 to 400 million.

    Hitlery EXPOSED.


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    Hitlery - Women's Tyranny Movement - BS & NSA

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    Tonite (8.11.2013) we broke down the following stories:
    Hitlery is off and running.
    The fact that women CANNOT run for public office contrary to what the Women's Tyranny Movement GOONS claim. We talked about Jezebel and King Ahab.
    barry soetoro PR stunt for the NSA.
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    Hitlery and the Email Scandals

    in Politics


    We discuss the firestrom of controversy surrounding Hilary Clinton's use of emails and servers, belonging to the powers that be.